Top 10 Best Heated Foot Spas in 2019

Foot spa machines or foot baths have demonstrated numerous advantages for feet health and wellbeing and also extended outcomes on the overall body and mind prosperity. Maybe a couple of the foot spa benefits include stress relief, feet, and body relaxation, blood circulation improvement, sleep enhancement feet, and pain relief through a relaxation. Buying one would be challenging due to the many types and brands available. Fortunately, this top 10 best heated foot spa in 2019 review is meant to help get the best one that meets your needs.

Table of the Best Heated Foot Spas:

# Preview Product Price
Ivation Foot Spa Massager - Heated Bath, Automatic Massage Rollers, Vibration, Bubbles, Digital Adjustable Temperature Control, 3 Pedicure Attachments
Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine - Electric Deep Kneading Massage with Heat & Air Compression - For Circulation, Feet Legs Muscle Relief, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy Chronic Nerve Pain Therapy Spa Gift
ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager with Heat – Lights and Bubbles - Soothe Relax Feet - Therapeutic Heated Bath Tub - Temperature Control Massage Jet for Athletes Foot, Fungus and Pedicure Care Treatment
All in one foot spa bath massager w/heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles red light FB10
TENKER Foot Spa Bath Massager - Heated Bath, Massage Rollers, Vibration, Bubbles, Red Light, Digital Adjustable Time & Temperature Control, LED Display (500W) - One Year Warranty
HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa, Toe-touch control, Heat maintenance helps maintain warm water temperature, Removable pumice stone, FB-55
$23.15$24.99 (7% off)
Foot Spa Massager-Portable Foot Bath Tub New 2019 Version w/Electric Heating & Bubble Wave - All in One Pedicure Machine Set for Relaxation & Red Light Therapy
Giantex Foot Spa Heat Massage Bath with Temperature Control Infrared Bubbles of Anti-Splash Water Feet Warm Pedicure Rolling Rollers Home Foot Spa Massagers (Blue)
Foot Bath Massager with Heat - Foot Spa Machine Feet Soaking Tub Features Vibration, Spa Roller Massage Modes, 6 Pressure Node Rollers Stress Relieve Fatigue & Tens, Tired Feet Foot Massager with Heat
$74.99$129.99 (42% off)
NURSAL Foot Spa Massager with Heated Bath, Massage Rollers, Bubbles, Digital Adjustable Temperature Control MM-17C

01. Ivation Heated Foot Spa Massager

Ivation Heated Foot Spa Massager
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Ivation Heated has combined the most loved features into one, high heat settings, foot rollers, bubbles, and vibrations. It’s all controlled by a digital panel effectively open on the best. The heat goes up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and multiple water jets can help relieve pain and help you to relax. It is prescribed that you add your precious essential oil to the water to help make your home spa experience to the next level.

02. InvoSpa Shiatsu Heat & Air Compression Foot Massager Machine

InvoSpa Shiatsu Heat & Air Compression Foot Massager Machine
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This model made by InvoSpa is packed with features, allowing you to appreciate a relaxing and comforting foot massage in the comfort of your own home. It is perfect for individuals with poor circulation, plantar fasciitis, tired feet, and so forth. The two chambers are sufficiently ample to accommodate your feet, and the covers are soft and comfortable – you can evacuate them for regular cleaning. The control buttons are situated in the center, and they allow you to kill the unit on and, to choose the mode, to activate the gaseous tension, and to activate the heat.

03. Artnaturals Heat Foot Spa Massager

Artnaturals Heat Foot Spa Massager
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The ArtNaturals foot spa has an attractive design and a decent control panel. You will have the capacity to use get to all the unit’s feature by using the four buttons on the control panel. You can track each change you make on the large LCD, or by following the indicator lights. This spa uses 4 movable rollers to massage the soles of your feet. The rollers have a decent design, and they will create a comfortable massage. The heating component can warm up the water or keep it at a steady level. The unit’s thermostat is accurate.

04. Kendal Heat All-in-One Foot Spa Bath Massager

Kendal Heat All-in-One Foot Spa Bath Massager
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The Kendall foot spa has an exciting design. The basin has an anti-spillage cover on the front and a drain hose on the back. The basin’s floor is designed to outline the state of the human feet, and massage beads cover it. When you put your feet on the outlines, you will profit by the foot massage given by two rollers and two fly sprays. The combined effect of the two massage techniques is surprisingly lovely. The spa is extensive, yet on account of its casters and the drain hose, you won’t need to lift it.

