Top 10 Best 4k Cameras Under 1000 in 2019

With the emergence of tablets and smartphones with a video-enabled camera, there is less need for a video recording device. Many of these phones can record videos in HD, so you’re wondering if you’ll buy a video camera separately. But sometimes we find ourselves needing to record high-quality video, big storage and the simple adjustable focus cameras.

Cameras equipped with 4K video recording capability is released in 2019. Currently, all major camera manufacturers have implemented this 4K recording now. This is a technology that stretches many models. Photographers are now investing in cameras equipped with this technology. However, the characteristics of the new design features are diverse, so the 4K designs also work differently depending on the equipment. The following are the Top 10 best cameras under 4K in 1000 in 2019 you can select from;

Table of the Best 4k Cameras Under 1000:

01. Panasonic Lumix FZ80

Panasonic Lumix FZ80
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While still images can be captured well (although with a relatively limited size of 10.2 megapixels), this camera should be viewed primarily as a video camera. If you want to do both, you have Lumix GH5 (below) to perform this task. Although the lack of integrated image stabilization can be disappointing for some, regardless of the breadth of the video, this feature is incredibly impressive. If you want to record professional quality images without buying your house to buy a professional video camera, you will not find a better camera focused on the video currently.

02. Panasonic Lumix FZ300

Panasonic Lumix FZ300
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It is a 4K QFHD 30p video with 8-megapixel hybrids. The large 20-inch, the 20.1-megapixel sensor provides excellent focus control if this happens. This camera has a very fast focus of LUMIX DFD. If the recorded image is out of focus, you can use the self-timer and the tripod while taking pictures at faster shutter speeds not as fast. Integrated with Wi-Fi for smartphones to allow remote control of images remotely.

03. Nikon COOLPIX B500

Nikon COOLPIX B500
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The COOLPIX B500 is the rarest Nikon SLR camera for beginners. It is small and very light, especially with a retractable lens with 18-55 mm zoom. In the COOLPIX B500 of “Manual,” there is no more interactive recording mode oriented to the Nikon D3xxx series, but thanks to the interface and simple and intuitive design control to process them is very simple.

There is a wide range of scene modes and effects that allow you to achieve the desired results with minimal effort. A similar set of custom configurations will also be of interest to professional photographers. The fully convertible touchscreen lets you shoot from difficult angles and is ideal for capturing silhouettes. All in all, it is a great purchase for those who want a small and light camera for daily photography and travel photography, which is also a “real” digital SLR camera.

04. Pentax K-70 24MP DSLR with 18-55 mm

Pentax K-70 24MP DSLR with 18-55 mm
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Pentax K-70 is a medium-sized DSLR camera that takes the basic structure between them. The K-S2 adds a 24-MP-AA CMOS sensor filter with a new PDAF sensor and a host of other improvements. The sensor is installed by the Pentax ‘Shake Reduction’ system on the body and is protected by weather and dust protection. The expert use of the “SR” unit allows Pentax to perform certain tricks, such as the AA filter simulator, which reduces the accuracy of the orientation and the precision of the pixel shift. This will abort the Bayer color filter matrix by converting the sensor one pixel in each direction to obtain improved color detail and less noise.

05. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300
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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 is the update of the very popular FZ200. It retains the same 12-megapixel sensor and a fast F2.8 lens of 25-600 mm but adds a new photo processor, weather protection and 4K video support. Images can be captured on an OLED screen with a 3-inch tilt or on a high-resolution OLED screen (2.36m). The FZ300 uses the latest Panasonic autofocus system and can work with up to 12 frames per second continuous AF and 6 frames/sec in continuous AF mode: in addition to recording 4K / UHD video with 30p l The FZ300 can also record high-quality recordings quality 8 Images are fixed using the 4K mode of the image and combined with a Wi-Fi network.

