Top 10 Best Long Range Camera Drones In 2019

Thanks to technology, nowadays you can take pictures remotely from any location with the help of drones. Gone are the days when you actually had to be near the object that you want to take a photograph of. Today, you can simply purchase a drone and take pictures with it from a distance. To make matters even better, long-range camera drones have made things simpler. With a long range camera drone, you can take photographs with your drone from a higher altitude. You can also take aerial photographs, dangerous wildlife and a lot more with much ease. But, how do you find the best long range camera drone with the many that exist on the market? Here are the top 10 best long range camera drones in 2019 and a guide to help you out.

Table of the Best Long Range Camera Drones

# Preview Product Price
Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 with Camera Live Video 1080P HD and GPS Return Home Quadcopter with Adjustable Wide-Angle WIFI Camera Follow Me, Altitude Hold, Intelligent Battery Long Control Range
Brushless Drone with Camera for Adults - Force 1 Drone F100 Ghost Drone Compatible GoPro Camera Drones with HD 1080p Drone Camera and Extra Long Range Drone Battery
$119.99$149.99 (20% off)
DROCON Bugs 3 Powerful Brushless Motor Quadcopter Drone for Adults and Hobbyilists, High Speed Flying Gopro Drone, Suport Gopro HD Camera 4K Camera, 18Min Flying Time  300 Meters Long Control Range
$79.99$129.99 (38% off)
RCtown Brushless Drone Support Gopro Action Cameras, RC Quadcopter MJX Bugs 3 Drone for Experienced, 18 Minutes Flying Time, 300 Meters Long Control Range (Black)
LOHOME B2SE RC Drone MJX Bugs Quadcopter - 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro 1080P HD 5G WiFi Camera FPV Remote Control Drone with GPS, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Follow Me, Return Home, 2 Batteries, 1 Backpack
Altair 818 Hornet Beginner Drone with Camera, Live Video Drone for Kids & Adults w FPV, 15 Min Flight Time, Altitude Hold, Personal Hobby Starter RC Quadcopter for All Ages & Levels, Indoors & Out.
Potensic T25 GPS Drone, FPV RC Drone with Camera 1080P HD WiFi Live Video, Dual GPS Return Home, Quadcopter with Adjustable Wide-Angle Camera- Follow Me, Altitude Hold, Long Control Range, White
$159.99$219.99 (27% off)
DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter Drone Combo Pack with 4K Camera and Wi-Fi + Extra Battery Bundle
FPV Drone with 1080p HD Camera Live Video and GPS Return Home Function S70W RC Drone for Beginners Kids Adults with Follow Me Mode, Altitude Hold, Intelligent Battery Long Control Range
Teeggi Accessories 4pcs Landing Gear for MJX B2C B2W Bugs 2 Bushless (B2W)

01. The Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS 100

The Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS 100

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This fantastic drone boasts of some of the latest features in the drone industry. It has a follow me mode whereby it will follow you wherever you go as it automatically captures your every movement. It gives you the best hands-free selfies. It has a flying time of more than 15 minutes because the battery capacity is 2500mAh. It’s great for beginners because it has a one-key takeoff/landing command. It captures high quality videos.

02. The Force GoPro HD Camera Drone –F100 Ghost Ultimate

The Force GoPro HD Camera Drone –F100 Ghost Ultimate

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It includes a detachable 1080p camera drone that will allow you to capture the best moments of your life. It comes with two batteries, you will therefore have adequate flight time. It’s a sophisticated camera drone that features high speeds and shells. It allows you to maintain total control at 500m. It’s an excellent long-range camera drone.

03. The DROCON Blue Bugs Brushless Drone

The DROCON Blue Bugs Brushless Drone

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You will fall in love with the design of this long-range camera drone. Are you thinking of getting your boyfriend a gift anytime soon? Then look no further. It entails powerful motors that are made of metal and don’t overheat. The high capacity battery will provide you with sufficient flight time. The 2.4G frequency allows the user to control it from long ranges. Flying it isn’t only easy but fast, thanks to the 6 axis gyro tech. You can either assemble the GoPro camera or use another camera of your choice.

