Top 10 Best Dslr Shoulder Rigs in 2019

The shoulder rigs are one of the most practical and affordable ways to dramatically increase the quality of your video clips. They offer shots similar to those that stabilize the gimbal (see the best gimbals here), but at much cheaper prices and with fewer technical problems, such as battery life and complex engine systems, it is difficult.

In this list, there are several types of shoulder rigs: an army, two arms, shoulder kit rigs. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, but in general, most people will find success (more easily) with an armed device. However, there are many use cases where a device can be a great weapon, especially if you are more patient in learning the process. Regardless of what you choose, the shoulder device is an excellent way to help move your movies and pictures to new heights. Add professional stability and shine, even for an inexperienced user. The following are the Top 10 Best Dslr Shoulder Rigs in 2019 which you can choose from;

Table of the Best Dslr Shoulder Rigs:

Neewer Portable FilmMaker System With Camera/Camcorder Mount Slider, Soft Rubber Shoulder Pad and Dual-hand Handgrip For All DSLR Video Cameras and DV Camcorders
SMALLRIG Universal Shoulder Pad with High Density Memory Foam Shoulder Rig for DSLR/Mirrorless and Camcorders - 2057
Neewer Film Movie Video Making System Kit for Canon Nikon Sony and Other DSLR Cameras Video Camcorders, includes: C-shaped Bracket,Handle Grip,15mm Rod,Matte Box,Follow Focus,Shoulder Rig (Blue+Black)
FILMCITY DSLR Camera Shoulder Support Rig Kit with Cage & Matte Box | DV HDV DSLR Video Camcorders Compatible | FREE - Offset Z Bracket (FC-02)
SMALLRIG Shoulder Pad Kit with Z-Shaped Offset Railblock Riser Bracket and 15mm Rod for DSLR Shoulder Rig – 2166
NEEWER DSLR Shoulder Mount Support Rig with Camera/Camcorder Mount Slider, Shoulder Lift Set, Double-hand Handgrip and C-shaped Holder Set For All Video Cameras and DV Camcorders
Morros DSLR Rig Movie Kit Shoulder Mount Rig with Follow Focus and Matte Box for All DSLR Cameras and Video Camcorders
$69.00$199.00 (65% off)
Neewer Professional DSLR Rig Set Movie Kit Film Making System for All DSLR Cameras and Video Camcorders,Include:Shoulder Mount+Follow Focus+Matte Box+C-shaped Bracket and Top Handle
Morros DSLR Rig Shoulder mount rig Stabilizer For DSLR Cameras and Camcorders
$35.80$99.00 (64% off)
eimo DSLR Rig Set Movie Kit shoulder mount rig with Follow Focus and Matte Box and Top handle for All DSLR Cameras and Video Camcorders
$78.99$199.00 (60% off)

01. New portable system FilmMaker

New portable system FilmMaker
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This lightweight Neewer device works with 1/4 screws and is an excellent starter kit for people with small and medium DSLR. It distributes the weight easily and effortlessly thanks to the sliding rail system, which also functions as a sliding frame. The only drawback here is that the microprocessor works best when used with the load weight. This adds some labor, but you can get it for around $ 5.00 if you use a group of washing machines, for example. For many, this device provides more value and features at an excellent price.

02. SmallRig Universal Shoulder Pad

SmallRig Universal Shoulder Pad
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The 2057 Shoulder Pad offers you a comfortable shooting experience for the photographer. It is ideal for DSLR cameras and cameras without mirrors and small cameras and is compatible with large cameras. It contains a memory foam filling material that helps to facilitate loading and provides a comfortable photographic experience without any noise. This machine comes with a lot of 1/4 ” – 20 threads, 3/8 ” – 16 threads and M4 slots on the top, which can be compatible with the QR board for different standards. For the best shoulder images, look for the 15mm SmallRig RailBlock 942/1943 and the 1553 SmallRig 1053 rod and the SmallRig 1674 base plate and the SmallRig shoulder mount Rig 998 to complete the device of the shoulder. The selection points located on the sides of the back can be selected in the magic arm with the magic arm adapter to combat the 2026 rotation of the control.