06. Panasonic DMC-LX100

Panasonic DMC-LX100
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The powerful Panasonic LX line and the LX100 take the series to the next level. Panasonic engineers saw the large sensors manufactured by other manufacturers in built-in models and updated with a 13-megapixel 13-megapixel 13-megapixel FourMix sensor. This larger image with a very fast lens of 1: 7-2.8 mm (1: 7-2.8 mm) and together, good controls and excellent image quality, means that the LX100 is one of the best compact cameras advertised. Now

With the ISO that range up to 25600, the LX100 has performed well in low light conditions. Image stabilization certainly helped (although it is more effective with still images than with video recordings). Easy-to-use Wi-Fi, 4K video recording at 24p and 30p, classic appearance and user-friendly and responsive experience, the LX100 has a high-resolution camera.

07. Canon Powershot SX70 20.3MP

Canon Powershot SX70 20.3MP
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The Canon PowerShot SX70 HS is a superzoom camera with a BOS CMOS sensor F3.4-6.5 (65x, 21-1365 mm) and 20 megapixels. The camera is powered by the latest Canon Digic 8 processor, which offers fast frame rates and 4K video recording. As expected, a long lens with up to five shake cuts is installed. Images can be captured on a full 3-inch screen or a high-resolution OLED electronic viewfinder. The SX70 is the first Canon and shoot camera that supports the new CR3 Raw format.

The SX70 can record continuously at 10 frames per second with single autofocus and 5.7 frames per second with continuous autofocus. UHD 4K videos can be recorded at 30 fps, and 120 fps are available in Full HD mode. It Includes wifi and Bluetooth.


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The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100 (in most areas outside of North America known as TZ100) is a compact zoom with a 1-inch sensor with 20 megapixels and a lens of 25-250 mm F2,8-5,9 -Leica DC that offers a powerful technology that eliminates the alias. The autofocus offers a 3-inch LCD touchscreen and a 1.04-point electronic browser, raw support, 10 fps (frames per second with 5 AF) and Wi-Fi. 4K / UHD videos can be recorded with 30p, 24p and 1080p / 60p clips on the video page. With 4K mode for your camera’s unique images, you can easily capture 8 megapixel still images from a 4K video.

09. Canon PowerShot SX740 HS

Canon PowerShot SX740 HS
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The PowerShot SX740 HS is a highly compact camera with a 40x long zoom. The visually stabilized lens has a focal length equivalent to 24-960 mm and is coupled with a BSI CMOS sensor of 20.3 megapixels and a Canon DIGIC 8 processor. The 3-inch LCD screen can be tilted for self-portraits 180 degrees upwards, a useful zoom frame assist function for reconnecting long lengths, 4k / 30p for video and time lapse between WLAN and Bluetooth connections.

10. Canon PowerShot SX740 digital camera with 40x

Canon PowerShot SX740 digital camera with 40x
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The new Canon PowerShot SX740 HS is a small and compact zoom camera that replaces the SX730. Like this camera, it has an equivalent lens of 24-960 mm F3.3-6.9, a BSI 20-megapixel CMOS sensor and an LCD monitor.

The SX740 features the latest Digic 8 processor, which features 4K UHD video capture and continuous image capture at 74 fps. The camera also has Wi-Fi with NFC and Bluetooth, which provides the ability to transfer photos to mobile devices and desktop devices automatically.

Buying instructions for the best 4K cameras under 1000

Type of camera

Cameras are capable of recording 4K images of different sizes and formats. It can be a tough professional video camera, compact cameras, and built-in dots. In general, these cameras can be divided into mirrorless cameras that are known to provide high-quality video, and DSLR cameras, which are more intense and larger cameras, ideal for holiday use, and camcorders with an integrated comfortable design in the superior image stabilization. The work chambers are also part of and captured better outdoors.

Knowledge and skills level

Do you need to buy a camera that takes you forever before you get used to it? You do not need it. Consider this aspect when choosing a 4K camera, since some cameras are designed for experienced photographers. For beginners, there is like consider cameras which are easy to use. If you consider this, you will be able to get a camera that will suit you even if you are a beginner


Would you like to buy a perfect 4K camera at a relative price for your movie or pleasure project? Do not care anymore. The above is the Top 10 best cameras under 4K in 1000 in 2019 and the characteristics that must be considered before buying. When you consider the above functionalities and features of the camera, I promise you to get the best camera that will serve your interests.

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