Top 10 Best EDC Knifes Under 100 in 2019


Planning for proper buying saves you lots of regrets after buying the product. The same applies when you want to buy a knife. You deserve the best of whatever you cost your money on. The type of EDC knife that you buy depends on many things that you desire to do with it. You may use it just for domestic uses. Well, some people may use knives for other reasons including using them in the field. Whatever you want to do with yours, we have set aside the top ten best EDC knifes fewer than 100 in 2019 that you could probably go for. Here is their review:

Table of the Best EDC Knife under 100:

# Preview Product Price
KUBEY EDC Multitool Pocket Knife with Clip, Tanto Style Stainless Serrated Blade and Aluminum Handle with Glass Breaker, Bottle Opener, Wrench, 2-2/3-Inch Blade (Grey +)
CRKT S.P.E.W. EDC Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath: Compact Utility Neck Knife, Bead Blast Blade, Textured G10 Handle, Nylon Sheath, Belt Loop 2388
$19.98$25.94 (23% off)
albatross 6.38'' Handmade VG10 Damascus Steel Liner Lock Folding Pocket Knife 100% Prime Quality, Rosewood Handle & Lanyard,Great EDC Knives,Gifts/Collection (HGDK004)
Ganzo G7531-CF Folding Bowie Hunting Pocket EDC Handle Knife
Compact Pocket Key Holder – Made of German Lightweight Carbon – Smart Key Chain Organizer 2 to 20 Keys – Built-in Tools & Anti-Loosening System – Folding EDC Knife + Belt & Money Clip – Bottle Opener
TROIKA TASCHENMESSER – KNF80/BK – Pocket knife for unfolding – EDC - Outdoor– locking function – nylon strap for fastening – 420 stainless steel, nylon – black, orange – TROIKA-original
Samior HY002 Smallest Mini Flipper 1.3” Damascus Blade Knife TC4 Titanium Handle, Handmade EDC Folding Pocket Knives with Frame Lock Necklace Lanyard Hole, Perfect for Christmas Gift, 0.9oz
CRKT Obake Fixed Blade Knife: Burnley Titanium Nitride Plain Edge EDC Knife, Outdoor Utility Knife with Handle Wrap, Etched Blade, and Nylon Sheath 2367
$35.89$39.06 (8% off)
CIMA G443 Full Tang Small Fixed Blade EDC Knife,AUS-8 Steel,Micarta Handle,Leather Sheath
SOG Folding Pocket Knife - Aegis Spring Assisted EDC Tactical Knife w/ 3.5 Inch Partially Serrated Tanto Knife Blade & Survival Knife Grip (AE04-CP)
$68.54$83.25 (18% off)

01. KUBEY EDC Multi-tool Pocket Knife

KUBEY EDC Multi-tool Pocket Knife
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This is one of the best EDC knives. It has a stainless steel blade which helps you keep it clean. It does not rust in all conditions. The handle, however, is made of aluminum hence easy to grip when using it. The knife is easy to carry along with you since it has a tip-up and tip-down pocket clip. If you are a hunter or any person who delights in walking along with your knife, this is the best option for you. You can as well use it as a bottle opener.

02. CRKT S.P.E.W.EDC Fixed Blade Knife

CRKT S.P.E.W.EDC Fixed Blade Knife
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This is another type of EDC knife that you should plan to have in 2019. It is also made of steel and therefore does not rust when well kept. It is light in weight approximately 1.76 ounces hence effortless to use. You can imagine using a knife that is too heavy that you even get tired before you finish what you were to cut. This knife delivers you from such agony. The knife is available in a red color and so attractive to people who love adding color to life.

03. Albatross 6.38” Handmade VG10 Damascus Knife

Albatross 6.38'' Handmade VG10 Damascus Knife
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Are you looking for something beautiful? Your search comes to an end with this type of EDC knife. It is sharp and more beautiful that you will appreciate that it is cheap. It is also thin and small in size, and so you can easily carry it around. With its inner lock, it can cause no harm when carried whatsoever. If you delight in beautiful things, this is the way to go.

04. Ganzo G7531-CF Folding Bowie Hunting Pocket EDC Handle Knife

Ganzo G7531-CF Folding Bowie Hunting Pocket EDC Handle Knife
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This is a quit beautiful but cheaply available EDC knife for you. It is a pocket folding knife. You do not need to walk around with a bag just because you need to walk around with your knife. It has a 440c blade with a carbon handle. With its thin blade, you can maintain the sharpness of the knife. The total weight of this knife is only 126g. You will not feel stressed up carrying it around. It is very convenient.