03. New video of the film filming system

New video of the film filming system
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This C-shaped support on top can easily convert your device into a handheld device, greatly improving the viability of your devices. And counterweight, specially designed to balance your mounting platform. This unshaded frame (up to 45 mm) can be adjusted according to the camera lens in the penis rod system. It can also work with standard 15 mm bars, the distance between the middle rail and the 60 mm rail. The following approach makes you visualize accurately, focus accurately and work smoothly. However, you can take pictures using a variety of options, such as using a DSLR camera and a video and a camcorder. The shoulder system includes a 15mm rod, a soft rubber pad and a double handle for all DV and DV cameras

04. FILMCITY DSLR camera with several rigs

FILMCITY DSLR camera with several rigs
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Appear with everything you need, and this also has an attractive price! This has a base compatible with almost all DSLR cameras, camcorders, DV and HDV. The device is manufactured with soft padding on the shoulder to provide absolute comfort to the user during the hours of meticulous photography. The Steadicam DSLR digital SLR camera gives you a great experience, the FC-02, a smooth experience with minimal vibrations and unwanted vibrations, no matter how long it takes. Made with high-quality material and high quality, this dredger allows you to shoot actively, without fatigue or leave the camera in unwanted movements during shooting.

There are some mounting points for the camera, so you can give it the right height, direction or angle to get the best shots and professional-quality photos.

05. SmallRig 15mm rod to shoulder strap

SmallRig 15mm rod to shoulder strap
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This bag is compatible with large and small cameras. The Z-type shift lever connects the camera and the shoulder pad 2077, to extend the shoulder device to the right for more comfortable images. On the shoulder pad, there are several threaded holes of 1/4 ” – 20, 3/8 ” – 16 and Arri fixing slots for camera accessories. This range extends from the application of a 15 mm rod system with better shoulder balance.

06. Shoulder mount DSLR NEEWER

Shoulder mount DSLR NEEWER
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This shoulder device includes a shoulder pad, a tracking lamp, a matte case, a C-shaped bracket and a handle on top. The lens can support up to 77 mm and has a 1/4 adapter on the bottom. Also, it is compatible with 15 mm bars and can be adapted to most DSLR cameras.

07. Morros DSLR Rig Movie Kit

Morros DSLR Rig Movie Kit
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This tracking device comes with the following focus and matte box. This is ideal for any photography you do, be it a scheduled session or an approved last-minute session.
It is compatible with 15mm bars and can accommodate accessories with 1/4 “thread. It can also be adapted to lenses of different sizes ranging from 43mm to 82mm.

08. New Professional DSLR Rig

New Professional DSLR Rig
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This shoulder device includes a shoulder pad, a tracking lamp, a matte case, a C-shaped bracket and a handle on top. The lens can support up to 77 mm and has a 1/4 adapter on the bottom. Also, it is compatible with 15 mm bars and can be adapted to most DSLR cameras.

09. Morros DSLR Rig

Morros DSLR Rig
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This includes not only the shoulder device but also a matte and focusing case. The best thing about this device is that it is compatible with any 15mm rail system and can be adapted to any camera that has 1/4 “threads. In addition to these things, they also have a one year warranty.

10. Movie kit eimo DSLR Rig Set

Movie kit eimo DSLR Rig Set
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The shoulder support for stabilization of photos without vibrations can be adjusted individually according to its height; It can be adjusted with a focus to control precise focus. It has a heavy construction of aluminum and stainless steel. It can be mounted on a standard 1/4 tripod; Turn the DSLR camera into an HD video camera.A gear-based design for sliding focus, precision and zero slip movement, the sliding stabilization mechanism can be adjusted to suit a wide range of lens diameters, including camcorder lenses.Standard 15 mm lightweight (60 mm spacing) in the rod assembly industry; The lime motor can be installed from the sides for use with the left or right hand. The handles and shoulder pad improve with your comfort.Adjustable in height to adapt to various lens sizes and diameters from 43mm to 82mm; rotating mechanism for quick lens changes and freely adjustable degree of protection.

Buying guide camera shoulder rigs:


You‘ll find that many designs have extra support for the arm or chest. These are especially good for hours of continuous shooting, as they provide maximum comfort. The camera may not look very isolated, but once you use the installation device and any other accessories, the weight increases considerably and often feel uncomfortable to keep up with the time. In this case, the hood provides support for the front of the camera and is easy to transport, without causing too much fatigue.


Generally, there are 2 types of rig designs that are available in the market today. These incorporate the flat metal surface and rail system. In general, people consider the rail system, since it can be simply used in various situations. Also, you can also use it with accessories and other accessories.

Portable digital SLR camera rigs

This types incorporate mono and double camera holder and handles. If you’re operating on your photography knowledge and skills, this is great because it allows you to get the perfect view and provide the support for your hands to work freely.

Counterweight alternatives

Often, the more you add accessories and attachments to your camera, the heavier the machine will be in the foreground. It can be difficult to balance yourself with the heaviest front in this situation. Therefore, look for an option that provide you the option to add extensions to the back of your device.


Here you have a complete review and a guide on the best shoulder rigs for your DSLR. Consider the above factors before making your purchase (it will be the best single investment you make for a digital SLR camera), and you will have more fun to capture sensitive shots every time. We have faith you have got this guide useful and that you find an ideal DSLR shoulder device.

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