Top 10 Best Empanada Makers In 2019

Working with the best empanada makers not only make your work easier but also ensures that you come up with empanada that is sweet, mouthwatering and delicious. With a host of models available in the market, going for the right product may be challenging but with a guide, it is made easier.

Top 10 Best Empanada Makers & Buyer’s Guide

Empanada is a widely popular recipe in many parts of the world more so in Latin and South America. This pastry can be filled with meat, cheese or even fruits. If you have taken some then you probably know how addictive they can be. Although this recipe is tasty, you know it is not the healthiest food you can take as it is filled with a lot of calories and fat. The good news is that you can overcome this concern by having your empanada fixed with all the flavor you want and with fewer calories and fat. You need an empanada maker to do this and there is a host of them in the market. To make your work easier, we have compiled 10 best empanada makers in 2019.

Table of the Best Empanada Makers

01. Holstein Housewares HH-0937013SS

Holstein Housewares HH-0937013SS

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If you are looking for an empanada maker that will allow you to prepare both healthy empanadas and arepas then look no farther than this product. With this machine, you can make up to four empanadas and two arepas in just seven minutes. The inclusion of inserts allows you to make a blend of healthy empanadas or arepas

Another admirable thing about this empanada maker is that it heats up quickly and provides an even cooking of whatever is placed in it. It is also easy to clean up as a simple wipe with a damp cloth is enough to have it sparkling.

In a nutshell, this empanada maker can be used to mix and match various dishes as well as make delicious empanadas, eggs and areas.

02. Empanada and Churro Maker Machine

Empanada and Churro Maker Machine

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This machine features removable plates that are easy to clean, non-stick and has extra protection which helps prevent overheating. It also features a dough cutter for making the perfect size empanadas. Up to six light and airy churros and two empanadas can be made with this machine. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional frying method then this is the machine to look for.

Some of its adorable features include ease of cleaning, the inclusion of dough cutting circle for measuring the exact amount of dough, four removable plates that attach and unattach with ease, and ease of use. This product can be relied upon to make churros and empanadas that are authentic and delicious in minutes.

03. ZY Pastry Tools Dumpling Maker

ZY Pastry Tools Dumpling Maker

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This product is ideal for making dumplings, ravioli, pot sticker, pierogi among other recipes. If you are looking for a product that will make your dumplings quickly and effortlessly then this is the product to look for.

This product also boasts a 304 stainless steel, a 3.74-inch diameter and a dishwater safe. It is easy to use and is thus suitable for those who are not skilled at cooking. Finally, it is budget friendly making it ideal for those who want to spend less.

04. Kuechenprofi Ravioli/Pierogi/Dumpling Maker

Kuechenprofi Ravioli/Pierogi/Dumpling Maker

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This is another fascinating product used for making dumplings, turnovers, ravioli and pot stickers. It is also used to make pierogi. The founder of this product was a German by the name Artur Schmitz

This product has a multi-purpose knife that can be used to slash and cut vegetables as well as sandwiches. Its handle is not only soft but comfortable as well which guarantees a safe grip. Its blades are strong and durable and the full-tang ones ensure proper balancing of its knives. Other features of this product include hygienic 18/10 stainless steel and dishwater safety.

05. Best Utensils Ravioli Mold

Best Utensils Ravioli Mold

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If you are looking for a high quality multi-function empanada maker then you can consider this product. This Ravioli Mold is ideal for making perfect empanadas, turnover, ravioli, spinach pies and more.

This product is easy to use, durable and safe. It comes equipped with Perfect Round Sharpe handles which can easily be held tight by even clumsy fingers. Its outside edge is sharp for easy cutting of any volume of dough needed. This product is made of 18/8 stainless steel which makes it resistant to rusting, bending, breaking or weakening. Finally, it comes in three different options allowing you to choose your preferred choice.

06. Pierogi, dumpling, uszka press/maker

Pierogi, dumpling, uszka press/maker

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Make up to four pierogies at once with this product. The low price of this maker may fool but once you try it, you will be amazed at how well it makes your pierogies. Its dumplings may be a bit small but they will be nice looking. This maker also eliminates a lot of wasted dough. Another fascinating feature of this product is its great time-saving capacity. To make loads of pierogi faster, consider pairing it with a kitchen aid pasta roller. Finally, this product is easy to use. All you need to do is to place a dough layer on this maker followed by adding fillings then closing pierogi and finally applying pressure. You then remove excess dough and then open the press, that’s all.

07. Brentwood AR-140 Empanada Maker

Brentwood AR-140 Empanada Maker

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This is another product with amazing features. This empanada maker comes equipped with an adjustable thermostat with a power heating indicator light. It also comes equipped with auto shut off feature which allows you to program when you want it to stop making empanadas. Other features of this fascinating product include turnover mold/ cutter feature, non-stick cooking surfaces and Cool Touch handles. In addition to its upright stand which allows for easy storage, it also comes equipped with lid clocks for ensuring a tight closure. This product can be used to make up to four empanadas at a go.

08. Home Servz Food Grade 304

Home Servz Food Grade 304

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This is an amazing product for making dumplings, empanada, ravioli, pastry, pierogi and more. It is a high quality product made from a non-toxic 304 stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion, melting, bending, breaking or weakening. Some of the advantages of this product include ease of use and is multifunctional. It is also durable and has a mirror-polishing surface. This product makes dumplings much quickly and with less effort. Other advantages of this fascinating product include easy cleaning as it is dishwater safe and easy storage courtesy of its perfect size which allows for simple storage and can fit in any kitchen drawer.

09. KooK 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

KooK 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

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This is another fascinating product that will enable you to make great empanadas, tortillas, dumplings, arepas, patacones and more both at home and at restaurants. Unlike most press, this product comes pre-seasoned with organic Flaxseed oil making easy to maintain. This also helps prevent the corn dough from sticking to the press. Most complains about empanada makers usually revolve around the fact most of the machines makes small empanadas. This machine is an eight press which will enable you to make big tortillas. This product is also easy to assemble and has parchment papers which ensure that food does not stick to the press. If you are looking to gain control over your recipe by picking your fresh ingredients without preservatives, consider purchasing this product.

10. Royal Arepa Maker

Royal Arepa Maker

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This machine is ideal for making professional arepas and empanadas that will entertain your family and friends. In addition, it can be used to make English muffins, pancakes and latkes. With this product, you can make up to 6 arepas plus it features a nonstick surface that allows easy cooking and cleanup. It also features a smart toast control dial and lock-tight lid which is spill proof

Features to consider

When purchasing an empanada maker, it is advisable that you look into the following three key features.

A suitable empanada maker should feature an easy to use two-in-one tool where one side can be used in cutting the dough while the other side
be used for filling and sealing the dough.

A good empanada maker should feature a hygienic stainless steel and dishwater safety.

A good empanada maker should also be easy to clean, non-stick and has extra protection which helps prevent overheating

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