Top 10 Best Lightweight Travel Beach Chairs in 2019

Nowadays beach chairs are lightweight making it easy to move around with at the beach as well as the poolside. The most important thing is having your beach chair while going to the ocean for a long beach day. Always look for the anti-rusting coating while buying a beach chair for durability.Furthermore, beach chairs come with various colors to choose from; it also has several features such as pockets for storing your stuff. Some beach chairs can recline in multiple positions while others have ultraviolet and ultraviolet B resistant materials. Beach chairs are made from various materials always consider those with ant-rusting property for extra durability.Best Beach Chairs 2019.

Table of the Best Lightweight Travel Beach Chairs:

# Preview Product Price
Ultra Lightweight Backpacking & Camping Chair - Weighs 2lbs - Easily Portable, Fold & Compact for On The Go Travel - with Bonus Carry Bag and Base Attachment for Extra Strength & Support - Max 250lbs
$49.00$59.00 (17% off)
MARCHWAY Ultralight Folding Camping Chair, Portable Compact for Outdoor Camp, Travel, Beach, Picnic, Festival, Hiking, Lightweight Backpacking (Orange)
One Savvy Girl Ultralight Backpack Cooler Chair - Compact Lightweight and Portable Folding Stool - Perfect for Outdoor Events, Travel, Hiking, Camping, Tailgating, Beach, Parades & More
FBSPORT Lightweight Folding Camping Backpack Chair, Compact & Heavy Duty Portable Chairs for Hiking Picnic Beach Camp Backpacking Outdoor Festivals (Lounge Chair -Teal)
BubbyBear Small Folding Chair,Portable Lightweight Waterproof 600D Oxford Outdoor Folding Chair for Camping Fishing Travel Hiking picnic Beach Quickly Fold Chair Stool
High Seat Beach Folding Chair Lightweight Alumium Frame Recline with Cup Holder and Storage Pouch for Outdoor Camping Hiking
$99.99$130.00 (23% off)
Cascade Mountain Tech Camping Chair Lightweight, Compact and Durable Low Profile Outdoor Chair
MARCHWAY Lightweight Folding High Back Camping Chair with Headrest, Portable Compact for Outdoor Camp, Travel, Picnic, Festival, Hiking, Backpacking (Light Blue)
Folding Camping Chair, Portable Carry Bag for Storage and Travel, Best Durable Outdoor Quad Beach Chairs, Comfortable Arms, Space Saving, Lightweight Great for Transport

01. Lightweight Chair for Beach

Lightweight Chair for Beach
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This chair is a perfect choice when it comes to camping, hiking traveling or even going to the beach since it is light and easy to move around. It has a mass of 2.1 pounds making it one of the lightest chairs in the market. Furthermore, it features a bag for carrying your stuff and can easily fit in your backpack. This chair is capable of standing on any surface since it has 4 point base cover and offers extreme comfort. A lower back support as well as it stands high from the ground with a deeper seat that can be easily folded to offer comfort at any time. Setting up this chair is easy since it has aluminum poles that can connect directly as well as they are light and are resistant to rust. It features UV resistant material with a capacity of 250Lbs making this chair durable.

02. Marchway Lightweight Beach Chair

Marchway Lightweight Beach Chair
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Marchway chair is very light with a mass of 2 pounds and measures 14.20’’ by 5.20’’ when fold. Setting up this seat is simple since it consists of aluminum poles that can join easily making it resistant to rust as well. This chair provides extreme comfortability since it features an ergonomic seat design with a breathable fabric. Furthermore, it has a capacity of 250 pounds as a result of durable aluminum alloy, ripstop nylon seat and aircraft grade corrosion. It is also great for outdoor activities such as camping, road trips as well as going to the beach.

03. Savvy Girl Lightweight Beach Chair

Savvy Girl Lightweight Beach Chair
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Savvy girl chair features a three in one design making it very light and can easily fit in a backpack with a cooler for your drinks. During an adventure, you will always have a cold drink with you and a small folding chair. Furthermore, the bag has lots of pockets offering ample storage space for your stuff during a campfire or road trip. A high-quality Oxford fabric and a water-resistant material are used in the making of this chair making it durable. Savvy girl chair offers the best comfort, and it is portable making it great for outdoor activities.

