Top 10 Best Inflatable Sofa in 2019

There are many advantages of an inflatable sofa over a traditional sofa. Here are some to consider. You have a small house or a small apartment and must accommodate a guest at night. The inflatable sofa is an extra cheap sofa that you can place anywhere in your home. They inflate in a brief time, very comfortable to sleep a good night, and in the morning, they shrink and store. The sofas also have a line of all inflatable sofas for camping grounds as well. You can not camp on a traditional couch, but you can easily carry an inflatable sofa. Another advantage if an inflatable sofa is a cost. For owners of new apartments or houses, it is an excellent alternative to use instead of the expensive and expensive traditional sofa. You can inflate in a variety of styles and colours to coordinate with your decor. You can fill your entire apartment or house with an inflatable sofa to cover the cost of a traditional sofa.

Table of the Best Inflatable Sofa:

01. Intex Pull-out Inflatable Sofa

Intex Pull-out Inflatable Sofa
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The Intex Coin Sofa has a 2-in-1 retractable design that can comfortably seat two people and become a queen-size bed when towed. The bed can fit comfortably with two people and is built with sturdy material to ensure durability. Being strong and robust does not mean that it is uncomfortable since the sofa feels comfortable and quiet when touched. Above all, the inflatable sofa by Intex provides a solution to the requirements of the sofa and bed at reasonable and convenient prices. Finally, it is easy to shrink and inflate.

02. Intex Corner Inflatable Sofa

Intex Corner Inflatable Sofa
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These are wide and long inflatable sofas with three sofas of different shapes. It has a well-padded armrest and a backrest. As a result, users feel comfortable at all. This 80-foot, 101 by 30-inch chair makes it easy to inflate and win. This folding chair is elegant and practical. The vinyl floor is ideal for different surfaces according to your preference. Its towering design size is 880 lbs. This 2 in 1 chair has wide openings that make it easy to use.

03. WEKAPO Inflatable Air Sofa

WEKAPO Inflatable Air Sofa
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The WEKAPO inflatable sofa is another king in the market. It has a waterproof leak proof design. You can float on the pool couch without questioning its support. Also, you can relax on your couch by the lake, the beach, the patio, the camping, and the music festivals. The ultra-soft headrest provides head and neck with all the support you need. The sofa incorporates anti-shrink technology. Amplify them in seconds and have a quiet rest. The sofa comes with a fee that allows it to stay in place even when it is a storm.

04. Intex 2-In-1 Pull-Out Inflatable Sofa

Intex 2-In-1 Pull-Out Inflatable Sofa
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The inflatable sofas 2 in 1 are manufactured in an intelligent and transferable way according to the use at that moment. They are wide and long to guarantee the total safety and comfort of the user. This sofa is economical because it has the capacity for two people, unlike other air chairs. This sofa has a retractable design that is easy to use. However, it is elegant and modern. It has wide openings and reduces the inflation valves. The full seat, the comfortable armrest, and the backrest guarantee the comfort of the user. The maximum capacity is 2, and it has a cup holder in every armrest.

05. JSVER Lounger Inflatable Air Sofa

JSVER Lounger Inflatable Air Sofa
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The Inflatable JSVER Air Sofa can be inflated in windy conditions. If it is a stormy day, merely open the entrance of the sofa in the wind to fill it. Never run with the lounger by hand. Use a fan to fill them if the wind is weak or if you are at home. When the sofa is inflatable, it will remain inflated for about 24 hours. The support on the back and the comfortable and carefully designed headrest provide a superior comfort experience. It is suitable for many activities! It is good for camping, swimming in the pool, having fun in the patio and much more.

06. Intex Corner Sectional Inflatable Sofa

Intex Corner Sectional Inflatable Sofa
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The Intex corner sofa is designed with beautiful aesthetic quality to fit any interior design you have at home. In addition to the excellent form and comfort, the sofa can also comfortably accommodate three people and weighs up to 880 pounds, which is excellent for a large sofa. It also comes with two cup holders, which makes it fantastic as well as any room in your home or camping. The neutral inflatable sofa adapts perfectly to the decoration of any house and is optimized for a sophisticated appeal. The minimalist and tight top and bottom vinyl surface of this sofa offer an incredibly comfortable surface for any occasion. The fact that the couch is water resistant makes it suitable for any indoor or outdoor environment.

