Top 10 Best Indoor Spinning Bikes In 2018

A stationary bike is a great workout alternative for those who cannot ride bikes outside. It is an equipment that all gyms must have as it contributes a lot to the overall fitness of gym enthusiasts. Indoor bikes are made in a way that mimics the position you will be in when riding a regular bike. However, finding the right spinning bike can be somehow overwhelming especially if you are a newbie. But since you need to settle for the best spin bike, how about you start with a guide?

Table of the Best Indoor Spinning Bikes

01. Ancheer


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This is an exercise bike for home gyms that features an adjustable soft seat that can be moved to achieve comfort and an adjustable base fit for any ground. With a flywheel that weighs 49 lbs, you are sure to have a smooth workout. Plus, the pedals can also be adjusted to keep your feet in a comfortable position.

02. Merax Deluxe

Merax Deluxe

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Merax Deluxe indoor cycling bicycle comes with an adjustable saddle to accommodate different riders. It also features transportation wheels that allow easy moving from place to place. So that you stay hydrated, this model has a water bottle holder where you can keep your drink for easy accessibility. You are also able to decrease or increase the resistance using the tension knob.

03. Ying R Jian

Ying R Jian

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This model features durable pedals that are made from aluminum alloy. It also features holders where you can place your water bottle as well as your phone or tablet. Regarding riders, the bike is recommended for riders up to 260 lbs. The round style resistance knob allows adjustments and protects the internal components from sweat damages.

04. Trbitty


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With a heart rate sensor to monitor your frequency and adjustable leather padded seats to ensure that you are comfortable, this bike will have a significant impact on your intense workout results. The 40 lbs flywheel provides stability and also has transportation wheels that allow you to move the bike from room to room with ease.

05. L Now

L Now

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The L Now is another excellent spin bike. It features handlebars that offer stability and comfort while working out. The horizontal adjustments make it suitable for it to be placed on any environment and it can instantly stop when you press the adjustor. Also, it features belt-driven mechanisms to ensure smooth and quiet workouts.

06. Merax


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If you want to experience a fantastic cardio workout, then this is the best spinning bike for you. Merax allows you to increase or decrease the resistance using the adjustable tension knob. The 22-pound flywheel allows a smooth ride. It comes with a fully adjustable saddle for comfort.

07. Sunny Health $ Fitness SF-901

Sunny Health $ Fitness SF-901

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08. Sunny Health $ Fitness SF-B1203

Sunny Health $ Fitness SF-B1203

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09. Schwinn IC2 Bike

Schwinn IC2 Bike

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10. Xspec Upright- Blue

Xspec Upright- Blue

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It features a low noise belt drive and magnetic tension control for resistance. It has a compact folding design and ergonomic handlebars with hand pulse monitor. Pedals are equipped with an adjustable cage foot straps for safety.

Factors to Consider when Buying Spin Bikes

There is a difference between spin bikes and regular bikes and hence when purchasing a spine bike there are key specs that you should look at. Many spine bikes may look alike but there are other unique features in some spin bikes that gives them the ability to deliver rewarding results. Here are some essential features to consider.

Flywheel Weight

This is the part inside the bike that rotates. It prevents you from coasting and is attached to the pedals using a belt or a chain. The flywheel spins during pedaling and it needs to be of a substantial weight to give the sensation of momentum. A heavier flywheel will provide a smooth ride compared to a lighter one. Ensure that the flywheel’s weight ranges between 15-20 kgs. Also check to see if the bike comes with freewheel mechanism, if it doesn’t it means that it will operate as a fixed gear bike to give you a better cardio workout, but the ride will not be smooth.

Adjustment Options

It is advisable that you purchase a bike that can be adjusted especially if it’s for a gym where different people pop in to train. In most bikes, the handlebars and seat can be adjusted to the user’s comfortable position. Apart from comfort, bikes that have adjustable options help in preventing avoidable injuries.


There are two types of resistance that spin bikes have: the friction resistance and magnetic resistance. Resistance is an essential spec as most of the intensity in spin bikes comes from it. A higher resistance results in an intense workout.

Weight Capacity and Stability

Be sure to check how much weight the spin bikes can accommodate. To avoid injuries, buy a spin bike that can accommodate your weight. Also, spin workouts involve up and down, side by side movement, if your spin bike is not stable you can end up injuring yourself and also the exercise won’t be very productive.


Everything narrows down to price. And since everybody loves to save ensure that you have a budget. Find a spin bike with excellent features and the one that fits into your budget. Otherwise you may end up spending so much money on a model that you will regret.


Spin bikes are used for intense workouts so always settle for the one that has impressive features. If you are looking for a spin bike, the ones suggested above are some of the best in the market. But consider your priorities that is, what you want to achieve at the end of workout to avoid buying something basic or complicated. Also, read reviews from other customers who have purchased the bike.

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