Top 10 Best Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor in 2019

It wasn’t long ago that if you wished to monitor your heart rate during a bike ride, jogging, you required taking bulky chest strap. Nowadays, heart rate technology is available which can make calculations from your wrist directly. The system measures the blood level pulsing in your veins to make an estimate of the rate at which it’s pumping to your heart. To wear a stand-alone heart monitor is not easy due to their huge size, but combining them with a modest fitness tracker, it is easier for individuals trying to identify if they are in a heart rate perfect for endurance, burning fat or increasing performance. It is not easy to buy the best model; however, with a guide below, your work will be easier.

Table of Best Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor:

LETUFIT PLUS Fitness Tracker + Heart Rate Monitor,IP67 Waterproof Smart Wristband With Pedometer Watch for Android and Ios (purple)
wesoo Fitness Tracker, K1 Fitness Watch : Activity Tracker Smart Band with Sleep Monitor, Smart Bracelet Pedometer Wristband with Replacement Band for iOS & Android (Black+Blue Band)
$27.59$98.80 (72% off)
LETSCOM Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Slim Sports Activity Tracker Watch, Waterproof Pedometer Watch with Sleep Monitor, Step Tracker for Kids, Women, and Men
YAMAY Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Fitness Watch Activity Tracker Smart Watch with Sleep Monitor 14 Sports Mode,Pedometer Watch for Kids Men Women (Color Screen,IP68 Waterproof) (Purple)
Lintelek Fitness Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor Activity Tracker with Connected GPS Tracker, Step Counter, Sleep Monitor, IP67 Waterproof Pedometer for Android and iOS Smartphone
LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Smart Bracelet with Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Pedometer Watch for Kids Women and Men
Willful Fitness Tracker Color Screen, Activity Tracker Fitness Watch Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Watch IP68 Waterproof with Sleep Monitor Step Counter Multi-Sport Mode for Women Men Kid (Purple)
Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Sports Watch Smart Bracelet with Pedometer Heart Rate Monitor Step Calorie Tracker IP67 Waterproof Call SMS SNS Alert for Men Women Kids Compatible for Android IOS
$34.99$62.99 (44% off)
instecho Fitness Tracker, Custom Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Multiple Sport Modes Smart Watch Men, Women and Children Waterproof Bluetooth Pedometer
Fitness Tracker, KEEPONFIT Fitness Watch Activity Tracker with Sleep Monitor, Smart Pedometer Watch for Step Distance Calories Track

01. Letufit

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This is one of the best fitness trackers with the heart rate monitor that one may find in the market in 2019. Letufitracksworkout,riding,running,treadmill, fitness, hiking, badminton, basketball, football, tennis, spinning, climbing which are added in the APP.Once you have Synced the data in the APP, you can check your heart rate history. You can monitor how long you spend in light and deep sleep and wake up with a silent vibrating alarm. They monitor daily activities such as calories burned, distance and active minutes.

02. Wesoo Fitness Tracker

Wesoo Fitness Tracker
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Wesoo Fitness Tracker does not have heart monitoring feature. It tracks workouts, distance, steps and also sleeping patterns. Wesoo fitness tracker ensures fast processing and accurate data filtration because of its all-new hardware architecture. The built-in USB simplifies the way this tracker connects to any universal power adapter power bank with no need of a special adapter.

03. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker
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LETSCOM Fitness Tracker monitors all the day activities tracking sleep data when sleeping, heart rate, calories, steps and intensity minutes when moving. You get a message and call notifications from your phone at glance on your wrist. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker also has special features such as remote camera control, silent vibrating alarms and also target setting. Its body is designed in a slim and Lightweight body 0.86” OLED screen, cable-free charging with built-in USB plug, wrist sense design and long-life battery making your life easier. It is advisable to use VeryFitPro App to get detailed data and more functions.

