Top 10 Best Solo Backpacking Tents In 2019

There is nothing as fun as hiking or camping, and most trekkers will agree so. Nonetheless, if you’re camping solo, you’ll need a companion. And that is a tent. A backpacking tent should be your number one friend, a protector from harsh weather conditions, bugs and to house you. Solo tents are just fantastic. However, with every company claiming to have the best, it could be hard to make up your mind. So why not have a glimpse of this article that I have composed to make things simpler for you?

Table of the Best Solo Backpacking Tents

01. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

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At the top of the list is the ALPS tent that is worthy of its position. It is protective and lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the rainy autumns or brisk springs. It got you covered. With authentic features such as the mesh-built tent walls to welcome the summer breezes and the polyester fly out to shield you against UV, it has to be your take. Water resistant and abrasion-free, the floor is made of taffeta that’s PU-coated. For simple and quick set up there are two poles. There’s a vestibule which gives you sufficient backpacking gear room. For convenience, it is also inclusive of aluminum stakes, repair swatches, gear loft, guy lines and mesh storage pockets.

02. Solitaire Solo Tent

Solitaire Solo Tent

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Being lightweight and cheap, it is a solo bivy style tent. It is an ultimate functional ultralight alternative to any other tent that cost thrice as much. With unique, innovative features like a fly vent to reduce condensation and enhance ventilation, you will love it. It’s rainproof, and the tent’s roof is factory taped to guarantee usability in severe weather conditions. No other tent can beat its features.

03. Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent

Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent

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No other tent is more comfortable to take down and set up like XXL tent. It is also lightweight making it easier to carry. Its sturdy structure and waterproof base to camp on the ground is what has earned its position in the top ten. While other tents offer you a maximum of two windows, XXL is made of transparent mesh thus you can enjoy the natural beauty if you don’t have a rain-fly.There’s sufficient vestibule area to keep your boots against elements without putting them in your tent when its rainfly is up. The rainfly has four easy clip-ons.

04. Winterial Single Person Tent

Winterial Single Person Tent

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This tent is a three season tool with a duo wall unit that is non-freestanding. Duo wall tent means there is the tent itself and a rainfly to offer you a full coverage against calamities. It provides extra open-air netting that’s designed entirely for activities such as backpacking in summer. Its rainfly is rainfly-durable and pre-sealed seams all for water resistance purposes. You will notice the tent’s unique feature on a beautiful summer night without a fly. With the fly securely attached, rainy nights should be least of your worries.

05. Luxe Tempo Single 1 Person Tent

Luxe Tempo Single 1 Person Tent

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Luxe is a tent that will make you want to sell your home and even live in it. It has a design of steep walls to elevate the living space. Never go for a tent that has exposed seams, loose stitching and flimsy zips of which this tent is not familiar with. Don’t even get stressed about getting soaked or getting bug crowded, relax Luxe tent has got you protected. What makes it distinguishable is that it has a breathable canopy that’s fully sealed for windproof and warmth. The mesh windows are made of enormous woven nylon with alternative zip-up covers to ventilate you well during summer. The artisans crafted the tent making it double layered with expedited materials to protect you against bugs and rain. Whatever the climate it is, the tent will stand up to it.

06. Andake 780G Ultralight Tent

Andake 780G Ultralight Tent

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Give your elbow a treat by purchasing this tent. Why? The tent has incredible move space when you are seated. Although the pole is not present, it is portable and lightweight. The duo wall design betters ventilation. Inner tent is crafted out of the breathable net that’s B3 high-precision that ascertains extra ventilation. Say goodbye to mosquito too. When you’re asleep, air circulates in well without fogging courtesy of the windows on both ends. It is lightweight, waterproof and anti-crease. The fabric is of high silicon quality. What’s stopping you from taking it?

07. Eureka Midori Solo – 1 Person Tent

Eureka Midori Solo - 1 Person Tent

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Its manufacturers enhanced its volume abilities and ventilation via using the V3 system. This system implies that the outer’s tent body, rainfly, and frame are maximized for user versatility. The tent possesses full coverage fly which creates vestibule room to protect you from the harshest weather. With a single door as well as mesh walls to enhance ventilation, the tent is just superb. The fly is removable so you can get a view of the stars above you. In the tent, there are aluminum poles that are shock corded with clips to ease the setup. As you purchase it, there’s a free gear loft that no other tent will offer.

08. MSR Hubba NX Tent

MSR Hubba NX Tent

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Interestingly classic, the Hubba NX is lightweight even for a twelve-year-old. Simplicity is its nature as it’ll take you a minute to set up and take down. It is sufficiently spacious with ultra-weight materials such as DAC Featherlite aluminum poles, lightweight Hubs, and ripstop silk-nylon rainfly to make it worth a solo camper tent. There is a combination of the clips for the providence of stargazing opportunities and ventilation. The door’s design makes it waterproof. To stow in wet boots and excess gear, you’re provided with an enormous vestibule. It also consists of bathtub floors to work off against seams on the ground. Also, its versatility is premium because using the fly you can set it up even without the alternative nylon floor cloth.

09. Hewolf Outdoor 1 Man Tent

Hewolf Outdoor 1 Man Tent

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Hewolf Outdoor tent has two doors to ease exit and entry. The tent features a duo fabric layer that you can independently and conveniently use. The tent includes two mesh windows as well as half mesh walls to ventilate you. Even better, it’s waterproof. Well, that may sound a cliché, but no other tent can out beat its versatile material. Take this tent wherever it is you’re going be it kayaking, hiking, fishing, riding, trekking or camping. No wonder it’s a four-season tent together with its adaptability and durability. Not to forget the tent comes with a carrying bag to aid you in moving about.

10. Luxe Tempo 3.3LB 1 Person Backpacking Tent

Luxe Tempo 3.3LB 1 Person Backpacking Tent

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Luxe Tempo Tent is duo layered to soothe your warmth during winter and to provide ventilation during the warm season. The reinforced panels at the corners of the tent succor constant tension. Whatever weather condition you’re heading to, it doesn’t mean anything to this tent. The tent is lightweight with venting options to better its performance in warm weather.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Solo Tent

What an exhilarating review I am sure you’re taken aback by the features of these heart-pounding solo tents. Nonetheless here is a guide that consists of a few vital elements that a backpacking tent must have.

Garages and Vestibules

Garages and vestibules are the areas that are covered out of the tent. Rainfly sustains them dry although they are prone to dirt. It is these alcoves that make it a perfect place for storing dirty boots, store gear or any other drunk friend. Therefore go for a tent that has authentic vestibules and garages.


The function of a rainfly is to keep your tent wet-proof and cover it. A fly has to be lightweight and waterproof. But in most tent cases the fly doesn’t extend to ground only covering the top and sides. This is a mishap because once the wind decides to be in action, your tent is all wet. So the tent you should be opting for must have a rainfly extending to the ground. That way you’re sure of being protected from precipitation.

Armroom, Legroom, and Headroom

There is a considerable variation of tents areas. So what is meant here? Well to see if you can fit in the tent lay down inside to get a glimpse of the width. Other models may be broader and longer, but others don’t have such qualities. Do not think about the charges, if you care about yourself go for one that’ll treat your body in the most comfortable mannerism.


I know it’s very confusing on which to leave or which one to take, but if I had the ability, I’d go for all of them. Anyway, buy a backpacking tent that will soothe you in every way. Each of these tents has their unique features that make unique in their way, and I tested them thus this is an independent article. Wherever you’re going wish you the best traveling companion.

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