Top 10 Best Embroidery Only Machines In 2019

Your accessories to look perfect. You need the perfect embroidery machine to do the job. Looking good is not just for going outside but it is for your home as well. One of the top 10 best embroidery only machines in 2019 will help you get that perfect pattern just right.

If you are not sure which machine made the top 10 best embroidery only machines in 2019 list, keep reading. Our review provides you with information on the best of the best. Then our buyer’s guide will provide you with some tips to guide your shopping.
If you want your embroidered material to look great, then you need the best embroidery machine possible. When you look good, it looks good.

Table of the Best Embroidery Only Machines

01. Brother Embroidery Machine

Brother Embroidery Machine

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This embroidery only machine gives around 5 by inches of room to layout out your fabric. Once you and your fabric are ready, you can select from approx. 136 different embroidery designs.

You also get 6 lettering fonts, 12 border designs, and 10 frame shapes. Plus, you can bring your own designs to your work by using the USB built-in USB port. Your creativity will love using this machine.

Then, you can edit as you go, do mirror images, rotate and so on. There is no limit to what you can do with this embroidery only machine.

02. Brother Embroidery Machine PE525

Brother Embroidery Machine PE525

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This may be a little smaller unit, but it still has great features. Its memory holds 70 embroidery designs and you can choose between 5 lettering fonts to make your work stand out. Then, its computer compatibility allows you to add more designs and fonts to those already in the machine.

Its 4 by 4-inch platform should be enough space to lay your fabric and get to work. Also, the machine’s memory holds around 120 frame combinations. The large LCD display screen allows you to see what is happening clearly. Plus, the touch buttons are easy to use.

Yu get a 25-year warranty to protect your investment in this embroidery only machine.

03. Bernina Bernette Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Bernina Bernette Sewing & Embroidery Machine

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Technology has a way of upgrading and improving old-fashioned machines. This embroidery machine is full of buttons on its digital control panel. They help you access all the features included on this machine.

It also has a handy pocket for your scissors. A built-in USB port allows you to import more information you need to make your creations look their best. The fabric holder makes sure your fabric does not slip as you sew or embroider.

The sewing function only goes forward and backwards but the embroidery function sews in all directions.

04. Janome Memory Craft Embroidery Machine

Janome Memory Craft Embroidery Machine

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Digital display and easy touch buttons make embroidery easy. You have all the controls at your fingertips and with one push you are on your way to becoming an embroidery master. The LCD display makes reading the screen easy.

Then the 5 by 5 fabric holder makes sure your fabric doesn’t wrinkle up and spoil your work. Also, if there are not enough patterns, fonts etc., you can use the built-in USB port to import more. Computer compatibility is standard with this unit.

The top loading thread feature makes changing thread colors a lot simpler.

05. Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine

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67 built in embroidery and sewing patterns gets you on your way to being a creative genius. You can access the 5 lettering fonts and 70 designs through the one touch control panel. Embroidery today is not like your grandmother’s day.

This machine uses the standard household electrical outlets and does not need any special wiring done to make it work. Plus, it can connect to your computer allowing to import more designs that you like.

The 4 by 4 platform gives you plenty of space to lay your fabric on. An automatic thread cutter trims your thread in no time

06. Singer Superb Embroidery Sewing Machine

Singer Superb Embroidery Sewing Machine

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It may not look big, but it comes with a lot of accessories and a memory full of patterns and designs. You get 2 fabric holders, on large and one small. Then you can access around 200 different patterns and 6 lettering fonts to make your embroidery look outstanding.

The LCD touchscreen provides all the controls you need to make this machine do your bidding. Then when you switch to the sewing function, you can sew 700 stitches per minute.

A built-in USB port allows you to add to the already large amount of patterns and fonts already installed in the machine.

07. Janome Memory Craft Machine

Janome Memory Craft Machine

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When you use this machine, you get a built-in needle threader and a thread cutter. These features help cut your work time down, so you can enjoy your hobby more. Then the approx. 5 by 7-inch platform provides you with the space you need to lay your fabric flat.

All the controls are in the conveniently located LCD touchscreen. One press of your fingertip and you are on your way to making embroidery magic. Plus, you can import more designs, etc., through its built-in USB port.

A handy ruler at the bottom of the machine helps you measure correctly without tangling any measuring tapes you have.

08. Yamata Embroidery Sewing Machine

Yamata Embroidery Sewing Machine

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It may not have a touchscreen, digital display or even lots of buttons, but this machine can embroider with the best. It has zig zag, straight, free hand functions that make your sewing and embroidery tasks easy. The machine will accept needles between the sizes of 9 and 19.

Plus, the machine can handle different directions with its built-in bobber. Also, a knee lifter is included to help work out difficult patterns. A lockstitch with reverse function is also included.

One thing though, this machine is for the head only. The motor is not included in the purchase.

09. Janome Embroidery Machine

Janome Embroidery Machine

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The large digital display control panel is conveniently located on the right side of the machine. It gives you all the buttons you need to use to access all the features built-in this machine. The power button is next to the automatic thread cutter feature near the front of the machine.

The large fabric platform, approx. 8 by 8 inches in size, will hold your fabric steady as you work. Threading the machine is not that difficult and the top location for your thread makes change thread colors simple.

This is a durable and tough machine that should last you for years.

10. Singer Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Singer Sewing and Embroidery Machine

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The future is now, with this digitally controlled embroidery machine. You get 200 embroidery designs, 30 sewing stitch patterns, and 5 lettering fonts to channel your creativity. Then the approx. 7 by 4-inch platform will hold your fabric nice and tight.

The control panel has all the buttons needed to make your hobby look its best. One touch of your finger and you can change designs or patterns with ease. It plugs into standard household electrical outlets and it is designed for use in Canada and the US only.

The machine also has basic editing features to help you design your embroidery just right.

Our Buyer’s Guide

Finding one of the top 10 best embroidery only machines in 2019 is not going to be that difficult. With the following helpful tips, you can cut your search time down. Here are some of those tips:


do you have a large family to sew for? Is the machine for a hobby only? This helps you select the right size and functions you need.

Built-in features

how many patterns, designs, fonts does it have? Does it go in reverse, etc.? Less is not more here?


is it easy to thread and change threads? Does it have an automatic thread cutter? What size is the fabric platform? The larger the better here.

Digital controls

how big is the display screen? How many buttons does it have? Are they conveniently located and simple one touch controls?


how big is the machine? Ill it fit in the space you have for it?

Brand name

this is important as name brand machines are usually better than unknown brands. The brands have been in business for a long time and have a reputation to uphold


how much protection do you get and for how long? Make sure you read the details before you buy.


you may need to save up before purchasing one of these machines They can be budget breakers if you are not careful.

Some Final Words

Embroidery is a wonderful hobby. The patterns look nice and are pleasing to the eye when done right. To make sure your embroidery comes out as good as your friend’s, you need to upgrade to one of the top 10 best embroidery only machines in 2019.
These machines have the features you need to make your hobby a satisfying activity.

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