04. YAMAY Fitness Tracker

YAMAY Fitness Tracker
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This is one of the best choices in fitness tracker 2019. It has all the traditional functions of a fitness tracker and adopts the most popular features in 2019. What makes it the best fitness tracker are the features such as slim design, color screen and up to IP68 waterproof quality. It is a powerful fitness tracker which tracks your daily steps, calories burned, distance traveled and time of all activities all the day automatically.

It also supports some additional 14 sport tracking to assist you in monitoring your workouts. This device detects your sleep automatically at night and analyzes the quality of the sleep and silent vibration alarms wake you up without distracting others. You can check call, SMS, calendar and SNS on this device.YAMAY Fitness Tracker has built-in USB charge and the battery can last for 5-7 days of working time.

05. Lintelek Fitness Tracker

Lintelek Fitness Tracker
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This is one of the best fitness trackers that don’t require the USB charger cable. It tracks calories consumed, daily steps, distance, monitors the continuous heart rate, record exercise duration and average pace. The social media Software helps you to see the notification of the incoming call, SNS and message. This fitness tracker monitors the quality of sleep and has a silent alarm to remind you to wake up. It has a GPS tracker which helps you to see activity distance, average speed, workout route and energy consumption in the app. It supports Android 4.4 and above iOS 7.1 and above for smartphones only.

06. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR
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This is one of the best fitness trackers which helps you to know daily health status by monitoring heart rate, tracking activity and auto sleep tracking. You will not miss important things because you receive call and message notifications and also alarms on your wrist. It has 14 sports tracking thus helping you to adjust your exercise intensity for better results. This fitness tracker is App supported and has a built-in USB plug making it easy to charge with any USB block. The battery can last for 7 working days.

07. Willful Fitness Tracker

Willful Fitness Tracker
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Willful Fitness Tracker tracks your steps, calories burned, distance traveled and activity time all day. To better track your other activities it has 14 training modes available. It detects your sleep and analyze the quality of the sleep and has a silent alarm to wake you up without distracting others. This fitness tracker can be used when in swimming because it has an IP68 waterproof stand. It has a color screen of 0.96 inch LDC which offers excellent HD image quality. What also makes it unique from other smart bands is its slim cool design. This fitness tracker has a USB plug and you can charge with any cable and one full charge can last for 7 working days.

08. Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker
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This is one of the best fitness trackers that track activities such as walking, swimming running, basketball football, badminton in sports mode. It tracks all day activities with comprehensive analysis. You will get SMS, call and SNS messages at a glance. This tracker is designed with 85mAh battery brightness adjustable color IPS display, energy efficient chips, IP67 waterproof, long working time and you can view information easily whether indoor or outdoor. This fitness tracker is compatible with Android 4.4 or even higher, iOS or smartphones with WearHealth App on your phone. It gives you pleasure when using because it has interchangeable bands with band length between 5.7 to 8 inches and can fit boys, girls men and women.

09. Instecho Fitness Tracker

Instecho Fitness Tracker
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This is one of the best fitness trackers which is more of a sports model that assists you to understand each exercise. It monitors heart rate and analyzes sleep to give you good advice to adjust yourself. It has important calls and messages in the app. It has a unique camera mode and a durable battery which can take 5-7 days of working.

10. KEEPONFIT Fitness Tracker

KEEPONFIT Fitness Tracker
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This is one of the best fitness trackers which has multiple functions such as sleep monitoring, steps pedometer, distance and calorie tracking, message reminder and incoming calls, alarm reminder, sedentary reminder and remote camera shooting. This model has no heart rate function. You can see the screen clearly in the sun on the dark because it has OLED screen display of 0.87”.This design is not easy to fall off because the strap has non-slip material. This fitness tracker allows you to monitor your health and therefore timely prevention. You can charge the wristband with any USB cable and a single charge can last for 7 days. For this fitness tracker, the customer is given a 12 –Month worry product warranty.


In conclusion, a great Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor surely provides the perfect way to monitor your activity and health effortlessly and with unmatched accuracy. Hence, choosing a decent one is very important. Consider the tips discussed above whether you are looking for Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor.

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