Top 10 Best Massage Chair Cushions In 2019

Getting a massage at home is an efficient and convenient way to avoids all the body pains. Massage has scientific logic behind it such as blood flow improves by its working on muscles. Now the body is ready to get the response actively, and similarly, muscles and tissues perfectly absorb the nutritional elements by use of Massage Chair Cushions. The circulation and absorption process activates the related functioning and easy removal of toxins from the body. The person self-feels the improved flexibility in his body along with the decreased tension. Tight and strained muscles get the relief from massage therapy. The person gets the natural sense of pleasant feeling by the increasing endorphin level, a good feeling chemical of the body.

Table of the Best Massage Chair Cushions

# Preview Product Price
HoMedics, Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion with Heat, Zone Control (Targeted Spot, Full, Lower & Upper Back), 3 Massage Styles (Percussion, Kneading & Rolling), Remote & Integrated Strapping System
$199.99$229.99 (13% off)
Zyllion Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Cushion Pad with Soothing Heat Function - Fits Perfectly on Chair - 3 Massage Styles - Rolling, Spot, and Kneading (Black)
Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat, Brown
$306.99$393.44 (22% off)
Mecor Heated Recliner Chair, Bonded Leather Massage Chair with Control and Cup Holder for Living Room (Black)
iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair | Cup Holder | Auxiliary Power Outlet | Full Recline | Espresso Color Option
BestMassage Chair Back Recliner Cha Shiatsu Kneading Heat Function Folding Portable Vibration seat Massager for Home Office, Black
$149.99$189.99 (21% off)
Real Relax Zero Gravity Full Body Affordable Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair with Armrest Linkage System, Heat and Foot Roller, Black
INADA DreamWave Massage Chair, Dark Brown
RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-in Heat and Air Massage System - Charcoal (White Glove Delivery)
$1,999.00$2,899.00 (31% off)
Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair, Black
$2,277.88$2,399.00 (5% off)

01. HoMedics MCS-750HA Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion with Heat

HoMedics MCS-750HA Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion with Heat

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If you want to buy a programmable hand control chair which you can use without struggling. Its zone control allows you to concentrate the message on certain areas. The soothing heat offers comfort so that you can have a tight massage on your back muscles. It has three message styles in one cushion that is rolling, kneading and percussion.

02. yllion ZMA14 Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cus

yllion ZMA14 Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cus

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By using the ZMA-14, you will be able to make your home the place for a spa. This chair is sleek in design so that it offers massage therapy to improve blood circulation in your body and relieve the achy muscles. It is highly equipped to make your message experience a wonderful one. While you use this chair, you will find that it focuses mainly on the upper back, lower back and fullback as it targets the neck part from different angles thus rolling message and bringing shiatsu therapy on this part. This is the best message chair that you can buy as it messages your body from top to bottom.

03. Relaxzen Motorized Massage Recliner

Relaxzen Motorized Massage Recliner

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You can enjoy a relaxing massage therapy at your home using the motor message recliner. It is best for your sunroom, office, home theater as it offers nine pre-programmed message modes which differ between the locations that you are messaging and the time frame of the message. You can choose up to 5 intensity levels to achieve the message level that you need. Eight vibration motors do target four message zones in the calves, thighs, lower back allowing you to select the zones individually or use all the four zones at once for a more focused approach. There is also a soothing lumbar heat option which can relieve you the stress that you have been having the whole day. This recliner has a sitting area of 21 by 21 inch and a backrest that is 23 inch wide and 29 inch tall. It also has a beautiful light wood colored base for stability, adjustable recline, swivel function and can support up to 300 pounds.

04. Mecor Massage Recliner Chair.

Mecor Massage Recliner Chair.

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It is made of pure high quality bonded leather, luxuriously thick padded arms and a solid wood frame thus making it comfortable for one to stay in it for long hours especially if you have undergone surgery or you have back problems. You can easily assemble it as it comes in two pieces which you will slip the beck part to the base, you connect the cables and you start to use it. It has an 8 point message heating system and five massage modes for selection so that you can have a full body massage for you to relax your lumbar, thigh, lower back, and upper back. Every point can be operated individually so that you can stretch the muscles of your shoulder, address painful tension and relieve stress. You can use a remote control when you want to change heat mode and message in a convenient manner. There are also 2 cup holders which you can use to keep your drinks near you during the message process. Its measurements are 37.8 lengths b7y 33.8 widths by 41.7 height, the weight capacity of 400 lbs and seat dimension of 21.5 width by 18 length.

05. iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair

iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair

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With this kind of chair you can be able to automatically refresh your entire back, release lower back, relieve shoulder and neck. There is an in-built control panel for you so that you can easily control the message. There is also an in-built power outlet which you can use to charge your phone while you are getting a message. You can personalize the angle of the massage chair by just pushing a button. You can easily control the intensity of the message by using a removable message softening pad. There is also a cup holder for you to put your drinks. Compact design so that you can save on the amount of space.

06. Fully Assembled Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair

Fully Assembled Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair

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This is the kind of massage chair that you need as you can set it up easily and has wheels which allow you to move and position it in any place that you want. It is made of one piece thick plastic shell, and the internal components are tucked inside. It is one of the chairs which is very eye-catching as it has a white cream color on the front which looks great and the carbon fiber colored. Its control panel is responsive and can give you audio feedback when you press it. It is possible for you to control the duration in a span of 10-15 up to 30 minutes or control it manually so that you can concentrate on specific areas that you want. You can also control the compression, pounding and kneading.

07. Real Relax massage chair

Real Relax massage chair

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It comes with a remote control so that you can set manual programs to massage your backrest and foot independently. The back massage rollers do go around the same place instead of up and down. Its rollers do message the neck only. It has a maximum height of 61. Ft with its footrests extended so that taller individuals can use it comfortably. Its weight capacity is 440.9 pounds and can be used as a recliner so that you can take a nap or sleep on it when it is off. It has a voltage of 120V and 60 Hz. It is made of a PU leather which is easy to clean and has two wheels which make it easy to move.

08. INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

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This is a unique massage chair will give enhance your health and reduce stress. Whenever you slip into this chair, you will feel that it has enveloped your entire body in repose and comfort. It can maximize relaxation by covering more body areas than any other chair that you can find in the market. It delivers full body message which has been seen to assist in relieving stress, remove stiffness and tension. When you are using this chair the message will begin with a full body scan so that you can adapt to your individual needs. It has 16 pre-programmed message sessions for deep relaxation options.

09. RELAX CHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

RELAX CHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

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It is another best massage chair for you as it has solid massage rollers and reduced airbag pressure for the calf and arm. It has three manual specific targeted messages (combo, tapping, and kneading), four automatic massage programs, three message speed control and three levels of airbag intensity control. It has zero gravity as you can elevate your feet thus reducing the strain of gravity. It is designed using a high quality synthetic leather which is very light this easy to move it. It has an inbuilt sensor which measures automatically the length of your spine and knows the part of the body to message. Has two heating pads on the lower back which makes massage easier.

10. Osaki OS4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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You should go for this kind of chair as it can automatically detect a curve on the body and adjust it thus bringing a scientific and humanistic message enjoyment. It is designed with 6 special automatic programs(demo, circulation, smart, therapy, relax and healthcare). You can enhance an automatic message for the upper body and low body. You can also do a manual message on the upper body with 3 options that is fixed, partial and full body. It also has six message styles( combo, Swedish shiatsu, clapping, kneading and rolling. It has three types of width and adjustable settings. Has an auto timer of 5 up to 30 options.

Consideration when buying


when you are buying the massage chair you should buy the one that can make you strain your budget. Buy a chair that you can afford but can give the kind of message that you need.


Buying a massage chair which you can adjust for the different users can be a challenge. That is why you should buy a chair that you can easily adjust according to the body size of the person sitting on it.

Comfort and durability

When you are buying the massage chair you should look at the kind of comfort that it offers and how long can it last so that you avoid buying one that cannot last for a long period. Choose that can enable the weight of the person sitting on it to be evenly distributed.


Massage Chair Cushionsoffers the best benefit of quick recovery to the body along with the reduction in pain and anxiety. The massage works on physical and physiological conditions of the figure. The posture of human frame divides their functioning such as lower part of feet holds the overall body weight, back part get the stress in both sitting or standing conditions, the upper shoulder or neck region in a similar way performs their functions.

Every joint has its specific activity in simple routine functions even in sitting or walking. Technology offers such kind of solution after the complete analysis of the human body and as per the demand of every joint.

Massage chair offers complete control on user’s hand; the person can quickly change the intensity, type, and location. The advancement in technology also show its effect and offers improved version along with the audio player facility.

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