07. CMAXER Multifunctional Inflatable Sofa

CMAXER Multifunctional Inflatable Sofa
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This inflatable sofa supports up to 300 pounds and can be used to further explore the position of sexual love, sleeping, relaxing, reading, doing yoga or traveling. Pumped with conventional electric pump, please contact us if you want pump. The sex bed supports a variety of angles and positions and helps facilitate entry, making the penis feel bigger and penetrate deeper. The corporal forms offer more profound advances, greater inaccessibility, and surprising new sensations. They are a great “booster” for oral sex too! Convenient and non-slip, the magic pad provides the shape of the body to support the chest, back, hips and more. The valve on the air valve allows you to inflate or shrink easily. The blowing process lasts only about two minutes since the double blow outputs act to prevent air leaks. Fold the sexual couch after the passion, easy to store, easy to carry everywhere to enjoy the fun.

08. Inflatable Couch Blow Up Air Sectional Sofa

Inflatable Couch Blow Up Air Sectional Sofa
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The inflatable sofa couch comes with an impressive design that can support more than 500 pounds and can accommodate two people comfortably. The company is designed with very durable PVC material, which guarantees that the chances of the inflatable sofa being blown on the couch without air are almost nil. They are easy to transport, and the durability of the materials allows users to carry them in different environments.

09. Prodigen Lounger Inflatable Sofa

Prodigen Lounger Inflatable Sofa
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The Prodigen inflatable armchair with armrests offers everything you need for a comfortable outdoor camp. The Prodigen Lounger inflatable sofa is inflatable and portable. You can get them anywhere. Enjoy a quiet rest on the beach, garden, courtyards or music festivals, or even enjoy a refreshing moment while having a few drinks. Amplifying your sofa is effortless. That does not mean that the air is empty soon! Once the couch shrinks, the air will be preserved for the next 24 hours. It has an inflatable sofa in a double layer design. It has an inflatable sofa in double layer design. Therefore, add extra comfort and good longevity. You can make sure there are no bursts or leaks at any time.

10. Zinus Mid-Century Living Room Sofa

Zinus Mid-Century Living Room Sofa
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The sofa in the mid-century Zinus living room is easily assembled with friends and requires no tools in less than 20 minutes. Fabrics were chosen without stress, which made Zinus, a living room with a mid-century sofa, durable and easy to clean. It is 76.4 inches long with cushions on the buttons. The naturally sturdy wooden frame is wrapped in a comfortable cushion and resistant to foam. Smart Zinus is sent on a sofa in the mid-century living room. All parts of the sofa assembly are located in the closed apartment situated below the main section.

The benefits of buying the top 10 best inflatable sofas in 2019

If you are thinking about buying inflatable sofas, we suggest you read the advantages of these first. That will help you determine whether to spend the money you earned with your effort in this purchase or go to the traditional option.


Inflatable portable objects as its name suggest. All you have to do is leave the air and then keep it anywhere after folding it. Also, you can take these things with you where you do not weigh too much. The beauty of this is that you can move the fully inflatable sofa in your bag. Is not it amazing? Also, your children can walk the couches from one room to another without any problem.
Low maintenance

You do not need to make too much effort to keep your rubber sofas and other items. It is not necessary to polish or wax or spray on a regular basis. Therefore, you can also save a lot of money on maintenance.


It comes with multifunctional inflatable objects. For example, you can put these things into different forms and use them for different purposes. For instance, according to your needs, you can turn a sofa into a bed in an instant. Therefore, you can see that these products offer a range of functions.


Compared with the standard type, the inflatable sofa is much cheaper. The price of these products is less than that of traditional products. For example, if you are interested in sofas, you can get two at a low price. So if you need a Jazzy husband, you will not have to spend much. Even a large family will not cost you more. Therefore, if you are using a budget, you may want to consider this option.


The inflatable sofa is very fun because these sofas are inflatable and colourful sofas. Your children will love it. Then, it’s another excellent feature. A long story short, if you have a limited budget, we suggest you try an inflatable sofa for a new home.


Parents, if instead of buying a heavy couch when sending your child to college, consider an inflatable sofa, ideal for rooms or apartments because of its size, portability and easy storage to travel from home to college. When they need more space in their bedroom or apartment, they can shrink and store themselves. At times when classmates get off, they can use a sofa to provide space for their friends to sit.

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