04. RC Town Brushless Drone Support GoPro Action Cameras

RC Town Brushless Drone Support GoPro Action Cameras

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The advanced brushless motor drone will allow you to fly faster and higher. The bugs 3 drone is capable of flying at a very fast speed in a very few seconds. With this drone, you will be able to fly more than 300 to 500 meters while still maintaining total control. The built-in camera can seamlessly capture HD videos and photographs.

05. The LOHOME MJX B2W Bugs 2 W RC Quadcopter

The LOHOME MJX B2W Bugs 2 W RC Quadcopter

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The LOHOME drone has a powerful 1080p camera and a powerful air pressure hold function that ensures stability when shooting. It also features accurate positioning details of your drone. It also returns home in case the battery begins running low. It also supports smartphone and tablet customize route. There are also 4 LED lights for easy visibility.

06. The Altair Aerial 818 Hornet Beginner FPV Camera Drone RC Quadcopter

The Altair Aerial 818 Hornet Beginner FPV Camera Drone RC Quadcopter

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It has a wide-angle 2MP camera and a 15 minute flight time. Made and designed for beginners, it’s easy to fly and has a 1 button take-off and landing command. It can also be operated indoors. The Altair 818 drone features durable construction and stable flight.

07. The Potensic T25GPS FPV RC Drone

The Potensic T25GPS FPV RC Drone

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It has advanced GPS assisted that will ensure you always know where your drone is at all times. The smart return to home command is just a button away. You can link it with the GPS in your phone and have it follow you everywhere. The 1080p Wi-Fi camera will help you take the best photos.

08. The DJU Mavic Pro

The DJU Mavic Pro

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The DJI series has made a significant impact in the world of quad copters. This particular one has a 4K camera that allows you to take as many quality pictures as possible. You can fold it and carry it wherever you are going. It can fly up to 7 km from you, making it one of the best long-range camera drones out there. The flight time is more than 25 minutes.



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It has an optimized 1080p wide-angle camera that features real-time flight video. There’s also the GPS assist function that allows you to keep track of your drone. It also has other flight functions such as speed adjustment, altitude hold, and headless mode amongst other. It has a 2500mAh battery.

10. The Teeggi MJX B2W Bugs 2W Quadcopter Drone

The Teeggi MJX B2W Bugs 2W Quadcopter Drone

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The Teeggi has two drones that allow you to interchange them and more flight time. It boasts of a 5G Wi-Fi transmission helping you control your drone with ease. You can also take photographs with the 1080p HD camera. The 4 powerful brushes allow you to fly your drone with speed at high altitudes.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Long Range Camera Drone

Are you looking for the best long-range camera drone in the market, below are the major factors that you should consider.

The Maximum Drone Distance

The fact that you need to consider is the maximum drone distance. You should buy one that has an ideal range, for instance, 7km is sufficient distance. The distance depends on the long-range drone’s transmitter. Other factors that determine the maximum distance is the design of the drone. It should be streamlined and able to withstand the atmospheric conditions.

The Flight Time

How long your drone will fly highly depends on the battery. A quality battery should allow you to fly your plane for at least 20 minutes. The longer the battery life, the more the flight time. Also, consider a drone with fast charging tech and battery.


The camera must be fantastic. Compare the pixels of the camera. A good long range camera drone should have 4k video resolution and a three-axis gimbal stabilization.

Easy Navigation

Be on the lookout for navigation features such as GPS when buying a drone. You can also consider drones that have an automatic return to home feature when it loses signal for a long while or when the battery is about to die.

Replacement Parts

A long-range drone is a good investment. However, you should buy one which its replacement parts are easily available. A drone whose parts aren’t easily accessible will mean that when it crashes all you can do is forget about it.


The above are the ten best long-range drones in 2019. Grab one or even two. These long-range drones allow you to take the best shots irrespective of your location. When choosing one, make sure that you also check the guide provided above. It will help you make an informed decision. Long range drones also make an excellent gift.

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