Top 7 Best Electric Tent Heaters In 2019

In a camping adventure, setting up a tent can be a daunting task for some people. However, a more challenging task is staying warm inside it once it is pitched. A cold tent can ruin your camping experience, but with the right heater, this problem can easily be dealt with. While there are different types of tent heaters to suit your preferences, the electric model has a universal appeal to many people and with a good reason. If your camping ground has electrical service, then these electric heaters provide the perfect solution to your in-tent warming problems.

Table of the Best Electric Tent Heaters

01. L.B. White TS170 Premier

L.B. White TS170 Premier

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With an enclosed flame, this flexible indoor-outdoor heater makes security of its user a top priority. It also offers dependable air circulation system within the tent and works quietly in the process. It is clean and energy efficient. It also has troubleshooting lights for the convenience of use.

02. 17” Electric patio Infrared Outdoor ceiling heater

17” Electric patio Infrared Outdoor ceiling heater

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With a heating time of less than 5 minutes, this heater gives you warmth in the most convenient way. In addition, it has a halogen quartz heating system with an overheat safety unit. It does not emit harmful fumes during operation and has a stylish aluminum frame that adds an aesthetic touch to your tent’s interior. You can also adjust the heater’s power between 600W and 1500W as per your convenience.

03. NEW 17” Electric Patio Heater

NEW 17” Electric Patio Heater

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This adjustable heater provides heat from a convenient height within your tent. There is no need to worry about safety issues because it comes with an anti-tilt switch measuring 5’-7’. Its height is flexible due to the inclusion of the adjustable tub. Made of stainless steel, this electric heater can serve you for a prolonged period.

04. Triprel Inc. Electric Patio Infrared Outdoor Ceiling heater

Triprel Inc. Electric Patio Infrared Outdoor Ceiling heater

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Overheat safety units, sturdy aluminum frame, and an anti-tilt switch is amongst the many qualities of this electric patio heater. If that is not enough to convince you of its qualities, then consider the fact its halogen quartz heating technology features adjustable heat power levels between 600W and 1500W. It is also a silent outdoor heater that does not emit any harmful fumes when operational.

05. Portable Military tent heater

Portable Military tent heater

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This flexible 30lbs tent heater can offer you a wide range of solutions to problems involving lack of heat. It can not only worm your tent but can as well be used to dry your garments and cook. It is small, portable, and features detachable 16 3/4“ legs for convenient transportation. The anterior and posterior air flow regulators provide you with constant clean air for a confined space.

06. COLIBROX 17” Electric Patio Heater

COLIBROX 17” Electric Patio Heater

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This heater is suitable for both outdoor and indoor heating. It also features adjustable heat power of between 600W and 1500W and has an anti-tilt switch for added protection during its use. It works silently and does not emit harmful fumes. The cast aluminum structure offers protection for extended use.

07. NEW 17” Electric Patio Infrared Heater

NEW 17” Electric Patio Infrared Heater

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An efficient heater for your camping endeavors. Its adjustable heating power offers versatility during use. Its LED lighting gives your nighttime an ambient and beautiful atmosphere. You can conveniently attach it to the 0.5m Ceiling chain provided-the recommended height is 1.8 m. Like the other infrared heaters, it also has a halogen quartz heating technology and can provide safe and clean heat emissions during your camping activity.

Deciding on the perfect fit

Choosing the best electric heater that suits your needs involves having firsthand knowledge of the standard designs or types. Three of the most common types include:

Convector portable heater

These designs are the most convenient to handle due to their light and narrow structure. Despite being tall, you can easily move them around. They heat up fast and are quiet when fully operational. They are easily mountable as they come with the supporting brackets.

Fan heater

From the name, the fan of this type of heater is its most essential component. It can blow hot hair a considerable distance within a confined space. They can heat hair quickly and spread it evenly. Besides, it is also portable. However, these types can also be noisy at higher fan speeds.

Oil-filled heaters

These heaters use electricity to heat oil in its columns. The resulting heat from the oil is then transferred to the circulating vents or column depending on the structure. They are useful for prolonged heating although they are also known to be cumbersome to maintain and slow during use.

Ceramic fan heaters

The ceramic structure of these types of fan gives it a relative edge compared to other types when it comes to safety. They also heat very quickly and are portable.

Tips to consider

Health-a suitable electric heater should be clean with no ashes, soot or other stains resulting from its use.

Energy efficiency-your desired electric heater should have a 100% efficiency rating.

Energy output-this involves the area covered by the heater. A suitable one should adequately heat your tent without the need to shift its position relative to you.

Costs-how much will you be maintaining your desired heater cost?

Heating options-on-demand heaters allow you to switch them on or off as you please.

They are easier to handle compared to wood heaters.

Radiant versus convection heating-do you want to directly heat your room or prefer doing so indirectly via another surface.

Final words

Warmth and comfort during your outdoor adventure is an investment of both time and money. Before you buy an electric heater, take time to research on its suitability to your camping or outdoor needs. If the fan you have identified does fit those needs, what will it cost to buy and maintain? Does that work with your current budget? It is important to note that each heater has its merits and demerits and that there is no single perfect heater given the ever-changing outdoor weather conditions. The best option would be investing in a range of different heaters. The above tips should make the process relatively easy.

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