Top 10 Best Programmable Thermostat in 2019

If you are considering on ways to reducing bills and saving energy, then our programmable thermostat reviews are the best place to be since it has got more reviews in the market which will bring bigger innovation in your home. The thermostat is also known as a setback thermostat or clock thermostat. It is designed in that it controls the house room temperature by programmed settings. The settings appear in the most time of the day to save energy bill.Furthermore, the programmable thermostat is connected to the heating system of the, which works by turning the furnace off/on when the house temperature increases above the specified temperature. This makes a suitable temperature in the house, and you will have to enjoy the room’s condition.Below is a chart that you can look to have a full idea before you see the deep reviews of this product.

Table of the Best Programmable Thermostat:

01. Radio Thermostat CT50 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Radio Thermostat CT50 7-Day Programmable Thermostat
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You will have to distinguish between your weekend and weekday with the battery-powered thermostat which is linked with an adjustable swing of 0.5 – 3 degrees. This leads to greater efficiency because the thermostat is regulated and maintains the room temperature. The system can also be installed with different programs that cool and heats with the effective, simple operation. In case the temperature that is programmed does not work, then the up and down convenient buttons will make temporary adjustments in the temperature.

02. Saswell SAS6000UTK-7

Saswell SAS6000UTK-7
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Touchscreen display and universal compatibility do separate the units to its upper-level models. Choose from four or two programmable periods daily and have options to control each day personally. Enjoy adjustable cooling and heating temperature limit which prevents the system from changing beyond the specified temperatures. Having a monitor when using to control energy, then it becomes so easy to use where you will be excited about the temperature controlling over greater convenience and utility. If the household has got long-term guests or children, the lockout touchpad option will only be restricted to you making changes to that system. Greater energy savings, convenient controls and simple usability make the system to be of greater value.

03. Olvomar 60 Sqft Mat Kit

Olvomar 60 Sqft Mat Kit
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It has the 60 square feet in the Tile Heating Mat which has got ADHESIVE BACKING- stays flat and lays flat hence it has no any need to staple. Mat size: 36.6ft long by 20” wide. Amps: 6.0A, Voltage: 120V, Zero EMF. Watts: 720W. It also has AubeTH115-AF-120S/Honeywell programmable digital floor sensing thermostat with the sensor. The heating cable has got a thickness of 1/8”. Cable spacing: 3.” Armoured single cold lead: 10ft. system output: 12W/square feet (41sqft/BTU). The Mats with 120 Voltage, when combined, can heat so high until 150 square feet of a flouring space by use of a single thermostat. The meshes can be cut but the heating wires cannot.

04. Honeywell RCHT8610WF2006 Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Smart 7 Day Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat

Honeywell RCHT8610WF2006 Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Smart 7 Day Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat
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There are systems with wireless designs and have got all features. Here, you will be at ease in adjusting the temperature of your home even at your workplace while using your phones. There are also superior features of energy- saving which saves you money on cooling and heating bill, together with adjustable programming options of 7-days that offer ultimate functionality and control. The display should be customized, then get the on-screen comfort information with accurate outdoor and indoor humidity and temperature readings. You should make changes at your place using Total Connect Comfort application which works on both Apple and Android systems. Furthermore, using a touchscreen system leads to high interaction level for superior design and the intuitive operation.

05. Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat
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The Honeywell RTH7600D requires that you do the set up daily in a certain cool manner as well as the temperature be customized for four times in a day or you can also set up a group of days if able. You also have an option of selecting a certain program to be used at weekends and the other one over the weekdays. The best thing that makes you enjoy this system is that all of the functions are done in seconds.

06. Honeywell 1 Week Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell 1 Week Programmable Thermostat
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The Honeywell RTH9580WF is mostly fond of drawing one’s attention immediately you fast see it. It has got a certain display which can be matched and customized with any type of décor available in your living place. The product is also of greater flexibility if you do mention the aesthetic viewpoint.This thermostat cant by itself, know how to control your home as opposed to the 3rd next generation. Also, it does provide many awesome features which make the system operate effectively and be perfect, more so the 7-day programming.

07. Orbit 83521 Clear Comfort Programmable Thermostat

Orbit 83521 Clear Comfort Programmable Thermostat
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There is a gorgeous display located on the thermostat’s orbit which has got a contemporary look having a warm backlight that helps in easily noting the temperature readings. For those temperature adjustments which are perfectly timed, there is early start mode that easily does ensure that the correct temperature is reached at the specified time. Adjusting the temperatures for the 7-day programmability daily is somehow a breeze. When you are in love with the single-stage thermostat, you will enjoy so much to 4 programming periods daily. This will make it easy in scheduling the waking up temperatures, preparing to leave to work, coming back home in the evening, and going to bed at night.

08. Honeywell TH6110D1005 FocusPRO 6000 Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell TH6110D1005 FocusPRO 6000 Programmable Thermostat
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When you finally decide to install the well-known Honeywell5-1-1 programmable thermostat, you will never experience the problem of forgetting to change the filters. If you need to get greater control of temperatures over the year, you will have to utilize a smart response exclusive technology. The changes of cooling and heating of the temperatures that you specify on your unit will be automatically. To realize greater compatibility, you have to use single-stage pump heat systems with cooling and heating systems. The Honeywell 5-1-1 system enables one to use the different schedule for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.

09. Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat
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You have to program four periods in a day, and then use the system with cooling, heating and the heat pumps which don’t use the auxiliary heat. The unit can’t work when using the multi-stage HVAC systems or the electric baseboard heat. It, however, does provide the exceptional temperature control which will make you enjoy the temperature with +/- minute and its consistency with degree controls for the perfect temperature. The digital backlit display provides simple programming and improved functionality in order or you to enjoy the good temperature with regards to the day in the week.

10. Emerson UP310 Premium 7 Day Programmable Thermostat

Emerson UP310 Premium 7 Day Programmable Thermostat
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This system should be chosen for automated and single-stage cooling, heat pump systems and heating. To realize the best efficiency at the weekends, you should choose the option of using a different schedule. If you use this system, you will save more money when leaving for work and also you will be bringing your home back to a perfect temperature before returning from work. What this units also use the batteries for good performance and the best compatibility.

Buying guide of Best Programmable Thermostat

Types of a programmable thermostat

From the above information, it is seen that the most common option being offered by the programmable thermostats; which is the 7-day programming.

Remote access

This remote access helps you to monitor and control your home even when you are far away. If you prefer to control your thermostat with the remote regardless of where you are, you have to confirm if your device has been compatible with communication setups like the high-speed internet or the landline phone through the Wi-Fi or the router cable.

Energy saving

The above programmable thermostats all have a good intention which is on saving the energy bill of your home. Also, there exist some of the advanced units that report the amount of energy being used daily and the ways to use to avail better. You can also be in a position to confirm the information via graphs or charts for a clear visual view.

Ease of use and installation

Lastly, we have to look at the easiest way to set up and use the thermostat. Here, everyone wants to be in digital life and not manually all the way when they want to replace something or change some settings.


Having gone through the above reviews, you will realize that thermostat programming is the best money and energy saving bill that can be reliable by many people. This will make your days brighter and will make you enjoy life since you are in the control of your home even when you are far from your home and this makes life, so simple to live. Thermostat programming is therefore highly recommended in case you want to be the boss of your own home.

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