Top 10 Best Swimming Goggles with Nose Cover in 2019

We can all agree that swimming is a good activity for either passing time or as a sport. For regular swimmers, having a clear vision of your surrounding is as important as having good swimming skills. Opening your eyes underwater has its drawbacks. You risk getting dirt into your eyes especially for anyone swimming near beaches. Picking the perfect goggles can be a challenge especially for first-timers. This article takes an in-depth analysis of some of the best swimming goggles that you can find on the market. Here are the top 10 swimming goggles with nose cover for 2019.

Table of the Best Swimming Goggles with Nose Cover:

01. Intex Reef Ryder Masks – Assorted Colors

Intex Reef Ryder Masks – Assorted Colors
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Intex Reef Ryder Masks have an aqua vision hypoallergic thermoplastic rubber skirt. This feature makes them soft and comfortable when worn. A thermoplastic rubber head strap gives the goggles durability. This strap is easy to adjust to fit any head size. A polycarbonate lens is used to make the product safe for humans. You can use these goggles for anyone as young as eight years and up. This pair will be a great addition when going for your swim.

02. Enkeeo Scuba Diving Goggles

Enkeeo Scuba Diving Goggles
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Without no doubt, this is a product that will be a great addition to your swimming gear. A tempered glass lens is used to make this product. It gives the glasses shatterproof and impact resistant properties and can withstand knock from sharp objects. The tempered glass also protects against deep water pressure to keep your eyes safe. A soft and highly adjustable head strap and silicone face skirt are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into any face shape. A dry snorkel feature prevents any water from entering when you are submerged. There is also a purge valve feature that allows you to clean and drain the snorkel easily.

03. YFX Create Googles.

YFX Create Googles.
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These glasses feature the most recent environmentally friendly anti-fog spray that does not affect the human body. The masks lens are made of tempered glass that is known for being a high density and impact resistant material. So you have no worries that your goggles will get spoilt in case they fall. A high-level silicone material gives the products its leak-proof capabilities. The silicone material fits perfectly onto the human face shape to prevent any leakage. This product’s lenses are wide-angle lenses to ensure that you fully see the marine life. An adjustable head strap will keep the goggles safely strapped onto your face.

04. Kraken Aquatic Swimming Goggles

Kraken Aquatic Swimming Goggles
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Kraken Aquatic is a reputable company that has for long made swimming products that have an excellent rating from consumers. The brand has invested a lot in technology ensuring that its customers only get the best. Their prowess is brought out flawlessly in this swimming goggle that is made from silicone. Silicone makes it leak-proof ensuring that you enjoy swimming without worrying about water getting into the snorkel. The material molds into the shape of yourself to make it leakproof. The tempered glass is for added safety. There is a convenient buckle for easy and quick adjustments.

05. Swimline 9471 Thermotech Swim Mask

Swimline 9471 Thermotech Swim Mask
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Its features make it one of the best that the market offers. Products from this brands are made with the highest quality standards to meet the expectations of most customers. The goggles can be an idea for dodgeball or kickball too. Its coated balls are soft, squeezable but will still last so that you get the best out of them. Other than swimming, you can also use the goggles for all playground and indoor games. Their tear resistant cover is easy to wash, non-toxic and can be easily disinfected.

06. Intex Sea Scan Swim Masks

Intex Sea Scan Swim Masks
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For the most exciting diving and exploring experience, you have to use this fantastic product from Intex. It works for anyone above eight years. They have a durable polycarbonate lends that gives a clear wide-angle view of the marine environment. A rubber head strap ensures that they are securely mounted on your head so that you swim easily. The strap is adjusted to fit any head size.

07. Zokita Full Face Snorkel Mask

Zokita Full Face Snorkel Mask
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One thing I like about Zokita goggles is that they allow anyone to breathe naturally through the nose and mouth. They have a dry top system feature that prevents leaking to give you enough space so that you snorkel comfortably. When properly worn, you have a 180-degree viewing angle. You can use an underwater camera thanks to a mount that is included in the design of this fantastic product. Pros and beginners can comfortably use the goggles for any swimming activity.

08. Yicoe Swimming Scuba Diving Mask

Yicoe Swimming Scuba Diving Mask
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Yicoe Swimming Scuba Diving Mask is a high-quality product with tempered glass perfect for strength and durability. Its snorkel design gives peace of mind for all types of diving activities while the practical lens gives you a clear, unobstructed view. Easily adjusted straps securely hold it in position for any head type. Soft silicone rubber is used which gives the googles their leak-proof property. The silicone molds perfectly to any face shape for a more comfortable and tight fit guaranteeing no leaks. These goggles have glass sizes measuring 6.38 by 3.23 inches making them perfect for underwater photography, snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming. With this product among your swimming attire, you are assured of unparalleled clarity, comfort, and visual scope.

09. Mpow Adult Diving Mask

Mpow Adult Diving Mask
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The tempered glass lens of this mask prevents you from the water pressure bringing a comfortable experience when swimming. It has a double antifog treatment hence you will not have any fog on the lens for a clear view of your surroundings. There are double waterproof rings made from a silicone material that is soft and safe. The silicone fits perfectly to any face leaving no gaps so that you swim without worrying about leaks. The ergonomic design of the seal makes them perfect for almost any face type and size. Two side buckles allow for free adjustment of the tightness of the clasp for a secure fit.

10. YFX Create Diving Mask

YFX Create Diving Mask
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These goggles are made from tempered glass that makes them high density and impact resistant. This glass is scratch proof, and crack proof hence can handle deep sea pressure. The HD wide angle lenses give you a more unobstructed view of the marine life and scenery. The glasses have anti-fog properties, so you don’t need to worry about fog developing while you are underwater. High-Level silicone material is used that fits perfectly to any face shape for a tight fit. A good fit prevents any leaks that would otherwise get in your way. An adjustable head strap securely holds the mask in position to provide maximum comfort when worn.

Features to consider when buying swimming goggles.

Goggle Type.

When shopping for swimming goggles, the first thing that you should put in mind is the type of swimming that you will be doing.

Frame goggles are perfect for leisure and open water swims. These are the most comfortable goggles that you will find on the market hence can be worn for more extended periods thanks to their larger gaskets. They have a flat lens that is fitted into a socket in the surrounding frame. The frame has a silicone gasket that is either part of it or is attached separately for a waterproof seal.

Competition goggles are rounded and more massive than the frame ones. For this type, the lens is rounded and larger. They have better visibility because they are transparent on the sides. These goggles are not meant to withstand strong currents because of their smaller sealing gasket.

Lens options.

The next thing to consider is the lens. Mirrored or tinted lenses work best for anyone that will be swimming in the outdoors with sun and reflection on the water. Regular clear lenses are perfect for indoor swims.

Anti-fog coating.

Fog is as a result of varying water, air and body temperature. An anti-fog coating will significantly improve the swimmer’s visibility. However, the layer wears off with time hence the product needs replacement.

Goggle care.

Goggles with anti-fog coating should be delicately cleaned in the inside. This is because the oil from your skin accelerates the deterioration of the layer.


I believe that you now have a clue of what your ideal swimming goggle with nose cover should have. All the above products are made from companies that have existed for years. Hence you are assured that you will be getting quality products.

Personally, if I were to choose one from the ten above, I will go for the Intex Reef Ryder Masks. I like the fact that it is available in many colors. The hypoallergic thermoplastic rubber skirt will be comfortable for my face. With the lens made from a polycarbonate material, it will be safe for me. The goggles will also fit my young ones so we can share instead of buying individual products for everyone.

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