Top 10 Best Officeworks Water Coolers In 2019

Making one’s office a well-equipped and facilitated place to work comfortably is what a clever employer and smart employees would always look forward to in this hygiene and health conscious era. After all, Corporate Social Responsibility is certainly something that matters for a reputed corporate outfit like yours. Providing for healthy water system is no exception therein. Safe and multi temperature water dispenser can add to your office decorum and corporate image. Even for domicile use, selecting a right water cooler that is best value for your money is quite a task, though. This product portfolio would help you make it a cake-walk.

Table of the Best Officeworks Water Coolers

01. Avalon presents Water Cooler Dispenser Bottom Load

 Avalon presents Water Cooler Dispenser Bottom Load

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Built with durable Stainless Steel Cabinet, Avalon Water cooler provides three temperature settings to suit your requirements, thus customizing drinking experience. The dispenser features a crisp cold, room temperature, or piping hot output. Leave your muscle stretches within your gym, for this Water Cooler is bottom loading, and does away the strain of any lifting. Yet, is suitable for 3-5 gallon water bottles. Its built-in nightlight makes the water spouts clearly visible in the dark. Thus, there are fewer chances of spills. You need not bother checking water running out, as an empty-bottle indicator would do the job for you. It lights up when the bottle needs to be replaced. Available in trendy Black, Stainless Steel, and White colors to complement your office interiors. Its sleek stylish stainless steel cabinet will make it blend in right into your office pantry or home kitchen. No worries of big electricity bills as it is UL/Energy Star approved. Its child safety lock on the hot water spout adds to its additive advantage for the entire family can use it worry-free.

02. Giantex presents Cool Water Dispenser Top Load

 Giantex presents Cool Water Dispenser Top Load

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This top loading water cooler dispenser is available in White to go with any office, library, or restaurant interiors. With the capacity for holding the 5-gallon water bottle, the Water Cooler’s strong and stable body built sets you free of any worry regarding cracks or fall. It can cater to your hot and cold water requirements while letting you control both temperature functions. The Red and Green switch at the back of water cooler can be turned on or off for stopping heating or cooling as you wish. So now, in summers/winters, you need not pay for electricity bills on what you would not use. Security Lock for Children Protection on Hot water spout is user-friendly and helps prevent accidental burns to children and adults alike. It has got an Anti-Dust and Anti-mite Water barrel seat which can be detached and dismantled for cleaning purpose, thus serving your water hygiene needs. Do you want a hot-cool water dispenser in public areas like college canteens or other public places? This dispenser with Storage Cabinet would be the perfect choice. Its spacious cabinet can store glasses to ensure surroundings are kept mess free along with clean drinking water.

03. Avalon Presents Water Cooler Top Loading Dispenser

 Avalon Presents Water Cooler Top Loading Dispenser

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Are you a cuppas lover? But fade-up of those cumbersome water kettles, with scales of salt, deposited all over? Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser with options of choosing between Piping Hot and Crisp Cold water taps is at your service. Save your time and make a quick cup of tea, hot cocoa, or instant soup. No more filling up water and waiting for your scaly kettle or pot to boil. A lot more can actually happen over a coffee now! You can save precious time and energy. With this slim and stylish Water Cooler Dispenser, you can make your small pantry or kitchen look spacious and modern too. The top loading dispenser is an ideal feature for office settings. It enables you to easily spot the water in the loaded bottle when it is about to finish. ItsUL/Energy Star Approved make, will help you make your contribution towards energy conservation.

04. KUPPET Presents Water Dispenser Cooler with Capacity of 5 Gallon

 KUPPET Presents Water Dispenser Cooler with Capacity of 5 Gallon

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This Top Loading Freestanding Water Dispenser with storage cabinet is available with two temperature settings-Hot (85℃-95℃) and Normal (10-15℃). Its large capacity of holding 5 gallons water bottle, can quench the thirst of entire family or office staff without the stress of frequent reloading. It has an automatic electric plug-in water dispenser that allows you demand hot or cold water in just a blink. No long wait anymore. Do you believe in “Silence is golden”? It believes too and serves you chilled or hot water without making any noise due to its ultra-quiet operation feature. The two shelves cabinet can let you store sorted items or supplies at hand. The funnel with a prong reduces chances of water spills, and the removable drip tray makes its cleaning stress-free. This simple yet exquisite style and the compact design is perfect for space constraint, be it office or home.

05. Brio Presents Hot, Cold and Regular Water Cooler Dispenser Essential Series

 Brio Presents Hot, Cold and Regular Water Cooler Dispenser Essential Series

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You can do away with those back pains in bending down to press the temperature buttons of conventional water coolers, now. The Brio Essential Series Top Load Hot, Cold & Room Water Cooler Dispenser is the perfect solution for you. Its tri-temp push button faucet on the top makes it comfortable to keep pressing the button as the spout dispenses hot, cold or room-temperature water. Now, you can say “No” to carcinogenic effects of plastic or fiber body reservoirs as, the 100% Stainless steel cold and hot reservoirs of this water dispenser will allow you to keep healthy water flow and retain taste as well as cooler’s durability. Along with top loading feature that allows you to make sure the water bottle is reloaded before the water runs short, this product has child safety lock on the hot water tap, so as to ensure your child or others stay safe of any burns. There are LED indicators that would show if the water cooler is on or off as well as heating or cooling.

