Top 10 Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers In 2019

Fitness trackers are one of the latest additions to the list of sophisticated wearables. Top brands offer these gadgets at reasonable prices, and you can buy the best fitness tracker online. Loaded with tons of features, you can choose the design and look that suits you the best. You can connect these bands to your smartphone and keep monitoring all your physical activities. A reliable gadget is always there to keep you updated with your heart rate, sleep monitoring, fitness and so on.

Table of the Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers

01. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

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This kind of fitness tracker can automatically track your real-time heart rate, sleep consistency and duration by a comprehensive analysis of the quality of data of your sleep, therefore, assists you to adjust into a healthier lifestyle. You can be able to track accurately and record all the activities that you do daily such as sleep status, active minutes, calories burn distance and steps covered. You connect it to the GPS on your mobile phone so that it can show stats such as distance and pace. You can easily charge it using any USB cable, and a computer and one single charge can give you up to one week of working time.

02. Letsfit Fitness Tracker.

Letsfit Fitness Tracker.

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With the Letsfit Fitness Tracker, you can automatically track the heart rate, consistency and duration of sleep therefore assist you in analysing the sleep data so that you can adjust and start living a healthier lifestyle. You can accurately record all the daily activities such as active minutes, calories burnt and distance covered. Its 14 mode exercises can assist you to understand better a certain activity with the GPS allowing you to know the distance that you have covered. Has an in-built USB plug which you can charge using your computer and takes up to 7 days.

03. Willful Fitness Tracker with heart rate monitor

Willful Fitness Tracker with heart rate monitor

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With this type of tracker, you will be able to record all the activities that you are during the whole day. It supports 14 extra sports modes which are dancing, yoga, spinning, climbing, football, tennis, badminton, basketball, fitness, hiking, treadmill, riding, running and walking. It has a sensor which you can use to monitor your heart rate accurately. It has a vibration monitor which you can use in case you wish to walk up at night without disturbing anyone. It is slim and lightweight therefore easy and comfortable for you to wear. It has a long-lasting battery and requires IOS of 7.1 and an android of 4.4 above.

04. LETS COME Fitness Tracker.

LETS COME Fitness Tracker.

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This is also one of the fitness trackers that you can use as it offers 24-hour monitoring of the active minutes, distance covered, calories burned, sleep quality and heart rate. The IP68 waterproof can allow you to swim, shower with it up to 3m diving. It has a clear and bright colour screen that has weather forecast on display. You can connect it with the mobile phone GPS.

05. Letsfit Waterproof Fitness Tracker

Letsfit Waterproof Fitness Tracker

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This fitness tracker is in premium design and a colour screen. With a weather forecast on display. It is possible for you to wear it while you are swimming or showering and its inbuilt USB cable lets you to charge it with ease. Possible heart rate monitoring through wrist-based; you can monitor it 24/7 so that you can optimise your effort. You can monitor your miles, active minutes, calories burned and steps. You can get notification of the messages and real-time call through a gentle vibration assisting you to stay in touch with your work.

06. Lintelek Fitness Tracker

Lintelek Fitness Tracker

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This kind of fitness tracker has been made of a colour screen design which can assist in making your exercise more colourful. You can adjust its brightness so that you can see the weather when you have the connected the watch to the app. It has an in-built USB, and when it is charged in the right direction, you will see its red light on. If the red light is not on you can rotate the host. This kind of fitness tracker works well with smartphones, and it cannot work with a personal computer. You can download the very fit Pro so that you can start to use this phone. It offers some functions such as call alert, message notification, GPS function, sedentary alert for 24 hours.

07. Willful Fitness Tracker

Willful Fitness Tracker

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You can accurately track your calories burned, steps, activity time and distance that you have covered all day. You can also detect automatically your sleep from 9 pm up to 8 am and analyse the sleep quality with awake time, light sleep and deep sleep. Its silent mode can wake you up without any disturbance. You can receive the message and calls on the wrist that is Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and facebook messages. Its slim coll design makes it unique from another kind of fitness trackers. You can adjust the brightness of the screen, camera control, weather display.

08. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

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This kind of fitness tracker has been built to work all day in any workout that you are doing. The pure pulse unlimited heart rate does make this tracker to efficiently maximise your workouts, track the calories and get a hint of the fitness level of your cardio. You can record the workouts using the multi-sport modes so that you can see real-time workouts stats on the screen. It relies on the smart track to record and select automatically exercises for you. Its large OLED display can assist you to stay connected with text, call and calendar alerts.

09. Lintelek Fitness Tracker

Lintelek Fitness Tracker

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With this tracker you will not to have a charger, you will use the part that has a metal chip and places it into any USB interfaces. It takes one and half hours to be fully charged and can work for a maximum of 5 days. Made of skin-friendly material, lightweight and slim body which makes it comfortable for you to wear it. You will not even sense that you are wearing it when you are sleeping. Once you have connected it with the app, it will vibrate and display messages so that you will not be able to miss any crucial calls and messages.

10. DAWO fitness tracker

DAWO fitness tracker

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With the DAWO fitness tracker you can monitor the oxygen content, blood pressure, sleep, exercising time, walking distance and calories that you consume. It is very eco-friendly therefore will not cause any harm to your skin. You can be able to synchronize notifications from your mobile phone such as message, app and call notification all of these with smart vibrations, therefore, you will not miss any activity.

Considerations when you are buying the best waterproof fitness tracker.

Fitness features

Most of the fitness brands have features that keep a check on your calorie proportions, steps, distance travelled and awake time. They are sensitive and can detect whether you are jogging, running, walking or hiking. They can also monitor your sleep. You may also set up alarms in these gadgets that can wake you up silently without disturbing the others. One of the most important features is that they are waterproof, so you can use the wearable to check your pulse rate and calories even when you are swimming.

Design features

Visual appeal is something you cannot ignore. The waterproof fitness trackers come across different styles and designs. Go for a gadget that you are compatible with. The interface can be large, sleek, round or oval. It must be functionally updated to the latest trends in the industry. You can receive the notification through emails, messages, etc. on your smartphone. The best products can work up to five days at a stretch, and you need not charge them frequently. The average charging time is 1.5 hours. The best option is to go through the product features and compare them in the online portal before you make the purchase decision.


When you plan to buy smartwatches in India, have a look at the material. You should be comfortable with the looks as well as the feel. Generally, they are made up of rubber. They give you a soft feel on the skin and help you to maintain the comfort level. The leading brands provide hardy products, which can resist a drop up to 1.2 metres. Even if you happen to drop the fitness band, it will not break.


Some of the waterproof fitness trackers are fitted with GPS. They enable you to locate different places when you are outdoors. The price of the best android smartwatch also varies according to these features. For example, if you are using these gadgets for monitoring your heart rate during running, you can also check the location through the GPS. All advanced features are seamlessly integrated into these wearables.


Waterproof fitness trackers are gaining large-scale popularity over the globe, as the sophisticated wearables come with a wide range of features. If you have a challenge in buying a waterproof the, it is time that you look at the above guide.

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