Top 10 Best WiFi Video Doorbell In 2019

Indeed, we are in the 21st century, and everything is all about technology. And with technology comes security devices that can help guard your home wherever you are; whether traveling, swimming or in the comfort of your bed. Thanks to technology, today there are WiFi Video doorbells, and you don’t have to check on your door all the time. With the current crime rate, therefore, you too should have one of these. You should never risk when it comes to your safety or that of your property. That’s why you need a WiFi video doorbell to eliminate the insecurity mishaps and secure-proof your premises. Well, here are the best video doorbells for you to select one.

Table of the Best Wifi Video Doorbell

01. SkyBell HD Silver WiFi Video Doorbell

SkyBell HD Silver WiFi Video Doorbell

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Seated at your most comfortable position, the SkyBell HD helps you survey the front door via an app. With up to 1080p HD as well as a 5x focus, this video doorbell is highly motion sensitive. It can detect motion even from a few meters away. As if that’s not enough, you don’t need a technician to help you install it. It also has a night vision mode to enable you to see a guest in an entire color HD video. Do you have a baby? Well, this video doorbell considers your baby too, as it has a quiet mode, so your baby isn’t disturbed. Even better, you can talk to your visitors before you open the door for them.

02. Wifi Doorbell Remote Unlock Video Doorbell Camera

Wifi Doorbell Remote Unlock Video Doorbell Camera

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Irrespective of how harsh the weather is, this doorbell can withstand extreme heat, humidity, sleet, ice, rain and even snow. A message alert is sent to your smartphone whenever a visitor presses the doorbell. You can also talk to your visitor, open the door or lock it remotely without actually heading for it. Synced to your WiFi network, this door gives you a real-time feed, and you can receive a live video intercom. And above all, you can record or take the visitor’s photo.

03. Sykik EYE Wi-Fi Video Door Bell

Sykik EYE Wi-Fi Video Door Bell

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With a powerful inbuilt speaker and microphone, this doorbell enhances your security by giving clear conversations. It is compatible either with Android devices or iOS (iPhone) via a free APP. It can accommodate up to five users with a unit for all the members of your family. It is also easy to install and use. Weather conditions do not inhibit the functionality of this doorbell, and therefore, you are safe at any weather.

04. Optex IVPDH IVision

Optex IVPDH IVision

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This video doorbell has an iVision+ feature that permits for several stations. At the Handheld Unit is a charging cradle and battery pack that runs on 3 AA batteries. The iVision+ chordless intercom package is inclusive of a wireless handheld unit consisting of LCD monitor as well as a wireless camera unit. With it, you can talk to or monitor visitors from the comfort of your bed or office. It’s therefore perfect for monitoring commercial or residential doors.

05. Optex IVPDH IVision+ Wireless Intercom

Optex IVPDH IVision+ Wireless Intercom

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When you talk of functional perspectives, the Optex IVPDH never lags behind. It integrates with the iVision+ making the door unit open when the 2000’s sensor unit triggers it. It also allows you to talk to or view visitors from any location within your business or home. It is perfect for monitoring up to three commercial or residential doors from various places.

06. MicroMall 2.4G 7-Inch 2 Indoor monitor

MicroMall 2.4G 7-Inch 2 Indoor monitor

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With this, you can capture images in very low illumination using night vision. It has a frequency of 2.4GHz to enhance your security. With a thirty meters inhibitor-free remote control, you can get a robust security sensation. The outdoor camera also has a rain shield to protect it from rain damage, not to forget a metal casing for wear resistance. Above all, it is durable.

07. Ennio 7 Inch Video Door Phone Doorbell

Ennio 7 Inch Video Door Phone Doorbell

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This camera is night-vision enabled to guard you even at the darkest moments. It is designed with oxidation and rainproof features to make it more durable. The color TFT LCD has a high definition, no radiation, and minimal power consumption. It is therefore advanced than its competitors. With security compatibility options, this video doorbell is ideal for commercial buildings.

08. Ring WI-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Ring WI-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

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What could be sweeter than free lifetime replacement? Yes, the manufacturers of Ring WiFi doorbell freely replace the doorbells should they get damaged or stolen. It functions with Alexa to control voices, although the Alexa is sold separately. Besides, when a visitor presses the doorbell, you receive instant alerts. Survey your property anytime using this unique video doorbell.

09. GBF New Upgraded -Global Wireless

GBF New Upgraded -Global Wireless

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It can never get more interesting with these video doorbells. The GBF is an integrated duo –stream featuring a 720P camera. Regardless of your internet connection, you can remotely view or answer a visitor’s call. However, the system only works with a 2.4G Hz Wifi integration making it easy to unlock the door using an android device. Precisely, this outdoor device can work with every kind of electric door strikers or locks.

10. Zmodo Greet WiFi Video Doorbell

Zmodo Greet WiFi Video Doorbell

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For about two and a half days, it is possible to save the motion alert clips with this video doorbell. Every user has eligibility for using their cloud recording seven days a week for thirty days. Installation is straightforward using the existential wiring. Get WiFi connection via Zmodo app that’s free. Should you possess any embedded space inside your home network, it is vital to rename the network password and name without spacing. The product is inclusive of a three-year warranty and sixty-day return policies. Anytime there is a detection of motion you receive a video clip.

Factors to consider when purchasing a camera doorbell

With the doorbell technology being a newbie to the security industry, it has gradually gained popularity within a short period. However, with each brand claiming to have the best, it becomes challenging to select the one that best suits you. But with this guide, you can be able to secure a reliable one.

Installation Ease

Of course, you wouldn’t want any complications when installing these devices. Therefore, go for a doorbell that’s easy to install. A wireless doorbell, for instance, is easy to mount.

Another device- compatibility

Do not settle for a doorbell that is not compatible with other security devices. The reason being at some point you might want to integrate it with other tools for enhanced security purposes.

Sound Quality

Several doorbells have varied sound options. That said, select a doorbell that has a soothing and loud sound with compelling audacities.

Night Vision

Apparently, you will need maximum security at all times. The capability of infrared vision, therefore, eases the clarity even at night. If a camera doorbell doesn’t have this, then it should be the highest time you went for another type.


Finally, it is now time to purchase a camera doorbell. After getting one, you will even wonder what had held you from getting it before. It is with high hope that this article has helped you big time. Good luck in selecting your camera doorbell!

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