Top 10 Best Paige Maternity Jeans in 2019

One cause of distress among pregnant women is the confusion that comes with finding an appropriate outfit. A repugnant feeling it is when it finally dawns on you that your body has grown out of shape to fit into some of the fashionable attires you used to don before the pregnancy happened.

Remember when you could just throw on a pair of jeans and you’re good to go. But now with a protruding stomach, what guarantee do you have that the same dress code will still look great on you?

That’s without looking at the discomfort the same sense of style is likely to create.

Luckily for you, we did some little bit of digging to come up with a top 10 list of the best Paige maternity jeans to buy in 2019. Your body shape, stage of pregnancy, or preferred sense of style doesn’t matter a whit – these are the type of jeans you’ll certainly love wearing and even find it hard packing them away when the baby finally arrives.

Table of the Best Paige Maternity Jeans:

01. Paige Maternity Verdugo with New Panel

Paige Maternity Verdugo with New Panel
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This is a super-stretchy maternity jean that comes with a nylon flap that will be covering your entire tummy. Designed to rest underneath your chest, this pair of jean features a series of calculated whiskering and some subtle fading that add to its overall beauty.
Its fabric has a gentle stretch and recovery, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear and easy to wash. You can tuck them in boots or wear them with any shoes you see fit, and they’ll still look great on you.

02. Paige Maternity Verdugo Ultra Skinny Jeans

Paige Maternity Verdugo Ultra Skinny Jeans
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Paige Verdugo Ultra skinny is widely hailed as one of the maternity jean for its amazing fit and great design.

Made from 54% Rayon and 23% cotton and some little bit of Polyester and Spandex, this could be the right pair of jeans for you if you’re looking for some wiggle room for your hips and thighs, and extra comfort for your delicate stomach and wellbeing.

03. Paige Maternity Jimmy Skinny Jean

Paige Maternity Jimmy Skinny Jean
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Both putting on and taking off this pair of jeans is a cinch. Designed from 92% cotton, the jean is widely favored for its comfort. Its design is also flexible enough to take you from the first to third trimester of your pregnancy.

The slouchy maternity is perfectly tailored for a more comfortable and feminine feel. Arriving with it is a deep set of elastic side panels, which stretches a little bit more and much easily for additional comfort.

The deeper panels also mean you’ll be wearing the jean for a longer period of time during your pregnancy. And even though it comes with heavy whiskering, the jean is considered one of the softest on the market.

04. Paige Verdugo Ankle Elastic Insets

Paige Verdugo Ankle Elastic Insets
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The most notable quality about this pair of jeans is that they’re extremely easy to put on. The elastic bits around the hip region also do a tremendous job stretching the jean to your size, or so it can snugly fit.

It’s therefore safe to say the jean will continue fitting you as your body grows. Billed as one of the slimmest jeans on the market, this ankle length jean boasts a luxuriously soft feel for both comfort and support.

05. Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Maternity

Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Maternity
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This super black jean can be worn without pinching your belly. Designed from a soft transcend fabric, this is the type of jean you’d certainly miss in your post partum and wish you had found a way to retain it.

The jean does not only look good on you, it also ensures your dressing is as comfortable as you’d want it to be.

06. Paige Maternity Skyline Ankle Peg with Optic White Elastic Insets

Paige Maternity Skyline Ankle Peg with Optic White Elastic Insets
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This jean slims even more from the knee all the way down, with an in-seam placed at the ankle.

Also worth noting are the elastic side panels, which go at length to allow for an easy stretch for elevated comfort and one-of-a-kind style. The deeper panels also helps to ensure you get to wear it for overstretched periods during your pregnancy, even as your tummy grows bigger.

Whether spring or summer, the pair can still be worn without coming off as odd, and it’s all thanks to the crisp white wash the jean comes in.

07. Paige Maternity Manhattan Boot with Elastic Inset Nottingham

Paige Maternity Manhattan Boot with Elastic Inset Nottingham
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This Paige denim jean is made of one of the most luxuriously soft transcend-fabrics using a special innovative formula, which combines modishness with comfort – and no unnecessary stretching.

