Top 10 Best Non Slip Restaurant Shoes in 2019 Reviews

Whether you work at a trendy dinner restaurant or a fine dining establishment, chances are, you are going to be on your feet for most of the time. Restaurant environment is fast-paced and requires everyone from servers to cooks to be quick at their feet all the time.

Due to this, restaurant workers need to find a quality pair of shoes that are both appropriate and comfortable for the job. Slip-resistance is among the most crucial things to look for a pair of work shoes. Restaurants can be filled with hazards; for example, a simple spill can cause serious injuries for those who are unprepared. Below are the top ten non-slip restaurant shoes.

Table of the Best Non Slip Restaurant Shoes:

01. Skechers for Work Guys’s Rockland

Skechers for Work Guys's Rockland
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These sneakers from Rockland are a trendy, yet effective Choice. They are made of rubber and has a zig-zag spider style. It is a shoe, which makes it easy and incredibly comfortable to wear up. The top portion of the shoe is created from faux leather.

Rockland surely didn’t skimp on personality while they’re tattered sneakers. It’s slick and smooth, featuring aspect vents for extra dash and relaxation. Inside the shoe gel cushions keep your feet feeling amazing. Even the insoles can also be removable, so permitting one to hold the sneakers clean and in excellent condition.

02. KEEN Utility Guys’s PTC Oxford Work Shoe

KEEN Utility Guys's PTC Oxford Work Shoe
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If your sneaker layout is more your style, then these Slip-resistant sneakers from KEEN are a great way to go. The sneakers have a lace-up design to make sure that their suit is fantastic for all-day wear. In-soles and also cushions in the center of the arch will encourage your foot throughout your day.

Particular interest was paid out into the slip-resistance of this footwear. The sole is created of a rubber substance and was made to hold. It’s a tread design which stays on a floor onto a level.

03. Skechers for Work Girls’s relaxed fit slip-resistant perform Shoe

Skechers for Work Girls's relaxed fit slip-resistant perform Shoe
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Another great alternative is the Skechers Footwear which offers you a higher amount of protection and relaxation. Much like the other footwear, these shoes have a tread design that channels away in the bottom of the foot. This enhances traction on many conditions and different surfaces, which includes greasy and wet.

These sneakers are Comfort-wise having more than sufficient cushioning and support to continue to keep you comfortable. The good thing regarding these shoes is their layout and style.

04. Skechers for Work Women’s comfortable Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up

Skechers for Work Women's comfortable Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up
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From one of the Absolute Most famous sneaker manufacturers in the entire world comes the Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up shoes. These sneakers are great for cafe workers due to their excellent comfort and traction. Not like other shoes that have a tread that is prominent, the rubber soles on these sneakers have a shallow profile.

However, their low profile does not mean that they are unsuccessful. The tread layout may offer traction on a lot of surfaces that are slippery. They have additional grips to the perimeter of the sole as well as the heels, making sure you’re shielded.

05. Emeril Lagasse Guys’s Examine Slip-Resistant Function Shoe

Emeril Lagasse Guys's Examine Slip-Resistant Function Shoe
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Emeril Lagasse Guys’ Examine Slip-Resistant Function Shoes are meticulously made for durability and safety. The smallest details are taken care of to be sure that these shoes are safe to use in a range of diverse work environments. The safety conditions are met by these shoes.

06. Emeril Lagasse Canal Canvas Slip-Resistant Perform Shoe

Emeril Lagasse Canal Canvas Slip-Resistant Perform Shoe
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The Emeril Lagasse is an Option suited for practically any man employed in a restaurant environment. Indeed one of the most significant features of these shoes is the interior. The lining of this shoe is produced from a breathable mesh for relaxation. This lessens the impact on your own feet to eliminate disquiet at the end of a workout day.

07. Girls’s Julia Slip-Resistant Operate Shoe

Girls's Julia Slip-Resistant Operate Shoe
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Go with the Girls’ Julia Slip-Resistant Operate Shoe if You would like a shoe which seems excellent. These shoes look with a bit of flair and style that can make them a unique choice out the workplace. The exterior of the shoe includes stuff that is artificial and cloth.

It consists of a mesh that looks while accentuating venting, amazing. They comprise oil and a slip resistant outsole although they may look just like a standard pair of shoes.

08. Emeril Lagasse Males’s Canal Slip-Resistant Perform Shoe

Emeril Lagasse Males's Canal Slip-Resistant Perform Shoe
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These sneakers from Emeril Lagasse are discreet in design and plenty of features for durability and protection. The sole has a unique design that will not get damaged in plain water or fluid. As it will not possess anything, the sneakers are safer to use on various surfaces and requirements while still having the capability to wash and keep up.

The insoles are all comfortable, however, created for durability. They’re designed to stand up to wear and tear. The design and style are made from real leather for toughness. The glue formula used to carry the shoe is high-quality, ensuring that the shoe will probably last through shifts that are tough.

09. Skechers for Work Women’s food-service Shoe

Skechers for Work Women's food-service Shoe
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These sneakers from Skechers are an option match for a night out or even fine dining organizations. They are made from sturdy materials for both aesthetics and durability. They have a slip-on loafer style. The upper portion is made from leather that’s treated to resist stains and water, ensuring that the sneakers maintain their high-quality look. Insole and the liner are created from cloths. The insole has sufficient cushioning whereas the heels come with gel for relaxation.

10. SensFoot Non-Slip Kitchen Area Shoes Restaurant Non-slip Work Sneakers

SensFoot Non-Slip Kitchen Area Shoes Restaurant Non-slip Work Sneakers
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SensFoot non-slip kitchen area shoes seem incredibly much like high heeled shoes in features. However, the footwear has lots of comfort and essential safety features designed to make work life simpler. Indoors, the footwear possesses a lot more than cushioning.

The padding extends up to the tongue of this shoe to provide a personalized fit. The insoles are created from memory foam for a customized fit whereas the midsoles have a small soft pillow.


Conclusively, when it comes to slip-resistant shoes, there are some great options. People can select a pair of shoes based on their comfort needs, their personal needs, and the restaurant they are working at. It is advisable to go with all-purpose slip-resistant footwear if you are having trouble choosing a pair.

These shoes are designed to perfectly fit in any environment from the back of the kitchen to the house front. They consist of all the tremendous slip-resistant features and some added comfort, stain resistant, durability and cleaning features.

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