05. TENKER Heat Foot Spa Bath Massager

TENKER Heat Foot Spa Bath Massager
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Tenker Heat Foot All-In-One Bath Massager comes at a significantly more wallet-friendly cost. Having an one-year warranty, this foot massager is a smaller spa model. It comes with powerful vibrations, bubbles temperature control, digital adjustable timer, heated bath, LED display and massage roller to ensure you get the best experience. It additionally accompanies a drainage setup and small handle making it perfect for portable relaxation.

06. HoMedics Heated Bubble Mate Foot Spa

HoMedics Heated Bubble Mate Foot Spa
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HoMedics is a bubble heated foot massage machine that features toe touch control which works in controlling the warm water temperature. For it to smoothen your feet, it comes with a removable pumice stone. It has an integrated splash guard which helps to prevent splashing and spills. The machine also features a raised nodes to give a gentle foot massage.

07. Reluen All-in-One Electric Foot Spa Massager

Reluen All-in-One Electric Foot Spa Massager
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This foot spa is an excellent decision in case you’re low on storage room, or if you plan on moving it around often. It collapses and creases level for simple stockpiling, and has a sturdy handle, for simple portability. That makes it incredible for movement and makes it simple to clean and dump after a soak. To use, basically crease it out, top it off and turn it on. It has a few massage features, including bubble waves, a textured base with nodes, and red light therapy.

08. Giantex Blue Heat Foot Spa Bath & Massagers

Giantex Blue Heat Foot Spa Bath & Massagers
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Giantex is a durable and well-designed portable foot heat massager which comes with temperature control and an infrared bubbles. It comes with an anti-splash for your safety. The machine has a warm feet pedicure rollers which will make you feel relax. For great stability, the machine comes with four rubber under it. Also, it is a good machine which promotes blood circulation, relieves fatigue, smoothens your meridians and improves metabolism.

09. Belmint Heat Foot Spa Massager

Belmint Heat Foot Spa Massager
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This foot spa features six motorized pressure-hub rollers with 6 Pressure Node Rollers which give kneading massage to your tired feet. All the capacities are effectively adjusted using controls on the LCD screen which is extremely convenient. With bubble massage and heating therapy, this spa enhances blood circulation, relieves fatigue and upgrades skin tone. It is sheltered to use and arrives in quality construction with multi-layer insulation protection.

10. Nursal Heat Foot Spa Massager

Nursal Heat Foot Spa Massager
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The NURSAL is another unique mid-range choice foot spa at the mid-range. Furthermore, you will love the drain plug design and how straightforward it made the bath void and clean. Another feature that you adore is an astute was the full cover. After setting it to heat up, you can extend the cover with the goal that no residue or different particulates or contaminants get into the water.

Best Heated Foot Spa Buying guide

Not all the foot bath machines are designed similarly. Without a doubt, they all use similar technologies to give a foot massage. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any contrasts between the models, regardless of how comparable they show up. The following segment is a portion of the useful features to look for when searching for the best-heated foot spa.

Ease of Use

You may ponder what’s so hard to use with regards to home foot spas. Indeed, as a matter of first importance, great foot bath machines have something like two features you can use, one of those being the heated water massage. A few units are elementary to use because they have a display, and you can change the water’s temperature using the control panel.

Price and Durability

In case you’re shocked we’re approaching price and durability in the meantime, you shouldn’t be. With regards to foot spas, these two are interconnected. High-end models are more durable than less expensive ones. That is because they either use a thicker plastic or a superior one.

Heat Functionality

The heated massage is people in general’s top choice, and in light of current circumstances. There’s nothing all the more relaxing after spending a stressful day at work than dipping your feet in warm water and massaging them. The best method to heat the water is having a high-quality heater and a thermostat. You select the water temperature you need using the control panel, and the heater starts warming up the water.


Foot spas come in various sizes, and that is incredible. Having more sizes to look over will allow more individuals to be satisfied with their decision. The size of the foot spa determines how much water it can hold, and there are three basin profundities you can browse.


Most foot spa models accompany a bucket handle. You can use the handle to move the spa around the house and drain it. This feature isn’t handy, especially if you have issues with lifting substantial weights. Different models accompany casters and a drain hose. You can pull the basin close to a drain and void it effortlessly.


A few models have limited portability and accompany a straightforward bucket handle, while others have unrivaled portability and accompany casters. The models that accompany casters are usually more significant, and they would be harder to convey.

Motor Noise

The noise delivered by home foot spas isn’t uproarious usually, and it won’t interfere with your standard exercises, for example, watching TV or talking on the phone. If your foot spa machine is extremely noisy, contact the customer support service.


Everybody ought to appreciate a foot massage at any rate once per week. Your feet have been carrying you around since the minute you were born. If you don’t know which the best foot spa is for you, just read the comprehensive buying guide above to understand how they function and how their features can profit you. You’ll find the correct model for your requirements after doing that.

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