It’s the kind of jean you wear and get comfortable. Fitted through the waist, the jean features a hemline that will be elegantly glazing over your heels and elastic side panels that bring about comfort and style.

08. Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny w/Elastic Insets

Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny w/Elastic Insets
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The jean boasts a long and lean silhouette that you’ll certainly love; laced up with a stretchy over-the-belly panel for accommodating the little bundle of joy you’re carrying. In quick summary, the jean features an elasticized over-the-belly waist panel, five-pocket silhouette, and faux stitched fly.

Made with style and comfort in mind, the pair is super flattering and gentle on the body. Their fitting is great and snug, hitting just above the ankle with a fashionable twist.

09. Paige Maternity Skyline Ankle Peg Jean

Paige Maternity Skyline Ankle Peg Jean
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The Skyline Peg Jean comes with a super-stretchy side panels that can comfortably accommodate your bulgy midsection. Cast in a versatile dark wash and cut in an ankle-grazing super-skinny silhouette, the jean comes with a zip fly and a button closure.
The jean was designed with comfort in mind, but that’s NOT say it falls short in terms of style. The 51% of rayon and 33% of cotton work to ensure the jean is as comfortable and stylish as it looks.

10. Paige Brigitte Maternity Jeans

Paige Brigitte Maternity Jeans
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Stay fresh and all styled up with this simple, but fashionable relaxing pair, featuring super-stretchy side panels and a warm-weather cropped silhouette for a comfortable style you can adjust to accommodate any stage of your pregnancy.

Made almost entirely from cotton, this high-rise skinny jean is designed to snugly fit at your waist while relaxing at both your thigh and leg. The jean also features subtle whiskering and a series of distressed detailed that come with elastic insets for maximum comfort and off-the-wall style.

What to Look for While Shopping for Maternity Jeans

There’s a lot to consider while you’re out shopping for the best maternity jeans you can find. So how do you make sure that you head home with the right pair?

Pick a brand you can trust

For offline shopping, buying a maternity jean can be as simple as trying it out first before forking over your hard-earned cash for it. But if you’re planning to shop online, then your best bet should be to try and find a brand you can completely trust. Even better, make sure the company has a clear set of guidelines and instructions on how you can return the jeans just in case anything arises.

Designed with your Bump in Mind

As far as maternity jeans go, your comfort takes precedence over all else. The normal skinny jeans might still fit, but if it isn’t designed to guarantee your comfort the whole day, then that’s reason enough to consider looking into something else.

A good maternity dress will go the extra mile to ensure your comfort. Whether it’s by incorporating side panels or over-the-bump covering; that added effort is enough to enhance your level of comfort during the pregnancy.

Same Size as Regular Jeans

Maternity jeans are sized the same as regular jeans – except for being built for growth. So you can start by selecting the same size of jeans you used to wear before the pregnancy happened.

Read this bearing in mind that the size may vary depending with the designer. So it’s important that you take some time to go through the sizing charts. In addition to that, choose a pair that’s super soft and has a nice stretch that can calibrate to accommodate your growing bump.

In quick highlights

Other factors held constant, always settle for comfort – by looking for a pair with a seam-free waistband and is mostly made from cotton.

The jean you choose should have plenty of stretch for an easy movement and can adjust to accommodate your growing stomach.

A good maternity jean should be able to take you from the first trimester all the way to motherhood. The more the jean is able to stretch, the longer it will be able to take you throughout the pregnancy.

There’s no harm in trying both under-the-bump and over-the-bump styles to find out what works best for you.

It’s a wrap

If you’re still stuck on what to choose or still unsure of whether to go for an over-the-bump or under-the-bump pair, then why NOT try both or make a random pick from the list above. Considering this is a cherry picked list of the best of what’s offered on the market, any choice you make from the entries made guarantees above average experience if not the best.

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