Top 10 Best Natural Gas Outdoor Fireplaces In 2019

Everyone loves the relaxing glow of a fireplace, whether it is in your living room or at a camping spot in the woods. One trend that has come on strong in recent years is the outdoor fireplace

either stand-alone, portable units (fire pits) or a brick structure that is in itself, decorative addition to the home.One of the key advantages of having an outdoor fireplace is being able to extend the use of your patio into the cooler months. If you build your fireplace within a covered porch area, it can even be used on rainy days, or for the very hearty souls, when the snow flies.

Table of the Best Natural Gas Outdoor Fireplaces

01. Outland Living Series 401

Outland Living Series 401

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This is one of the best natural gas outdoor fireplaces it is perfect for all your outdoor fireplace style and functionality. It is rectangular hence creating a unique fire feature that will draw attention to all guest visiting your place or the family members. It is made of high quality materials making it durable, and the overall maintenance costs are is resistance to heat and with the powder-coated aluminum frame which offers a sturdy and strong base. This fireplace consists of a pre-attached 3 ft hose pipe with a regulator.

02. Great Deal Furniture

Great Deal Furniture

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This is one of the best fireplaces in the market with the elegant look, and it is easy to set up. All you need is hook it up to the propane tank and put the laverock at the center. It has a nice design which is pleasing to the eyes with the new design the manufacture are adding a windshield to help prevent much wind blow to the fireplace. It is made of lightweight materials the external is cool with a big surface area on top for a drink. Though it is a bit expensive, it will always give you the value of your money.

03. XtremepowerUS


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It is one of the best outdoor gas fireplaces that every homeowner must consider in the next couple of months it is attractive and works perfectly well. Its assembly is a bit difficult to some people, but if you follow the user manual, then you will assemble it within minutes and always be careful this is fragile fireplace take care especially when fixing the screws because of the pre-drilled holes strips.

04. BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table

BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table

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This is one of the best fire pit table around and with the resent customer comments we can say this is a product you should go for as most of the users recommended it reason being it is made with durable sturdy and weather resistance aluminum materials and fire glasses. It has an elegant look with a dark brown color and has a bronze finish which makes it fit for any backyard, the manufacturers have included a flat lid which will make you transform your fire pit into a table when you are not using it. There is also a nylon cover to use in the extreme weather protection.

05. Great Deal Furniture Rogers

Great Deal Furniture Rogers

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This is a great deal for sure there Is one 40000 BTU propane fire pit and one PVC cover, it is made from durable and high quality materials which are a combination of magnesium oxide and steel and this one of the fire table build to serve you for a longer time without any repair or overhead cost. If you a fan of spending time with your family and friends enjoying that cocktail in front of a soothing fire to your backyard then this is the right fireplace to go gives you that elegant look and memorable memories as a family. No assembly is required for this has it doesn’t include the liquid propane tank.

06. Giantex Fire Pit Table

Giantex Fire Pit Table

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Are you looking for a durable fireplace? Giantex is one of the durable fireplaces we have in the market it is made of sturdy aluminum and weather resistance materials that will serve you for a longer time. It is one of the stylish fireplaces we have giving your backyard a beautiful look due to its dark brown color and the textured surface. It has a door that opens and can store a 20lbs propane tank; it burner has an adjustable control button which can heat up to 40000BTUS. When we place the lid when the fireplace is not in use, it becomes a perfect central table in your backyard.

07. Bond 68487A

Bond 68487A

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This fire pit is made of durable, sturdy, and weather resistant steel and envirostone tabletop making is one of the best to have even in the rainy seasons, this fire pit operates a 20 pound propane tank which is hidden on the underneath of the table. It is easy to lit and controls the amount of gas the flows thus giving you the desired heat the heat output is 50000BTU’s. Comes with a user manual and all required tools making the assembly very easy.

08. Outland Living Series 410

Outland Living Series 410

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It adds an elegant look to your backyard regarding functionality and style. This stunning square fire pit creates a unique fire feature which will complement the outdoor space hence drawing attention to family members and your guests. It has impressive durable strength, low maintenance cost and it is resistant to heat. With the powder-coated aluminum frame construction offers a stronger base. Made of stainless steel burner with good safety standards and can give a heat output of 42000BTU

09. Best Choice Products 57in

Best Choice Products 57in

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This also amongst the best fire pit for this year and a better part of last year it is made of high quality and weather resistance materials to give you the value of your money as it will serve you for many years. It has an adjustable burner with a heat output of 50,000BTU and door at the base with a 20lb propane tank. It looks attractive from far thus giving your compound that elegant look

10. Napoleon Grills

Napoleon Grills

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We can not round up the list without including Napoleon Grills this is also amongst the best fir pi we have in the market it is made of stainless steel pan burner with a topaz glass media and set in a way that the gas will auto shutdown when the desired heat is reached. The table is made of durable aluminum materials, and it is one of the simplest fire pits to ignite the heat output is quite higher to 60000BTU


A great Gas Fireplace surely provides unmatched instant warmth and ambiance to every home. Hence, choosing a decent one is very important. Consider the tips discussed above whether you are looking for a gas fireplace or an electric one. If you have some questions in mind, it’s a good idea to contact a professional fireplace dealer or installer.

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