Top 10 Best Leather Messenger Bags in 2019

For men and women who need something that can be used as a store for their things, having a leather messenger bag would be ideal. Leather messenger bags have recently seen a rebirth among men. Due to the popularity of the messenger bag type of leather bags, messenger bags are made that are not only elegant but also have a variety of purposes. They have an unlimited number of designs and can be easily incorporated into any clothing that a person wearing a leather bag can use. The bag of correspondents who are not backpack and bag is more comfortable for men and women because of its design. It can also be said that the amount of items that can be packaged in a leather messenger bag is uncountable. It is undeniable the multi-purpose leather messenger bag especially. Not only can it be used to store pens, documents, and money, but it can also keep a laptop, something that a person who is always connected to the Internet cannot live without in the current world.

Table of the Best Leather Messenger Bags:

01. Kenneth Cole Colombian Leather Messenger Bag

Kenneth Cole Colombian Leather Messenger Bag
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Kenneth Cole is known for his exquisite products made of durable leather and precious materials that can last for years. For example, this product is a compact double bag that can perfectly fit your 15.4-inch laptop and other devices. It is made of genuine and imported leather, this exquisite bag for men and women. It contains a shoulder drop of 20 inches and a bag size of 15.5 inches and 12.5 inches. The interior has a durable lining, while the exterior is made of premium cowhide. Just be sure to wash the bag by hand to keep it clean and well maintained.

02. Handmade_world Leather Messenger Bags

Handmade_world Leather Messenger Bags
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Handmade_world Leather Messenger Bag is a leather messenger bag. You can see this bag as a small bag. However, you can put many articles there. For example, you can put your laptop or iPad. These things fit inside. Also, there are exterior pockets made for small items like money or phone. Men and women can use the bag, and it is made of goatskin.

03. Viosi Mens RFID Leather Messenger Bag

Viosi Mens RFID Leather Messenger Bag
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The Viosi Mens RFID Leather Messenger bag is suitable for students and workers who need to use a laptop. It has a brown color and large dimensions. On the other hand, it has a standard design without additional pockets outside. It has three interior compartments and two zippered pockets. It has an adjustable shoulder strap to cross the body. So you can adjust the length of the tape to fit your width.

04. Komal’s Passion Leather KPL 18 Inch Rustic Messenger Bag

Komal's Passion Leather KPL 18 Inch Rustic Messenger Bag
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KPLAL’s Passion Leather 18’’ inch is made of high-quality goatskin and has a durable canvas lining to withstand early wear. Many compartments are inside the bag, which should be the perfect size for your portable devices, documents, and other personal items. KPL 18 Inches Risky Messenger This impressive look is attractive, and you can be sure that it will adapt to your fashion sense. Also, the shoulder strap can be adjustable and is sturdy to handle the heavy load placed inside the bag.

05. Estalon Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

Estalon Leather Laptop Messenger Bag
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The Eslon bag is designed from handmade leather handbags made of classic handmade leather, which is of high quality and durability. With 15.6-inch rendering capability, it can carry laptops, books, and other properties. This model has an adjustable shoulder strap and several compartments with a large pocket. With an open front pocket, it can contain two small slots for pens and an inner side pocket. The multipurpose bag can fulfill the functions of the bag for laptop, body bag, bag or even bag.

06. NEWHEY Mens Messenger Bag

NEWHEY Mens Messenger Bag
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The Mens Newhey luxury leather messenger bags with waxed waterproof fabric ensure long-term use. Cowskin comes with the appearance of wrinkles and scratches. Hand series are rotating the original natural beauty in each messenger bag. The laptop bag is a decently large size fits 15.6”MacBook Pro. In the main compartment, Newhey men’s messenger bag is the outside zipper closure. The interior of the bag consists of different breaks. With this, you can slot 15”loft size easily accommodates inside and the small compartment between the internal compartments to help all separated. It has a one inside pocket zippers like wallets and identity documents.

07. Samsonite Colombian Messenger Bag

Samsonite Colombian Messenger Bag
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It is interesting that the bag will allow you to wash by hand. It is available 12 inches high and 16.5 inches wide. So it can contain the segment sizes of up to 15.6 inches. This bag is made of cowhide and brown. It can be worn in two ways. Carry through the handle and the strap. The tape can be detachable and lined up, so you do not get a bulge.

08. Komal’s Passion PL 18 Inch Leather Messenger Bag

Komal's Passion PL 18 Inch Leather Messenger Bag
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Messenger has been made brown leather bag Kumalz 18-inch buffalo leather. Together with the best leather, it has a high quality of long-term use of the lined canvas. It has a medium sized bag that allows access to a 15-inch laptop. Also, there is an external rear zipper. You can store important things there so that they are easily accessible. It also contains the holder as if the bag.

09. Handmade_World for men and women leather messenger bag

Handmade_World for men and women leather messenger bag
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It is made of genuine leather for men and women by handmade of goatskin with a high-quality brown or magnetic enclosure and buckle. There is a pocket inside the interior of a larger computer for your laptop or other electronic devices. What’s more, there are two zippered pockets where you can slide on your pen and your many small items.

10. Wowbox 17.3 Inch Men’s Messenger Bag

Wowbox 17.3 Inch Men's Messenger Bag
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The men’s messenger bag is Wowbox 17.3 inches canvas vintage genuine leather messenger bag. It is gorgeous because of its unique design. It has magnetic locking pins. There is ample space where you can put your laptops, books and much more. Also, it contains an adjustable strap so you can extend its length. The bag made initially of cowhide and fabric cloth. Some additional pockets have a zipper closure, while some of them are open

Purchase guide for the 10 leather messenger bags

Although there are now a lot of leather messenger bags on the market, the selection of beautiful leather messenger bags can have tension on the nerves for some people who do not choose it, or who do not know what to look for regarding the bag.


For today’s worker, choosing a high capacity bag does not require thinking. It can be said that cool leather messenger bags are everywhere, such as netbooks and mobile phones today, because most people use their bags as a store for things they need for both school and work. The primary function of leather bags has always been to keep essential books and documents. With technology in constant evolution, the messenger bag has become an option among more and more men and women who need to go, and as such, they always do their job with them.

The color of the bag

The bag and matching shoes are the essence of fashion and if you look around you will see that the messenger bag is the truth. Everyone in style matches your bag and shoes; you should do it. I’m not saying you need to get the same color as your shoes, but they must match. The messenger bag is more honest with leather messenger bags and leather shoes. A good game will put your eyes while a bad game will make you laugh.


The design of the messenger bag is also essential since the plan will reduce many people, especially those interested in fashion, as well as those who do not want to be lame with their bags. For many people, the bag is probably the essential type of container they will carry. A leather masking bag will last longer than other messenger bags made of artificial materials. Leather courier bags are not only great but also very practical.

Purpose of the bag

If you want to replace your office bag and plan to use it just for work, it would be better to have a professional bag. Many people buy a bag that is not professional enough and only takes it to work and put it in a closet or under the table. You should not do that; you should trust the leather case of your messenger bag and make yourself look more professional, not less.


The messenger bags have proved to be at all times. The messenger bag has become a convenient, comfortable and elegant alternative that satisfies the natural needs of all kinds of people. These come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs that simplify and work with professionals.

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