Top 10 Best Electric Pasta Makers In 2019

Living a healthy life should be your primary goal. It allows you to attain your ideal mental and physical health. One of the ways for achieving this goal is by eating healthy food. Without a doubt, pasta will be part of your diet menu. Although you can buy a delicious pasta dish from your nearby local restaurant, preparing this meal at your home is easy. Apart from their authentic taste, homemade pasta are a lot healthier compared to the ready-made ones.

If you would like to enjoy fresh, homemade pasta in a hassle-free way, then an electric pasta maker will come in handy. With so many models of pasta makers available in the market, identifying the best one can be a challenge. Fortunately, our top 10 best electric pasta makers in 2019 & buyers guide will help you make an informed purchase decision.

Table of the Best Electric Pasta Makers

01. Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Electric Motor Attachment

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Electric Motor Attachment

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This electric pasta machine allows you to prepare light and scrumptious pasta meals using ingredients of your choice. It comes with special rollers that you can use to attain 3 different kinds of pasta in 9 thicknesses. The cutting wheels have removable fronts that you can replace with other alternative accessories if the need arises. The machine has a motor of 110 V. that leaves your hands free to attend the pastry. The consistent engine rotation allows the pastry to achieve a uniform thickness. In the pack, you will find an instruction book that contains all the recipes for making various types of pasta. You will also find the crank for driving the wheels and the clamp for fixing the pasta maker to the table.

02. Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Electric Motor Attachment

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Electric Motor Attachment

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An Italy-based Marcato family is responsible for manufacturing this pasta machine. The machine comes with rollers that have rough surfaces. These uneven surfaces lead to permeable pasta, which absorbs the sauce. It is also armed with a handle that can be adjusted to 10 positions, allowing you to decide on the pasta’s thickness. The pack has a functional and reliable pasta making accessories such as a dispenser, pasta drying rack, homemade ravioli, and pasta bike.

The dispenser has an ergonomic shape for all kinds of flour, powdered cinnamon and cocoa, and granulated or powdered sugar. The pasta drying rack occupies less space due to its fan-like opening, and it has 16 detachable arms that can hold 2kg of pasta during transportation. The pasta bike has 9 interchangeable wheels for cutting pasta pieces into zigzag shape. The homemade ravioli offer stability during cutting. For this pasta maker to remain operational for an extended period, don’t use water to clean it. Instead, use a wooden rod or brush.

03. Gourmia GPM100 Electric PastaMazing Pasta Maker

Gourmia GPM100 Electric PastaMazing Pasta Maker

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This PastaMazing machine leverages its high power motor ability to correctly mix, squeeze, and shape your dough within a timeframe of 5 minutes. Innovative engineering results in a streamlined process with exceptional motor capability. The pasta making process is simple and mess free thanks to the 6 special die discs available in this device. You only need to add ingredients, select a disc, and leave the rest to the machine. Inbuilt disc storage slot coupled with removable mixing bowl are suitable for easy use as well as cleaning purposes.

04. Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker

Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker

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If you want to prepare whole wheat or gluten-free pasta, then this machine will come in handy. Put your ingredients, press the buttons, and allow the pasta maker to do the rest. The device is easily programmable for kneading, shaping, and drying. Choose one, two, or even all the three modes to take full advantage of the pastamazing possibilities. The systematic design planning enables the finished pasta to emerge pointing down rather than straight out, reducing bending and breaking. The pasta maker comes with a complete kit consisting of 8 pasta shaping discs, spanner, Gourmet user guide, 2 measuring cups, pasta cutter, and cleaning brush.

05. Ovente Revolutionary Electric Pasta Maker

Ovente Revolutionary Electric Pasta Maker

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Do you want to enjoy fresh, restaurant-quality pasta cooked right in your home? The Ovente pasta maker will help you achieve just that. The machine offers you 7 separate thickness options of between 0.5 and 3 mm. Therefore, you should flatten your pasta until you attain your desired thickness. Go through the user manual for more clear and comprehensive guidelines. Other than pasta, the versatile machine is ideal for making ramen noodles, cakes, and dough. The pack contains accessories like pasta drying rack, pasta cutter, 3-wheel bike, and instructional manual. Protect the motor from overheating by limiting the operation of your machine to a maximum of 15 minutes.

06. Electric Pasta Maker Motor by Imperia

Electric Pasta Maker Motor by Imperia

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Does your Imperia pasta maker need a motor? If yes, this Imperia’s Electric Pasta Maker Motor will exceed your expectations. The process of attaching and using this motor on your Imperia pasta machine is stress-free. This motor is suitable for only home Imperia machines, not for commercial ones.

07. Electric Pasta Maker- Imperia Pasta Presto Non-stick Machine

Electric Pasta Maker- Imperia Pasta Presto Non-stick Machine

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Designed in Italy by Imperia, this machine is all-inclusive. The non-stick coating ensures pasta are clean and safe. The machine has built-in cutters for fettuccine or Tagliatelle and six different thicknesses. By just turning the thickness setting button and choosing one of the six distinct thicknesses, your dough will stretch from thick to thin within a few minutes. The inbuilt motor enables you to have your pasta ready within a few minutes.

08. Imperia Electric Pasta Machine

Imperia Electric Pasta Machine

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With a simple adjustment of the thickness-setting knob, you can make pasta of 10 different thicknesses with this device. It adheres to high safety standards

the mixer stops reflexively once you open the lid. If you operate a restaurant or small catering establishment, this pasta maker is a perfect choice for you.

09. 9” Electric Stainless Steel Pasta Machine

9” Electric Stainless Steel Pasta Machine

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With this pasta machine, you can make about 15 lb. of pasta each hour. It is suitable for corporate cafeteria and restaurants. Drilled and hardened steel is used in the construction of all moving parts. The adjustable settings knob allows you to adjust the dough’s thickness into 10 different positions. The machine has removable cutting head to simplify the cleaning process. The cutting head is replaceable with other optional attachment to adjust pasta type.

10. TOPCHANCES 550W Home Stainless Electric Automatic Pasta Machine

TOPCHANCES 550W Home Stainless Electric Automatic Pasta Machine

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This pasta machine has adjustable roller knob for creating a uniform dough. It also has a cutter adjustment knob that enables you to grind out small noodles by adjusting the width of noodles and tightening the knob. It also allows you to grind out the broad noodles by loosening the knob.

A Guide on Choosing the Right Electric Pasta Machine

Without enough information and a sharp eye for details, picking the right pasta maker can be hard. This guide will help you choose a machine that delivers excellent performance to meet your needs.

Pasta maker types

There are three types of pasta makers

extrusion, roller, and pasta maker. The extrusion pasta makers are perfect for home use due to their compact, versatile, and easy to use nature. The roller types are more popular than the other two kinds of paster maker since they are pocket-friendly and easy to use. The pasta maker types are designed for heavy-duty tasks, and they are ideal for individuals operating restaurants or cafeterias.

Quality of construction materials

The performance and lifespan of the pasta machine depend on the quality of construction materials. Choosing models with stainless steel casing, mixing bowl, and a powerful motor guarantee excellent performance and offer you the convenience you deserve.


Factors like construction materials used, the motor capacity, adjustability, and versatility affect the cost of pasta makers. By conducting thorough research and reading many online reviews, you can identify affordable and well-performing models.


Some pasta makers are designed to make only one or a few pasta. If you want versatility, go for a model that is engineered for making a wide array of pasta.

Choosing any of the 10 mentioned pasta makers would allow you to make fresh, delicious pasta right in your home. These models are not only easy to use but also prepare the dough quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the guide in this article will help you pick a model that suits your unique needs.

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