04. FBSPORT Lightweight Beach Chair

FBSPORT Lightweight Beach Chair
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Folding this chair is easy with an aluminum alloy frame for support with a capacity of about 242 pounds. It is durable since it features 600D fabric with water-resistant material making it light and portable. FBsport chair weighs about 2.2 pounds. Moreover, a storage bag and a carrying bag is available for carrying stuff that you may require during an outdoor activity.

05. Bubbybear Lightweight Chair

Bubbybear Lightweight Chair
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Being one of the lightest chairs in the market, Bubbybear weighs about 1.5 pounds and measures 12.6’’ by 4.7’’ when fold. Folding this chair is easy, and it comes with a storage bag for carrying the chair since it folds flat when unfolded. Additionally, it features 600D Oxford fabric with a gasket on the leg for stability and has a capacity of holding up to 220 pounds. It is perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking going to the beach and picnics.

06. 690Grand Lightweight Chair

690Grand Lightweight Chair
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Having a comfortable chair at the beach is important; the 690grand chair is set to offer the best comfort irrespective of your size. The 690Grand chair can withstand up to 250 pounds with a high back and a wider seating area. Furthermore, this chair is light with a weight of 8 pounds and is portable as well. It features an aluminum frame that offers durability and anti-rust material. It has three different seating positions for extreme comfort. From the ground, the seat measures 18’’ high and an overall height of 41’’.

07. Cascade Mountain Folding Beach Chair

Cascade Mountain Folding Beach Chair
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It is a low profile lightweight folding chair for both camping and going to the beach. Comfortable armrest and a breathable net are available for perfect comfortability. Cascade mountain chair measures 21 inches high by 20 inches wide and seats 9 inches from the ground level. Furthermore, it features an aluminum frame with the capability of holding up to 250 pounds. It also features a storage bag with shoulder straps for carrying your stuff during camping or hiking.

08. Marchway Folding Beach Chair

Marchway Folding Beach Chair
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It features a comfortable backrest for full relaxation with spongy head support during outdoor activities like road trips and fishing. It features aluminum poles for an anti-rusting property. 3.7 pounds is the weight of this chair and measures 17’’ by 6.5’’ by 5.5’’ when it folds. A backpack is available for carrying your stuff around. Additionally, it features an aluminum pole that is foldable making it easy to folds and unfold without wasting time. Using 1000D polyester fabric and aluminum alloy in the making of this chair increases durability and load capacity of up to 250 pounds.

09. Ultra Lightweight Beach Chair

Ultra Lightweight Beach Chair
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his chair is stable at any surface due to the presence of 4 point base cover, and it offers the best comfort at any time. It has lower back support, deep seat, breathable net at the center and raises high from the ground for extreme comfort. Additionally, it weighs 2.1 pounds, and it features a bag for carrying your things around and can fit in a backpack. Setting up this chair is easy since it features aluminum poles that are easy to join. For the great capacity of up to 250 pounds, this chair features an aircraft aluminum alloy and ultraviolet resistant material for extra durability.

10. Folding Beach Chair

Folding Beach Chair
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This chair is designed to offer the best travel solution; it features a shoulder strap bag for easy carrying of the chair. It is portable and features waterproof material. Additionally, this chair weighs 5 pounds and is capable of holding up to 200 pounds. It is the perfect chair for going camping as well as to the beach


At times choosing a beach chair can be overwhelming since there are various designs to choose. There are numerous features you need to consider before purchasing any beach chair one of it being anti-rusting material. Aluminum is an excellent anti-rusting material and is light as well making it easy it move around with. The capacity of the chair is also vital to always check the instruction for the weight limit. Comfortability is the main thing we look for in a chair; still, consider buying a chair that will fulfill your needs. You also need to find the amount you need to spend on buying a beach chair before purchasing any.

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