Top 10 Best Tea Travel Tumblers In 2019

Sipping hot coffee beats sipping cold coffee anytime. A mug of hot coffee can taste so exquisite, and a mug of cold coffee can taste just like the worst thing that you have ever tasted in your life. You can store your coffee in a normal water tumbler, but it will stay hot for only so long.

The moment you leave your drink unattended, and you get back to your drink, that is it. You are more likely to end up with a mug of cold coffee. What is the best solution so that you do not end up with cold coffee? Use a tea travel tumblers, and you have nothing to worry about anymore.

However, ending up with cold coffee is better than actually wearing your coffee to work or college. Most travel tumblers today are made to be spill and leak proof. When people travel to work either by public transportation or by car, there are chances that your travel tumbler will somehow fall and your drink can leak, people accidentally bump into you, and you forget to slow down before the speed bump.

That will be a hassle especially when you are rushing to work. Travel Tumblers will help to avoid the unnecessary mishaps.There are so many tea travel tumblers, some of the top 10 best tea travel tumblers In 2019 and buyer’s guide are:

Table of the Best Tea Travel Tumblers

# Preview Product Price
$26.95$39.99 (33% off)
Vremi 17 oz Thermos Water Bottle Travel Mug - Insulated Stainless Steel Traveler Cup with Leak Proof No Spill Lid for Coffee Hot Cold Liquids - BPA Free Thermal Drink Containers for Car Holder - Pink
The Sacred Glass Tea Tumbler with Infuser + Strainer for Loose Leaf or Ice Tea. 14oz Cold Brew Coffee Mug or Fruit Water Travel Bottle. Free Sleeve. Beautifully Packaged.
Glass Tea Infuser Travel Mug with Strainer | 14oz Tea Tumbler Bottle for Loose Leaf Tea, Matcha, Fruit and Cold Brew Coffee | BPA FREE Tea Cup with Stainless Steel Mesh Filter | Great Gift Idea
$26.99$34.95 (23% off)
Dragon Glassware Tea Infuser Bottle, 14-Ounce Double Wall Glass, Flip-Top Lid, 2 Stainless Steel Strainers, Travel Sleeve, Tea Maker for Loose Leaf Tea
Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with Infuser | BPA Free Double Wall Glass Travel Tea Mug with Stainless Steel Filter | Leakproof Tea Bottle with Strainer For Loose Leaf Tea and Fruit Water 13 Ounce
$29.95$40.75 (27% off)
Original Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser & Strainer by LeafLife | 17oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle | Insulated Coffee Travel Mug | BPA-Free | Gift For Tea Lovers | Mesh Filter for Brewing Loose Leaf
$29.95$40.00 (25% off)
Tea Infuser - Insulated Glass Bottle with Tea Strainer | Infuse Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags and Fruit | A Perfect Gift For Women
$28.95$37.99 (24% off)
Espro 5012T-17GR 12 Ounce Travel Tea Press, Gunmetal Grey
ROSE GOLD TEAMI TEA TUMBLER with Infuser | 100% BPA FREE Bottle | Our Best Infusion Bottles for Infused Fruit Water, Smoothies, and Detox Teas | Double Walled Mug, Hot & Cold (Original)
$49.99$59.99 (17% off)

01. Vibrant ALL IN ONE Travel Mug

Vibrant ALL IN ONE Travel Mug

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It has twist cup for greater insulation, with a stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle that has a 2 piece steeper. It can allow you to steep ice tea and ice coffee. Its powdered coded finish allows you to have the best grip while you are hiding it. The beverage can stay at a consistent temperature that can be cold up to 32 hours and hot up to 12 hours. It has durable stainless steel exterior and an interior that is very durable. You can use it at any place of your choice that is outdoor activities, camping, biking, hiking, gym or at the office.

02. Vremi 17 oz Thermos Water Bottle Travel Mug

Vremi 17 oz Thermos Water Bottle Travel Mug

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It is a 17 oz travellers mug that is portable you can carry it in your carry as it can fit in your car cup holders. It is insulated with double walled stainless steel interior which can keep your water cold or drinks hot for long hours Smartly designed for safety using a colourful rubber lining mugs on its exterior so that you can easily grip it. Has a capacity of two cups and has a leakproof lid to protect your coffee, tea or water from spilling off. You can get it in four types of colours ( pink, black, blue or red colour). It can hold a 17 oz liquid, wash it with warm water and soap.

