Top 10 Best Heated Hunting Jackets in 2019

Apart from having a good rifle or bow, you need good skills for you to have a successful hunt. Other than these two, you also need the perfect camouflage with your environment. This prevents prey from easily knowing your location. When hunting during cold weather, you need to stay warm. When you are warm, you feel comfortable and stay focused. Fewer distractions increase the chances of you having a successful hunting expedition. There is no better way to heat up during cold conditions than using a heated jacket. There are many manufacturers of these products on the market. An influx of these products makes it difficult to arrive at the desired choice because some buyers get confused on one that suits them best. This article reviews some of the best that you can find.

Table of the Best Heated Hunting Jacket:

01. Legendary Whitetails HuntGuard Reflextec Camo Jacket

Legendary Whitetails HuntGuard Reflextec Camo Jacket
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Currently the Legendary Whitetails HuntGuard Reflextec Camo Jacket is among the best-heated hunting jackets that you can find on the market. It features an outer shell that is made of polyester, a polyurethane lining while the inner lining is made from nylon and an insulation polyester that will prevent heat loss. You can use this wonderful coat even when hunting in wet environments because it is water resistant. It also comes with a hood that will make you better camouflaged.

02. Ororo’s Men’s Hunting Camo Jacket

Ororo’s Men’s Hunting Camo Jacket
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With this jacket in your hunting gear, you will blend perfectly into your surrounding increasing your chances of having a successful hunt. One feature I like about the jacket is that the LED button is placed inside to prevent prey from knowing your position. A soft shell outer fabric and interior guarantees that you stay warmer and feel comfortable wearing the jacket. The jackets three carbon fiber heating elements give precise heat to every part of your body while the battery is built to last up to 8 hours making it perfect for the entire night.

03. Venustas Soft Heated Jacket

Venustas Soft Heated Jacket
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A nylon fabric exterior combined with a polyester lining gives this amazing product its water resistant and lightweight features. Its upgraded design works perfectly to keep you warm throughout your hunt. The lightweight design ensures that it does not become an obstacle especially when you have to chase after prey. The heating elements included in the jacket provides heat to the essential parts of your body and heat quickly in seconds. A 10000mAh battery will give you up to eight hours of heat time while a 20000mAh guarantees up to 16 hours of heat time.

04. Milwaukee Electric Tool Cordless Camo Jacket

Milwaukee Electric Tool Cordless Camo Jacket
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Milwaukee Electric Tool makes heated jackets that cannot be compared to your average hunting jackets. The heating elements of these jackets are powered by an M12 cordless battery that gives long hours of heat to keep you comfortable and focused when in the fields or woods. A water-repellent outer fabric keeps water from entering in, and the interior has a soft lining for extra comfort. These jackets can also be used for other activities other than hunting, e.g., hiking and camping.

05. Dragon Heatwear Sahara Men’s Hunting Jacket

Dragon Heatwear Sahara Men’s Hunting Jacket
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This model of the Dragon Heatwear heated hunting jacket comes in mossy oak break up camo design making it one of the best jacket that will blend you perfectly to the environment. Its battery guaranteed up to 10 hours. This feature makes them perfect especially when you are hunting at night. You can set the amount of heat being generated to either low, medium or high depending on how cold the weather is.

06. New View Hunting Jackets

New View Hunting Jackets
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One of the best hunting jackets that market currently offers. It is made of a polyester material to ensure that it does not tear easily when you are in the outdoors. Its design makes it waterproof and windproof to keep you comfortable. There are extra pockets that can be used to hold smaller items like keys or even rifle bullets. The jacket is a universal product in the sense that it is not only used during hunting but can also be used when you are hiking or camping.

07. ScentLok Men’s Taktix Hunting Jacket

ScentLok Men’s Taktix Hunting Jacket
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For more than 25 years, the brand has put everything that it had into designing this wonderful product. The final design strikes the perfect balance between being a feature-rich product and being action ready. It comes with a Carbon Alloy Technology for maximum odor absorption increasing your chances of having a successful hunt. A NeverWet feature included repels water and any other liquids making your stay comfortable in the field.

08. Huntworth Men’s Camo Hunting Jacket

Huntworth Men’s Camo Hunting Jacket
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Huntworth Men’s Camo Hunting Jacket lasts for longer because it is made from a polyester: A material that is known for its sturdiness. The stretched polyester is bonded to a thick anti-pill fleece that gives the jacket weight of just 350g ensuring that it feels comfortable when chasing after prey. A durable water repellent finish will keep you dry. There are two large sized side and interior pockets for storing smaller items.

09. Superbhunt Hunting Jacket

Superbhunt Hunting Jacket
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Made from 100% polyester and quiet vented fabric, the hunting jacket will be a crucial item for a successful hunt. The exterior surface is DuPont Teflon treated making it water resistant. Its versatile products ensure that you always have extra storage space for carrying various hunting gear. The pockets are zippered to ensure whatever that is inside remains inside. The waist is adjustable and has stoppers for achieving the perfect fit.

10. My Core Heated Jacket

My Core Heated Jacket
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Powered by a 7500mAh battery, My Core heated hunting jacket gives you up to 12 hours of hunting time on a single full charge. On the high setting, the battery can power the jacket for six straight hours. However, I doubt that you will last longer than 2 hours on that setting. The heating elements are made using My Core Control thermal technology to ensure that the product meets the expectations of users.

Choosing the perfect Heated Hunting Jacket.

Before you arrive at your desired jacket choice you will have to look at some features that a good quality one should have. Here are some key ones.

Heat Source.

In most cases, flexible carbon heating elements are embedded in jackets to provide radiant heat when connected to a power source: Preferably a battery. These heating elements give warmth to the critical parts of your body to keep you warm.


A good battery should last for at least 8 hours on a single full charge. 12 hours will do better for extended periods. A 3.7V battery lasts for long because it has been programmed to turn off and on. Batteries with a low voltage work best with USB connectors. Some jackets use cordless battery packs while others need to be powered to an external power source, e.g., 12V batteries. In summary, 12V batteries run as long as they plugged into a power source, 3.7V can last for 10 hours because of their continuous automatic turn on and off feature while the 7.4V can last for 5 hours when set to low and 2-3 hours when set to high.

Jacket material.

Most jackets on the market are constructed from lightweight fabrics. The fabrics used are breathable while still insulating against heat loss. Some consumers have however noted that materials that are best for withstanding wind and water provide less cushion. So you should pick one that balances these three features. An excellent heated jacket should feel cozy in the inside while the exterior should have camo prints. The coziness will keep you comfortable while the camo will blend you perfectly with your surroundings.


Pockets come handy when you want to store personal items, rifle bullets, and batteries. Inside pockets are better for housing your important things while outside pockets provide a convenient place to warm your hands. Interior pockets should be zippered to avoid your items from falling out. Most jackets on the market have heated pockets for keeping your hands warm.


Don’t spend a lot of money on features that you can get in a cheaper product. The more expensive a product is does not always guarantee that it will serve you best. Most importantly, don’t spend your hard earned cash on cheaper knockoffs.


These heated hunting jackets are made from reputable companies that have existed for long: An indication that you will never go wrong regardless of the one that you choose. The final choice, however, narrows down to personal preference. If I were to pick one from the hunting jackets above, I would go for the Legendary Whitetails HuntGuard Reflextec Camo Jacket. I think it is among the best that you can find on the market. The fact that the outer shell is made from a polyester material makes it the perfect addition to my hunting gear. The smooth and comfortable inner prevents heat loss supremely. Therefore, I am assured that I will stay warm. The camo print will ensure that I perfectly blend into my surrounding. I believe this will work best for me.

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