Top 10 Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100 in 2019

The primary purpose of a helmet is to reduce impact when the rider falls. During exercises the rider experience increase in temperature, to regulate the temperature, bike helmets features sufficient ventilation for air circulation. There is a thin shell in the helmet for further protection from any head injury during an accident. The extent to which the bike helmet protects the rider is yet to be concluded by scientists. The use of bike helmets in America became popular in the early 1970s when most Americans started riding bikes. Modern helmets feature carbon fiber material to increase durability as well as for better protection.Top road bike helmets 2019

Table of the Best Road Bike Helmet Under 100:

01. Giro Savant Bike Helmet

Giro Savant Bike Helmet
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Giro Savant helmet features a polycarbonate material that is super light. Furthermore, it has Roc Loc 5 fit system, ventilation vent for the wind to flow through and cool down the rider. It also features polycarbonate that is molded in the shell with EPS liner. A super fit ingenuity is present in the helmet to ensure a perfect fit for the rider.

02. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet
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Schwinn Thrasher helmet features a double fit adjustable design for comfort. A combination of 21 vents for ventilation ensures perfect aeration during a ride. Moisture absorbing pad is present in the helmet to provide the rider with a dry head. For an ideal fit, the Schwinn Thrasher helmet features easy to adjust web and visor for extra shade while riding.

03. Basecamp Bike Helmet

Basecamp Bike Helmet
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Basecamp helmet features materials that are resistant to impacts and has CPSC certification for the use of long-lasting and robust EPS foam, PVC and PC materials in impact reduction. Furthermore, tail light with three different lighting mode to guide riders who are behind you; it also has a backup battery. Adjusting system is present for riders with different head circumference, and there are straps available to ensure a perfect fit. Additionally, 22 vents are present for perfect aeration as well as increase the rider speed. A removable sponge is present for comfort; it is easy to remove the sponge lining for cleaning. During biking a visor is present to offer shade to the rider.

04. Giro Resister Helmet

Giro Resister Helmet
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Giro bike helmet features polycarbonate material with an EPS impact foam and MIPS liner. Additionally, an adjustable Roc Loc is present for a perfect fit in the rider’s head while a visor offers ideal shade during the ride. There are 22 ventilation vents available to provide good air flow during the ride.

05. Kingbike Bike Helmet

Kingbike Bike Helmet
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For safety at night, the Kingbike helmet features a light with three different models. Kingbike is super light with a mass of about 0.4 pounds of polycarbonate shell as well as EPS liner for comfortability while wearing. Twenty-four vents are present for ample airflow and perfect temperature regulation as well as a visor for shading during a ride. Additionally, a bag is present for convenience in carrying it around and storing when not in use. Kingbike helmet can adjust to fit the rider’s head.

06. ACE II Bike Helmet

ACE II Bike Helmet
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ACE II uses the Venturi effect by the use of air channeling system which lets cold air flow from the top meanwhile pushing heat through the rear exhaust system. This helmet is extremely streamlined for aerobic advantage. It has an interior, removable pad for comfort as well as making it easy to fit for both men and women. Adjusting this helmet is easy with a head circumference of 22’’ to 24.5’’ furthermore it features EPS and strong polycarbonate shell for prevention of high and low impacts.

07. Obsidian Premium Bike Helmet

Obsidian Premium Bike Helmet
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The obsidian helmet features a shock absorbing technology with 22 ventilation vents for excellent aeration while riding. There are various designs for both children and adults with all the necessary features. A chin strap is available for easy and quick adjustment of the helmet. For safety, the Obsidian helmet features an exterior shell, skeleton, and foam.

08. Basecamp Lightweight Helmet

Basecamp Lightweight Helmet
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Lightweight helmet with a weight of 9.1 ounces and has CPSC certification for reduced friction during cycling and super lightweight. A visor is present for the prevention of direct sunlight to your eyes. Basecamp helmet features a strong and durable EPS foam, PVC and PC material for protecting your head in case of an accident. Furthermore, three lighting modes are present for guiding other riders behind you as well as a strap for easy adjusting of the helmet to fit the riders head.

09. VICTGOAL Helmet

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This helmet is designed for adults, and it features two convenient adjustable design for perfect comfort. An adjusting knob at the back of the helmet helps the rider to adjust to the perfect size. Furthermore, it features 28 ventilation vents for great aeration as well as a PC case with great technology for the safety of the rider. For protection from the sun rays, this helmet features a magnetically removable goggle visor. The goggle protects the rider from ultraviolet light and UV400. For you to be visible at night, a backlight is available to prevent minor accidents from occurring.

10. Cannondale Bike Helmet

Cannondale Bike Helmet
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This helmet features 20 extra-large ventilation vents for perfect air circulation and reduces rider’s temperature while cycling. Cannondale exoskeleton features a tough SI alloy, polycarbonate shell and EPS shell for perfect protection in case of an accident.


Helmets are essential for riders for protection during an accident. For a helmet to be effective, there are certain standards that it has to achieve according to the U.S law. Ventilation vents enhance airflow on your head hence cooling it down during the ride. Helmets come in various sizes, always check for the right size while purchasing one for yourself. The helmet should fit perfectly, but it should not be very tight; by pushing the helmet from side to side will adjust it to the perfect size. Cleaning the helmet by the use of a chemical is discouraged by the manufacturers; therefore, one is supposed to clean by the use of a sponge or soft cloth with water and soap.

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