Top 10 Best Cool Travel Backpack In 2019

Backpacks are essential for students, hikers, travelers, and athletes of all ages. In fact, everyone knows just how useful a backpack can be. To many, a backpack is a great companion; whether for travelling, schooling or general home use. Precisely, the backpacking system doesn’t know the meaning of the age limit. However, with thousands to choose from, you can get swayed. And this is where this article comes in handy giving you the best backpacks in 2019 to choose from.

Table of the Best Cool Travel Backpack

01. Fjallraven – Kanken Classic Pack

Fjallraven - Kanken Classic Pack

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Things couldn’t get more interesting than with this backpack that’s very spacious. It has the main compartment, a minute zip pocket and double side pockets. Inside a large pocket within the main compartment is a foam pad. If you want to sit on the backpack, it acts as a cushion. It’s comfy to carry, and with the adjustable straps, you carry it by its handles. It is elegant and simple looking. The zippers all head downwards on every side to make your bag lay down so that you’ll get a full view.

02. Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

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Authentic and stylish, this bag saves on space. For easier storage, you can actually fold it in its pocket and after reaching your destination unfold it back. Interesting huh? To cut out on weight, reveal it from the checked bags then use it carry any excess baggage. Carrying extra load is now convenient thanks to this duo layered backpack. And most importantly, longevity is enhanced at higher stress points using its bar-tacks.

03. Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

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Having an excellent look, the backpack stands powerfully amongst the top ten. It is extra minimalist; you need to get the Outlander and make every penny count. The bag is awesome, durable and ultra-light. It is a perfect travelling companion. You can fit anything in it from small items to souvenirs. Here’s the magic, when you are not using it, it shrinks tremendously to a hamburger’s size. Precisely, it is quite a catch.

04. Herschel Supply Little America Backpack

Herschel Supply Little America Backpack

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Precisely, this bag is simple yet so elegant. Although the outer straps seem fiddly for usage, they do not need any unbuckling. You can easily close the bag due to the strong underneath sitting metal magnets. It has a drawstring closure enabling you to pack your things quickly without unzipping its main compartment. At the bag’s bottom, there’s an outer pocket that helps you house items that you occasionally use such as a wallet and mobile.

05. JanSport JoyAve Superbreak Backpack

JanSport JoyAve Superbreak Backpack

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Possessing a sturdy polyester construction of 600-denier as well as a fancy exterior, the backpack comfortably and easily carries your luggage forever. This utilitarian pack features one main compartment as well as a front pocket consisting of an organizer. It provides space for more items in a neat and tidy manner. It is therefore durable and also has a lifetime warranty.

06. The North Face Borealis

The North Face Borealis

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It doesn’t matter how organized you are this backpack will blow your mind off. It is multifunctional and comfortable to use wherever it is you’re heading to. The suspension FlexVent system inside its shoulder pads, as well as back paneling, offers support system which makes carrying any luggage easy. Three pockets got fleece lining to make the accoutrements cozy. What else is there to ask for?

07. Dickies(R) Student Backpack

Dickies(R) Student Backpack

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Carry your appurtenances with Dickies Student Backpack easily and comfortably. It features a front zip and main compartment. Stay cozy thanks to the fully padded hind panel. Designed with classic silhouette and durability, it is a must-have for everyone.

08. The North Face Vault Backpack

The North Face Vault Backpack

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The concept relayed here is that it’s never about your ability to carry your stuff. It’s all about how you’ll transport your items. That is why North Face Vault Backpack comes forth to boo traditional packs, and give you a travelling gift. It has numerous wide pockets with amazing features so that you’re organized all the way. With its exterior material, it knows nothing of tear and wear. It is simply amazing.

09. Herschel Supply

Herschel Supply

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It is joyful to have a backpack that communicates with you. After the retractable handle gets fully extended, it reveals a saying stamped in cursive: “Welcome to Herschel. Enjoy your stay. It is more about utilitarian and not flashiness. The best way to define this bag is that it is textured and slightly pebbled which makes sticking scratches unlikely to occur. To identify the bag, it has a rubber logo which is subtle and horizontal ribbing. It has a very comfortable upper neoprene handle that efficiently aids you to hoist this pack down and up.

10. World New York Sunburst

World New York Sunburst

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World New York Sunburst has three recessed stage locking handle consisting of a push button. The backpack has noiseless and soft wheels for controlled motion and stability. With side pockets to keep your water bottle and mesh padded shoulder and back straps with a system of slip-in, the bag is just classic. It also has front pockets that are well organized to help you store in extra things in them. There is also a laptop sleeve inside the main compartment. It is worthy of maintaining a spot in the best ten backpacks.

What to look at when purchasing the best backpack.

It is a daunting task to get the perfect travel backpack. With thousands of packs to choose from, the best of them has to have specific features. By the way, not all bags are suitable for travelling. Look at some a- must features that a perfect backpack needs to have.


Like all good things, the best pack will one day have to wear out. Get a pack that has at least three years of warranty and does not quickly wear or tear. Otherwise sorry to dig in that numerous various packs are utterly useless. And other bags are worth your take on being perfect in all aspects. It’s never about the price but the quality.


Do not be fooled. If the bag you are looking at does not have several pockets, extra zippers and compartments dump it. You have to organize your stuff, and you shouldn’t compromise on that. Also, it should have extra pockets at the bottom and on the sides.

Stowaway Harness

In the airport or bus, their staff do not care about your contents, and the will turn and toss your bag however they like without second thoughts. That is why you need a bag that has this feature to protect your items from breakage. Unless you don’t care!Padded shoulder and hip straps

It is a very crucial aspect that you need to consider before selecting a bag for you. Why purchase a kit that leaves you with fatigue and bruises at the end of the day? Why walk strangely because of a bag? Make sure that your kit possesses comfortable and thick straps with fantastic hip support not to forget a frame that is perfectly balanced which is imperative when choosing a pack.


Having said all that whichever bag that you’ll go for, every pack in the list has authentic features and quality build. Your kit should exceed your expectations with its features such as durability. Whichever you’ll choose, wish you the best shopping and happy travels! Get a bag that’ll intermarry with your back!

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