Top 10 Best Raincoats For Kids in 2019

Being stuck outside without proper rain gear, or being stuck inside because your lack the ability to safely be outside in wet weather is not ideal for any fun-loving child. Whether you’re looking for a raincoat for longterm use, a jacket for that week long trip to Disney World, or an emergency poncho for those unexpected rainstorms, with this useful guide with reviewed raincoats you’ll be to being your raincoat shopping process, and purchase a rain jacket that is best suited for your child.

Table of the Best Raincoats For Kids:

01. Dryzle Rain Poncho Family Pack

Dryzle Rain Poncho Family Pack
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These ponchos are durable, reusable, come in a back of 6 child and 6 adult ponchos and are a great waterproof rain jacket option. The ponchos come in 6 different colors and are great for large families. The ponchos feature drawstring hoods and elastic sleeves that increase protection from rain. They are individually package in their own bags that perfect for carrying. They are lightweight and come with a return/replacement guarantee so you can rest assured that you will either be satisfied with this product or get your money back.

02. Arshiner Girls’ Waterproof Hooded Raincoat

Arshiner Girls' Waterproof Hooded Raincoat
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This adorable and stylish girls’ raincoat features a beautiful flower, bird, and butterfly design on the bottom of the jacket and is available in black, blue, dark violet, green, pink, purple, red, and yellow. The interior design features a similar flower pattern. The jacket is lightweight and hang too heavy on your child. This rain jacket runs a bit large so consider sizing when ordering.

03. Cloudnine Children’s Froggy Raincoat

Cloudnine Children's Froggy Raincoat
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This whimsical child’s raincoat is a one size fits all design for children aged 5-12. This playful raincoat features a hood that depicts a smiling frog with 3D eyes, and the jacket is available in a bright green color. This jacket features easily snapped buttons so your child can don their own raincoat. Your child will love this lightweight, fun raincoat while staying warm and dry.

04. Doubmall Dinosaur Shaped Raincoat

Doubmall Dinosaur Shaped Raincoat
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This prehistoric style children’s raincoat is designed for children aged 3-8. This dino shaped raincoat features a playful 3D dinosaur design, portable carrying bag, lightweight and waterproof polyester material, and is comfortable to play, exercise or wear all day long!

05. Walsilk 2Pack Emergency Rain Ponchos for Kids

Walsilk 2Pack Emergency Rain Ponchos for Kids
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These functional and still stylish rain ponchos are made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly waterproof material. These reusable long length rain ponchos are lightweight and come in a convenient carrying bag and are ideal for any outdoor adventure. Unlike some ponchos, these have nice, long sleeves for more functional use. They are available in pink, purple, yellow, blue and white and are semi-translucent.

06. Luckyiren Children’s Rain Poncho for 6-12 Years Old

Luckyiren Children's Rain Poncho for 6-12 Years Old
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These beautifully designed children’s rain ponchos feature drawstring hoods, 4 snap up buttons, and a whimsical swirling design on the front of the poncho. Sold in a pack of two, you can either get two blue ponchos, two yellow ponchos, or one yellow and one blue poncho. The hood is large and will cover your child’s face and head, creating a perfect cover from the rain. These lightweight ponchos have long sleeves for added protection. If you are not satisfied with these ponchos, you can return them for a full refund.

7.Fabugears Raincoat forBoys/Girls Kids/Juniors

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This raincoat design is of 100% vinyl material, making for a heavier and durable rain jacket for your child. Reflector strips are on the front, back and sleeves of the jacket, making for a wonderful safety feature. This rain jacket is full length and offers high quality protection from the rain. The jacket has 4 snap up buttons, a large hood, and two large front pockets.

08. Juvale4 Pack Kids’ Disposable Ponchos with Ball

Juvale4 Pack Kids' Disposable Ponchos with Ball
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These disposable ponchos are ultra lightweight and great for limited use or that unexpected rain storm. The ponchos are stored in colorful balls that your child can carry with them, pack in a backpack, or clip to a bag. They don’t feature sleeves so they are best for limited use in an unexpected rain storm.

09. Blue PandaKids’ Rain Ponchos – Pack of 20 Raincoats

Blue PandaKids' Rain Ponchos - Pack of 20 Raincoats
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These durable, sleeveless disposable ponchos are strong enough that they could be used multiple times before being thrown away. They are a great option for camping, trips to an amusement park, an unexpected rain storm, or walking to school. Your child will be nice and dry in these lightweight ponchos. The 20-count pack contains pink, yellow, blue and clear colors with 5 of each color in the pack. They are a great investment for a large family gathering or trip.

10. Younger Tree Cute Cartoon Toddler Raincoat

Younger Tree Cute Cartoon Toddler Raincoat
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This absolutely adorable zip-up raincoat for toddlers features your choice of either a 3D dinosaur design of a bright yellow jacket with dino eyes and black dino spikes on the hood and bottom of the raincoat, or a 3D duck design with a red bill and cute duck eyes on the hood. The softly lined interior of the coat features whimsical black and white stripes and the front of the jacket features two pockets. This lovely and fun raincoat is durable, comfortable and will certainly keep your toddler warm and happy. This multi-season raincoat can be worn in a variety of settings and environments.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Child’s Raincoat

When choosing a raincoat for you kid, it is helpful to consider what activities and in what situations your child will be wearing the raincoat.


Are you planning on buying the raincoat for one-time use, as an emergency poncho, or for everyday use during the rainy season? Do you want your child to be able to fit heavier warm clothing or a backpack underneath the rain jacket? Do you want to prioritize longer length and long sleeves? For long-term use, a more durable rain jacket with sleeves is preferred. You’ll want your child to be able to perform everyday tasks in this raincoat without being impeded by its design. For a one-time trip to an amusement park where you may have to pull our the raincoat for an hour or so until the rain clears up, a simple disposable lightweight poncho may do the trick.

Style and Design

Are you planning on purchasing a raincoat for your child to walk to school in during the rainy season? If so, you may want to consider purchasing a raincoat that is designed along the line of clothing brands and less as a tactical emergency poncho.


If you’re planning on buying a raincoat for prolonged use make sure to buy a durable one that will last through many uses. You’ll want to look for stronger material like 100% vinyl and make sure the seams are strongly stitched. If you’re only looking for a one-time use poncho, then save your money and buy a poncho that will do the job for the limited time it is intended for but understand that it will not hold up to multiple uses.


Choosing an appropriate raincoat for your child will have a significant impact on their health and comfort during the rainy season. Especially if your child love to be outside, you’ll want to make sure to purchase a raincoat that you know they will be happy to wear and will stay warm and dry in while they’re having a blast outdoors. Make sure to consider durability, function, and style when considering the raincoat. With this helpful guide and list of option for raincoats to purchase in the coming new year, you’ll be well on your way to making a well informed decision on purchasing a raincoat for your little one.

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