03. The Sacred Glass Tumbler

The Sacred Glass Tumbler

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For more versatility, you can use this double-walled glass tea tumbler which has an infuser basket and a removable strainer. Best for use with flavoured water, cocoa, hot or hot organic coffee, fruit infusions and loose leaf tea. Every bottle has borosilicate, insulated and lightweight glass for piping cold or hot drinks. It has two leak-proof lids and can hold up to 14 oz. It is one of the eco-friendly tumblers as its plastic is not harmful, does not contain any smell or toxins.

04. Glass Tea Infuser Travel Mug with Strainer

Glass Tea Infuser Travel Mug with Strainer

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This kind of tumbler is made of a double walled glass and a stainless steel lids and infuser. The infuser bottles are lead and BPA free. These tea mugs are best suited for detox or iced tea, smoothies, fruit water, hibiscus or green tea. It has an elegant design that you can use in any kind of environment.

05. Dragon Glassware Tea Infuser Bottle

Dragon Glassware Tea Infuser Bottle

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One of the best bottle that you can use while you are travelling as you can use it to carry infused and fruit waters, cold and hot coffee and loose leaf teas. You sip your drink easily without worrying of any spillage since it has a convenient leak-proof lid and two stainless steel strainers that are removable. It has double walled glass insulators that keep the drinks cold or hot for long hours. You can easily disassemble it an is made of a material that is of high quality and non-toxic.

06. Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with Infuser

Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with Infuser

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It is high time that you enjoy drinking your favourite coffee with this beautiful tea tumbler that has an infuser. The large size of this kind of bottle is 400 ml thus assisting you to brew your tea leaves. This tumbler is double walled and odour free and can keep your drinks warm or cool for long without leaking. It has an infuser that is stainless steel and can be easily removed and installed Its flat lids assists in keeping this tumbler in stable condition even if you turn it upside down.

07. Original Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser

Original Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser

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This tumbler has a capacity of 17 oz and is made of pure organic bamboo which gives it a stylish and unique look. Since this tumbler is made of pure bamboo whatever you buy will be unique to you. Made of stainless steel interior which is of high quality and resistant to bacteria, stain and odour. It used the latest vacuum insulation technology in keeping tea, coffee and other beverages in hot condition. This travel tumbler is tested and certified for lead and BPA free. Has two piece teas strainer and infuser which is detachable.

08. Tea Infuser Bottle For Your Favorite Loose Leaf Tea

Tea Infuser Bottle For Your Favorite Loose Leaf Tea

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This insulated infuser is double walled, with a stainless steel filter and easy to twist off lids making you use it without struggling. Has a leak-proof lid that can prevent any drinks from spilling off.

09. Espro 5012T-17GR 12 Ounce Travel Tea Press

Espro 5012T-17GR 12 Ounce Travel Tea Press

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This tumbler has a two-stage extraction blocking micro filter stops which stops the extraction right when you press down the filter. Made of double walled stainless steel vacuum which can keep all your drinks warm for around 4 to 6 hours. It can keep your drinks safe as it has a double lid that is leak proof with silicone seals. Its capacity is 12 ounces and its filters are free from phthalate, BPS and BPA.



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Has a stainless steel screen housing which is easy to use and clean. It has an extra space on the bottom where you can store your vitamins, coffee and tea compared to other infusers which do not have this extra space. The lid can let you flip the top by the flip of the finger just for one-handed opening. Its lid is leakproof. The double walled layers can keep your drink hot for long hours. It is very eco-friendly.

Choosing the best tea travel tumblers:


While you are looking at the price you will not look for the cheapest but the one that can give you the best value. Choose a travel tumbler that is of high quality but affordable for you.

Feel and quality

choose tumbler that will be able to last for a long period of time and one that has a good feel. Do not choose the one that looks to be fragile as it may break with a short period of time. Choose travel tumblers that are also extremely durable to the point where even if you drop it, chances are it will still be as good as new


Buy a Travel mug that is coated with another top layer so that when you are using it do not have to worry about accidentally burning their fingers because of the hot surface. This is also safe when there are children around because children are curious little people, they might attempt to touch, carry or see what is inside the mug. Parents will not have to worry about their children burning the skin accidentally.


Tea Travel Tumblers will help you do your part in preserving the earth. Although most coffee outlets provide paper cups made of recycled paper, using Travel Tumbler will make a huge difference. On the brighter side, some coffee outlets also offer their customers discounts when they bring in their travel coffee mugs. The above guide can be of great importance to you as you look forward to getting the best tea travel tumblers in 2019.

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