06. Primo Presents Cool Water Dispenser and Pet Station

 Primo Presents Cool Water Dispenser and Pet Station

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Don’t be disappointed if your conventional water dispensers have ignored so far the important member of your family- your beloved pet. The Primo Water Dispenser allows fast-flowing ice cold and piping hot water as well as water for pets. It has a press button on the top and the dishwasher-safe pet bowl that can be placed in front or either side of the dispenser to make sure your pet drinks clean water. The best part is that the dispenser would not release water unless the bowl is placed under it. Thus, there remains no fuss of water leakages or spills. Its premium stainless steel, chrome accents and spill-proof bottle holder with leak guard would do away any such further chances. With sleek and exquisite design, kids friendly feature like child safety lock on the hot water spout, and LED night light, the product goes neighbor’s envy but owner’s pride.

07. Avalon Presents Premium Quality Top Load Water Cooler Hot/Cold Dispenser

 Avalon Presents Premium Quality Top Load Water Cooler Hot/Cold Dispenser

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Do you wish to take your water dispenser right on the kitchen top or small pantry counter? With Avalon Premium Countertop Water Cooler dispenser, your wish would come true. Its innovative and stylish make gives it a slim fit in any small corner space or table top. It serves your cups for both crisp cold and piping hot water requirements without delay. Tea or coffee is not a lengthy process anymore, nor is your hunger satiating instant soups! Best for office and home kitchen alike, as the top loading feature would allow you to spot water running out. UL/Energy Star Approved and features the child safety lock on the hot water spout makes it user-friendly in its truest sense.

08. Whirlpool Presents Bottom Load Self Cleaning Commercial Water Cooler

 Whirlpool Presents Bottom Load Self Cleaning Commercial Water Cooler

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Are you amongst those commercial giants who would walk the talk of corporate ethics? Whirlpool self-cleaning, a bottom loading commercial water cooler would make it easy and affordable. Its 6th sense self-automatic cleaning technology ensures healthy water for your staff by killing bacteria and viruses. The digital display indicates if the Self Cleaning is on, to help prevent anyone from drinking unsafe water. With 5th generation Bottom Loading technology that uses an efficient water pump and a water siphon, the cooler optimally uses the loaded water to the full. The cold water is9°F colder than most and the hot water is kept steaming hot at all times to serve you chilled lemonade and toasty beverages. Its compressor turns on less frequently because of the proprietary cooling system technology, thus saving huge on electricity bills and giving it a competitive edge over other brands. Robust yet stylish commercial design with unbreakable water faucets, a strong steel frame that can bear over 300 lbs of top weight, and cold rolled steel sides that in its entirety adds to the beauty and charm of any workstation.

09. Primo Presents 1 Spout Bottom Load Stainless Steel Self-Sanitizing Water Cooler Dispenser

 Primo Presents 1 Spout Bottom Load Stainless Steel Self-Sanitizing Water Cooler Dispenser

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This water cooler stands unique in its feature of self-sanitizing water reservoirs and lines with harmless ozone. Its stainless steel reservoirs and drip tray make it heavy-duty and lasting long. The tray is dishwasher safe allowing hassle-free cleaning. While ice cold, cool and piping hot water is served quickly at the spout, child-resistant safety feature is also provided. If you are not keen on weight lift and flip the water bottles, its bottom loading would serve as the best feature for you. And worry not, the cabinet hides the bottle to give your room a clean and tidy look. It is UL Certified and Energy Star rated which ensures minimum energy consumption. Also, includes a 1-Year Limited Warranty and coupons for Primo water bottles which are redeemable at thousands of retail outlets nationwide.

10. Brio Presents Commercial Cold/Hot CL520 Top Loading Water Dispenser

 Brio Presents Commercial Cold/Hot CL520 Top Loading Water Dispenser

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If durability is something you would prefer along with other features, you can bank on Brio CL520 Commercial Grade Hot and Cold Top-load Water Dispenser Cooler – Essential Series. The cooler comprises of the cabinet made from commercial-grade, durable ABS plastic, which is resistant to corrosive chemicals or physical dents, ensuring your cooler lasts long. The 100% stainless steel, cold & hot reservoirs add to the purpose of longevity, while also maintaining water’s purity and taste. It can be placed even in the Silence Zone like libraries, for the cooler is guaranteed to run whisper-quiet letting your work or home environment remain undisturbed. Its high-efficiency compressor has the lowest cycle rate available in the market. Ice Cold & Piping Hot water outlets, allow you to enjoy chilled refreshments or toasty beverages in no time. Due to Top Loading feature, you can spot if the dispenser is low on water.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Officeworks Water Coolers


When you look for a water cooler that can serve your office employees then it should be easy to use. Everyday lot of people will be using that cooler, and some of them are in rush. When your water cooler is easy to use, then it helps the user to quench their thirst without getting messed up to figure out its usage procedures.


You should also look at the space that a certain water cooler with occupy in your office. A reasonably sized water cooler does not get in the way of others and this reduces the chances of getting damaged.


The worst thing about water cooler is that when you’re busy with your work at the office and get to know that the cooler is leaking. This situation can be gruesome and it will require a lot of efforts to fix. So you should check whether the construction of a certain water cooler is leak proof to ensure the best service.

Cool and Refreshing Water Anytime

This would not be a frequent buy. So, try to figure out your requirements clearly before bagging it up. If you are buying for domicile use, you may look for the features like bottom loading, child-lock and night light to be a must. For the commercial use obviously, heavy duty and large capacities would serve the purpose best. Sanitizing or auto-cleanup would be added advantages for both. And, if you can’t tolerate even slightest machinery noise, you may prefer one that has ultra-quiet operation too. Above all, energy saving quotient should always remain the preferred choice; not only because it ultimately affects your pocket, but also because you are a responsible citizen of planet Earth.

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