05. Compact Pocket Key Holder

Compact Pocket Key Holder
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Are you a classy person who wants things to be done mainly? Here is a key organizer for you with a provision for a knife. With this type of knife, you will end up having both the key holder, bottle opener and a knife in one package. You do not have to keep losing your keys. This is a platform for you to keep all the things you value at one point. You can always food your knife so that what is left visible is just the keys. What a wonderful gift for your loved one who keeps losing their keys.

06. TROIKA TUKAN- KNF80/BK- Pocket knife

TROIKA TUKAN- KNF80/BK- Pocket knife
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This is unfolding knife but with a nylon package for hanging the knife on the pocket, bag or any other place as you wish. It is made of stainless steel. You do not need to worry if it rains one you during your outdoor activities. It will not rust. You can get the nylon bag in black or orange color. With this knife, you can enjoy your hiking, camping or any other outdoor activity. It is the best gift today for your friend.

07. Samior HYOO2

Samior HYOO2
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This is the smallest mini flipper blade knife. It is well designed with a titanium handle. It is tiny and thin. Therefore, you can comfortably place it in a pocket or even the backpack. Well, you can as well use it as a decoration for your keychain. This knife is gorgeous to carry and can as well act as your charismas gift for your friend. Make a bright smile on your fisherman or camping friend by going this as a gift.

08. CRKT Obake Fixed Blade Knife

CRKT Obake Fixed Blade Knife
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This is one of the EDC knives with the best features for the user. You even do not need to worry about the knife being damaged. It has a lifetime warranty. The knife comes with a holder which helps you to have it in good condition for a longer time. It also has a cord wrapped handle which gives you an excellent grip when you hold it basically; you should plan to have this knife in 2019. It saves you a lot of struggle during the outdoor activities.

09. CIMA G443 Full Tang Small Fixed Blade EDC Knife

CIMA G443 Full Tang Small Fixed Blade EDC Knife
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This is a more practical pocket knife which can also be used for domestic purposes. The handle of this knife acts as a bottle opener. With it, therefore, you end up having both a bottle opener and a knife. It has a very thin blade hence can be kept in a sharp condition. With its weight of merely 46 grams, you can be sure that is pretty easy to walk around with this knife.

10. SOG Folding Knife Pocket Knife

SOG Folding Knife Pocket Knife
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Last among the top ten but which is very valuable is the SOG folding pocket knife. It can be used as a hunting knife, rescuer or camping knife apart from the EDC purpose. Its glass-reinforced nylon makes it simple to grip the knife without it being destroyed. It also has a titanium coating which adds more protection to the knife regarding peeling and rusting. It is the safest knife to walk around with.

Factors to consider when choosing an EDC knife

01. The beauty of the knife

This factor sounds less important but is it the primary rule of having an EDC knife. You must pick something that you would be happy caring around every day without feeling ashamed or getting tired of it. I it is not beautiful. You will get tired.

02. How you will use the knife

How you are going to use the knife is a factor to consider. For instance, if you are a hunter, you probably deserve a long and sharp EDC knife. If it just for camping and cutting small things like fruits, you would need a smaller and lighter in weight knife.

03. Technical factor

You need a knife that will not give you stress when it comes to sharpening it repeatedly. A thin blade knife is better than a thick blade one for the sake of maintaining its sharpness.

04. The material of the knife

The material in which the knife is made of matters a lot. Steel knife is better since they rarely rust. Do not go for a knife which will keep rusting. This will add more to the cost of having an EDC knife.

05. The price of the knife

You cannot go for a knife which you will stain when it comes to making payment. You need something you can afford. Buying an expensive knife is a good feeling but did you know it will deprive other purchases?


Having an EDC knife is fun. It helps you in handling different issues in life. You never know what you may face whenever you are going anywhere. The knife can be of help for you. If anything, at times you can use the EDC knife even in the house. This means that once you have one, you are safe to go. However, just buying any knife would not satisfy your desire. You deserve the best of the EDC knife. With the above review, you have a chance to decide on what to buy. As 2019 comes and probably you are budgeting for it, you should have at least one of the above EDC knives especially if you love outdoor activities.

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